To help get everyone on the same page, as well as illustrate the point of how merciless our world can be, let’s start by defining the word “disaster.” One succinct yet informative definition is given below. The key words here are calamitous event, suddenly, great loss of life, damage, and hardship.
This website contains useful information, including a discussion of our basic needs that must be met in any disaster, a listing of the cornerstones to creating an effective preparedness plan, a checklist for an emergency auto kit, and a listing of relevant websites. La energia solar no es una energia alternativa: es la energia.Hermann Scheer Fotovoltaica Autoconsumo Compra-venta parques solares Empresas Enlaces Foro conexion a red Foro aislada Descargas Noticias Termica FAQ Solar termica Empresas Enlaces Foro termica Descargas Noticias Biomasa Empresas Suministro de pellets Enlaces Foros biomasa Descargas Noticias Empresas Empresas energia solar Empresas Destacadas Publicar empresa Clasificados Huertos solares Material usado Recientes Destacados Publicar anuncio Empleo Instaladores Proyectistas Tecnicos de obra Comerciales Direccion Otros Publicar oferta de empleo Cursos Cursos fotovoltaica Cursos solar termica Cursos biomasa Centros de formacion Foro de formacion Publicar curso Foros Foros energia solar FV conectada FV aislada Termica Biomasa Wiki del foro Otros Enlaces Noticias Consejos ahorrar energia Energia eolica CFS Empresas Mexico Publicidad Registrarse Ayuda ?Recordarme?
Tras 2 semanas de calma chicha vuelve a haber movida ESTOS MISMOS DIAS con las tormentas solares. El National Research Council estadounidense publico en 2008 un amplio informe titulado Severe Space Weather Events - Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts (Eventos graves del clima espacial - Entendiendo los impactos sociales y economicos). Con la atencion puesta en el espacio interplanetario, desde ese punto, actua la robotica mision bautizada Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE), que hora tras hora informa a los cientificos del sistema todas las novedades referidas a cualquier aproximacion de una CME. El ACE funciona en contacto directo con los dispositivos del Observatorio Heliosferico y Solar (SOHO) y un Observatorio de Relaciones Solares y Terrestres (STEREO), en un fluir incesante de informaciones sobre el vinculo entre el clima terrestre y el clima espacial. De este modo, apunta que una posible interrupcion de la energia electrica y las comunicaciones afectaran a las operaciones humanitarias, la agricultura y la mineria, entre otros muchos sectores.
El subsecretario estadounidense de Medio Ambiente de Observacion y Prediccion, Kathryn Sullivan, ha destacado que las tormentas solares, junto con los tsunamis y el cambio climatico como principales retos. Por ello ha presentado diez recomendaciones para una sencilla preparacion preventiva y de autoproteccion basica por parte de cada familia y que, segun destaca, tambien sirven como protocolo de actuacion para cualquier otro eventos climatico severo. Ademas, aconseja tener previamente acordado con los familiares un par de sencillas pautas para la reagrupacion en un lugar seguro de referencia fuera de la ciudad, al que todos sepan llegar y a una distancia prudente de otras instalaciones criticas.
If you enjoy Meridian, please support us by making a one-time voluntary donation by clicking here. Computer Science undergrad Andrew Wallace has some ideas for managing congested national air space, and NASA likes what they’ve seen so far from him. Using the LaGuardia Airport as his focus, Wallace is specifically studying the arrival spacing of aircrafts in the New York metroplex—the busiest in the world in terms of total flight operations. Wallace has been collaborating with NASA’s Ames Research Center under the tutelage of BYU Computer Science professor Eric Mercer. Although NASA is already running simulations, the current software can’t adjust for the specific workloads of individual air traffic controllers.
A typical 90-minute simulation may include 100 arrival flights with 40 departing flights managed by nine different air traffic controllers. 1)    Temporal workload: covers the multiple physical tasks a controller is working on at a given time.
2)    Decision workload: involves the number of choices controllers must make in prioritizing and responding to multiple requests at the same time. 3)    Perceptual workload: includes incoming video or audio communication requiring constant monitoring and responding.
Wallace’s research on air traffic controller workloads is particularly timely as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association recently announced a major shortage of controllers. Fewer employees in the control tower means longer days and fatiguing workloads for current controllers trying to safely handle the large volume of air traffic.
Designing such complex simulations requires a thorough understanding of air traffic control, a daunting task for an undergraduate student.
