I didn’t vote for him, but I understood the urge to finally put to rest any racial limitation to greatness in the land of the free! The movie shows that the destructive results of President Obama’s first term were not caused by ineptitude, but are the outcome of his anti-colonial worldview that has no place for an American superpower.  If he is allowed to continue his presidency he will weaken the country economically and militarily to the point that we will be just another nation in the global scheme of things. This entry was posted in 2012, Elections, New World Order and tagged 2016, anti-colonialism, D'Souza, elections, Obama, socialism.
The movie does not portray the president as an intrinsically evil person, but as the product of his environment.

You don’t know him.”  D’Souza explains that President Obama was basically unknown to the American public in 2008 when they elected him.
And when Obama won, I was worried about his socialist leanings, but I was proud that a black person could be called the President of the United States.
They did know that he was a handsome and charming man with a message of hope, and it was a privilege for them to prove that we as a nation were beyond the era of prejudice by electing a black president for the first time.
He has become a renowned conservative political advisor and an outstanding Christian apologist.

He shows that countries that have adopted the American way of doing things have prospered, while Kenya and other anti-American countries have suffered.

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