Does Zayn Malik’s solo debut live up to the hype of his dramatic exit from One Direction? Muse have released their new single Survival online – the official song of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
The rock group recently unveiled a trailer for their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, and they have now revealed that their first single since 2010’s Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) will be a track entitled Survival. The statement also reveals that the track will be played throughout the Games including when athletes enter the stadium and during the lead up to the medal ceremony, as well as being the theme for all international TV coverage.
The 2nd Law will be released worldwide on 17 September 2012, with the band set to tour the UK and Europe in October.
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First, you obviously think it’s going to be played by someone like Coldplay or Adele.
You also think it’s going to be a catchy little ditty that everyone will be humming along to all summer long. A­ ohromne nasazeni, zanrovou eklekticnost a technickou bravuru, jimiz si Muse tuhle povest vybudovali, dostali divaci az pod nos hned s ­uvodnimi pisnickami. Ja myslim, ze jim zmena prospeje, ale stale doufam, ze se tam objevi take nejake rockova pecka!
Myslim, ze je nadlidsky ukol vyfotit Matta Bellamyho nerozmazane, jak porad beha a blbne =D Od te doby mu rikam Tryskomys =DD Prvni reakce kdyz jsem videla Matta? I have to say between the starting of this post and publishing it, the song has completely grown on me. How did they get Queen to record a new song for the Olympics?” Hear it below the jump.
Krome toho take ve skupine zpiva vokalni doprovod a nekdy hraje i na normalni elektrickou kytaru.

Kdyz mu bylo 11, odstehoval se s rodinou do mesta Teignmouth v jihoanglickem hrabstvi Devon. Zatimco mel svou vlastni post-punkovou kapelu jeho budouci (tekdy jeste neznami) spoluhraci Matthew Bellamy a Dominic Howard hrali ve sve vlastni skupine.
Chris z pocatku odmital vzdat se bicich, avsak pozdeji po dlouhem premlouvani se mista baskytaristy ujal.
Spolecne vytvorili rockovou kapelu The Rocket Baby Dolls, kterou casem prejmenovali na dnesni Muse.V soucastne dobe Chris zije se svou manzelkou Kelly a detmi Alfie, Frankie, Ernie, Ava-Jo, Buster a Teddi. Vyprodanou O2 arenou se roznesl takovy krik, kdyz Matt Bellamy rekl: "Dobui Veceeeeer Prahaaou!", nebo kdyz pri pisni Madness mrkl do kamery =DAtmosferu koncertu urcite z poloviny tvori publikum a je nutno priznat, ze tak NADRZENI fanousci uz do O2 areny dlouho nezavitali. Vedela jsem, ze je mali, ale kdyz seskocil z podia a behal okolo ukazalo se, ze je jeste mensi!

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