In addition to a 10-week internship at NASA Ames, Wallace has been researching dozens of airplane models and the varying navigational capabilities of each model for more than 18 months. Wallace hopes the simulations will help increase workload efficiency and consequently decrease the cognitive load on air traffic controllers, leading to less chaos and safer airspace conditions. Neha Rungta, a researcher who mentored Wallace at NASA Ames and continues to work with him on the simulations, said Wallace’s contributions were pivotal to further advancement in air traffic control. EmP – Nuclear Spring commences after four years have passed since the fateful EMP attack and the nuclear bombs that followed, destroying 90% of the earth’s population. Both the Brotherhood and the survivors in the mountain realize the jet stream is returning the fallout of the nuclear winter back to the region.
TD Barnes, author and entrepreneur, was raised on ranch at Dalhart, TX, graduated from Mountain View High School, Oklahoma, enlisted in the Army and served in Army Intelligence in Korea.
The CIA declassified Barnes’ record of participation in 2010, and authorized his disclosure of personal history in the projects at Area 51. TD is the president of Roadrunners Internationale, and the first Executive Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame.
After retirement, TD formed a family-owned Oil and Gas Exploration company and mined uranium and gold. TD has published two non-fiction books based upon the declassified activities occurring in Nevada. Honorably discharged from the Army, Barnes was recruited for an electronics engineer position at the Beatty station of the NASA High Range for flight testing of the X-15, XB-70, the LLRV (Lunar Lander prototypes), the lifting bodies, A-12, YF-12, and SR 71 Blackbird flights. Cleared at both “Q” and “Top Secret” security levels, at the Groom Lake facility Barnes, operated under a code name, serving as cadre for ultra-secret projects of the CIA, National Defense Agency, National Air and Space Intelligence Agency, Air Defense Command, Tactical Air Command, U.S. Between projects at Groom Lake, Barnes was loaned to NASA’s Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application (NERVA) program at the Nuclear Rocket Development Station (NRDS), Jackass Flats, Nevada to develop a nuclear Engine for future manned flight to Mars.
Barnes is an active member of the Nellis AFB Support Team and Civilian Military Council, and an active participant in various oral history projects that include the UNLV Cold War Oral History project, historians at CIA, and historians at Fort Bliss, Texas for the early HAWK SAM deployment in which Barnes participated during the Iron Wall and Cuban Crises. Under the leadership of Barnes, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame is heavily involved with various universities and other learning establishments wherein their students are directly involved with the activities of the Hall of Fame. Barnes is also a successful businessman, forming an oil and gas exploration company in the 1970s, he served as its CEO until 1982 where he sold his oil business to divest in a mining company where he serves as President today. Normal recruitment for duty at Area 51 commenced with the CIA scouring the military and corporate establishments for men of certain qualifications. In my case, I had previously worked with the Agency while stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas with a Hawk air defense surface to air missile unit. Under the guidance of Bud Wheelon of the CIA, the covert objective was to test our missile ECM and ECCM capabilities against those of the Soviet SA-2 missile radar and the ECM and ECCM defenses of their aircraft.
When the Oxcart flights started at Groom Lake, I was working at the Beatty radar site of the NASA High Range, tracking the X-15, XB-70, Lifting Bodies, LunarLanders, etc. My secret tracking had continued for a couple years when we suddenly started getting cross talk on the HF radio channel we used while talking to the pilot of the X-15.
I didn’t receive reinstatement of my Top Secret clearance until towards the end of the Oxcart program.
To access our transportation, we had to enter a secured and heavily guarded area along the runway. Soviet satellite coverage of the Groom Lake area was very intense during this period of the Cold War. To accommodate us, the base had a small combination BX containing snacks and various personal hygiene items, swimming pool, exercise room, softball diamond, putting green, and poolroom.
Ask anyone who worked at Groom Lake during the CIA era of the 1960s what he or she remembers most about their time at Area 51 they will tell you it was the quality of the food served at the mess hall. After the departure of the last A-12 in June 1968, we concentrated on special projects of the Foreign Technology Division of Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) who led the exploitation utilizing expertise from U.S. Projects Idealist, Oxcart, Have Drill, Have Ferry, and Have Doughnut are the only programs in which I participated that have been declassified.
James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper™) began his career in the preparedness industry from the days of his youth.
In 1974, upon finishing graduate school with 4 young children and no prospects for a job due to economic conditions during a national economic slump, James reverted to his past experiences on the farm and chronicled in his notebook, along with some hand-me-down recipes from his mother and grandmother. None of which sound appealing, but particularly distressing when put together in a single sentence!

Veran tambien que igual que la Luna influye en las mareas, parece que estan confirmando del todo que el alineamiento de astros, ionizacion en las capas superiores, ACELERA Y REACTIVA la actividad de placas tectonicas y volcanes. Ayer tuvimos 2 de G2 y varias de G1 (con G3 ya es bastante probable que haya problemas con satelites de comunicaciones y algunos danos en electricidad que a menor escala pueden limitarse a alguna region).
Y tal como avisaron los del foro que viene siguiendo el asunto, ha habido hoy mismo otro seismo de 6,3? en Indonesia.
En primer lugar durante las ultimas 24 horas se han producido mas de 10 CME?S de clase C!!!! Estos fenomenos viajan con el viento solar a traves del Sistema Solar y cuando llegan a la Tierra, interactuan de forma compleja con su campo magnetico. En este sentido, senala que hay que prestar especial atencion a todo lo relativo al acompanamiento de menores, familiares con alguna discapacidad o que requieran de alguna atencion especial.
Together the team is building simulations to help air traffic controllers be more efficient as airspace becomes increasingly more crowded. Wallace’s research aims to inform NASA on what kind of simulations will be of use to different airports and air traffic controllers, specifically as drones become more integrated into air traffic.
He’s also interviewed air traffic controllers to understand the behaviors and stresses that take place during a typical workday.
For the first time since their subterranean lifestyle began, the survivors are able to come out of the Yucca Mountain underground complex initially constructed to store nuclear waste. He attended and graduated numerous electronics schools in Army air defense missiles and radar at Fort Bliss TX. TD’s book brings to reality the life of the survivors living underground in the aftermath of an EMP and nuclear attack that destroys electronic devices and the electric power grids over much of the world. Air Force Foreign Technology Division, the Air Force Flight Test Center, the Naval Air Test Center, Naval Weapons Center, and the Air Tactical Command, most of which remains classified today. Also between projects at Groom Lake, he participated in the Atomic Energy Commission tests of the atomic bomb. Barnes has made significant contributions to the civic life of the state, most significantly, his groundbreaking advances in the field of aerospace and education of Nevada’s youth.
As leader of the Roadrunners he has made the recording of the individual legacies a priority project with the UNLV Cold War Oral History Project and the Library of Congress. Unlike the early U-2 program, married men were preferred, as they were considered more mature. Having become a specialist in ADA missile ECM and ECCM, I participated in the top-secret Project Palladium where we prodded the Soviets into activating their radar systems being placed in Cuba.
Not realizing the source was the Area 51 facility from which my mysterious planes were originating, I complained to NASA who investigated the source. I could not be told anything about the job until my previous military Top Secret clearance could be reinstated. It wasn’t until later that I realized the Agency was gathering qualified contract cadre for follow on projects to Oxcart. Once I arrived at Area 51, I learned that each of my fellow special projects team of 30 specialists and their families had undergone the same evaluations. We often wondered what the Air Force personnel were told about us, a group of civilians driven into the most secure area of the base by our wives and then boarding an unmarked plane for destination unknown. Somehow the Soviets always knew the day we were to conduct activities outdoors and would launch a barrage of satellites the night before, which prevented our conducting outdoor activities until one of the satellites dropped from orbit, thus providing us with a window of opportunity to conduct whatever we needed to do without being seen by the Soviets.
There’s not a hotel in Las Vegas whose food quality even comes close to matching that we enjoyed at Groom Lake while the CIA was running the show.
Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC), Air Defense Command (ADC), National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), Strategic Air Command (SAC), Aeronautical Systems Division (ASD), Tactical Air Command (TAC), Navy Weapons Center (NWC). Though there are some that I can name without violating my security oath, I cannot discuss any technical aspects of any other programs within Area 51. Seems my call was made immediately following her getting an obscene phone call from someone who knew her name. For 5 years after leaving Area 51 and Nevada, the FBI routinely visited the town in which we resided where they inquired of local businesses as to our business and personal status. Before going to press, the subtitle Family Preparedness Handbook was added to distinguish Basics… from the emergency preparedness genre of the existing Civil Defense and governmental agency information. Neither does it attempt to scare you, since I firmly believe that preparing should be motivated out of love rather than fear. When described in this way, it becomes clear why we are interested in mitigating the hardship caused by such a crisis.
The world spins like a top, the skies are clear, and your refrigerator is full of milk and cheese. They find themselves under surveillance by Islamic activists of the Islamic Brotherhood who survived in Central America. The survivors in the mountain repel attacks on the mountain by the Brotherhood and enter the next phase of nuclear winter prepared to battle the Islamic Brotherhood and drive them from the region. A frenzy of nuclear bomb exchanges occurs a few days after the EMP attack, releasing nuclear fallout that creates a nuclear winter environment that worsens the hopes of survival, humans and animals alike. No one talks about the consequences of such an attack because they are so horrific. You will find in this book that the aftermath of an EMP attack is not pretty.
He spent a year at the Flight Dynamics Laboratory at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio performing integrity tests on the Apollo space capsule. The few declassified activities that can be disclosed include CIA A-12 Project OXCART and the Soviet MiG exploitation projects Have Doughnut, Have Drill, and Have Ferry. Since retirement Barnes has remained active with the Disabled American Veterans and numerous military and aerospace organizations and activities.
One day I obtained skin track of a high and fast moving target in the direction of Groom Lake.
About a month later NASA told us that the source had higher priority and that we were not to mention it again. Concurrent to my arrival at Groom Lake was the arrival of one of my X-band Nike Hercules radar systems from Fort Bliss for which I’d spent a year in formal training while in the Army. Besides each of us having a specialty needed for Oxcart and the upcoming projects, most of us were married with two children. The Queen Aire was housed in a small, obscure hangar located towards the end of a McCarran International Airport runway. Anytime we approached any Air Force personnel, they immediately dispersed and went to great lengths to not encounter us. Consequently, we had to be available at all hours should such a window of opportunity afford itself.
Since we didn’t ask questions, anyone with authority and clearance to watch or evaluate our work was the customer as far as we were concerned. The scope of our exploriation projection included Radar Cross Sections (RCS) evaluations and other technical evaluations of the Soviet MiG-17F FRESCO C fighter-interceptor code-named: Have Drill.
The focus of these FBI visits was to determine if my family and I were experiencing any problems, financial or otherwise, that would make us a target for blackmail or extortion aimed at learning what I had done while at Area 51. As you tour the site, think of and join me in a salute to the heroic men and women who maintained the front lines on the battlefields of the Cold War. Ojo porque parece claro que al igual que la Luna esta totalmente relacionado con las mareas, se esta confirmando que estas tormentas solares afectan a la tectonica de placas, vulcanismo,(en lo que va de ano se han activado unos 11 volcanes en todo el mundo !!, algunos en Latinoamerica han requerido evacuaciones) malignidad de rayos solares (DE HECHO PERMANECE EL AVISO DE NO EXPONERSE AL SOL EN ESTOS DIAS; EN PAISES COMO MEXICO SE HA AVISADO, EN OTROS AVANZADOS COMO ESTE, NO). The Brotherhood is moving into Nevada to take control of the Hoover Dam, which gives the Brotherhood control of the Colorado River and the electricity it generates for the western United States.
He became a field engineer at the NASA High Range facility in Nevada for the X-15, XB-70, Lifting Bodies, and Lunar landing Vehicles. A group of survivors are sheltered in a highly technological environment inside the mountain to ensure their survival on a planet that in the time-span of one-second reentered the Stone Age.

Army where he advanced from serving in Korea as an Intelligence Specialist to attending years of formal electronics training in surface-to-air missiles that included the Nike Ajax, Nike Hercules, and HAWK. Concluding this project, he returned to the NASA High Range as a hypersonic and space flight support specialist for continuation of his high Mach and hypersonic flight testing. The Soviet MiG exploitation projects were instrumental in reversing the 9-1 kill ratio against U.S.
He is currently the Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame and serves as president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of the CIA, Air Force, and aerospace companies who built and flew the CIA’s early U-2 and A-12 Blackbird.
Air Force and CIA, Barnes has participated in symposium panels and been a guest speaker telling the previously untold story of these secret heroes of the Cold War. Thereafter, I sneaked a track at every change and monitored the radio frequencies these mysterious missions were using. Shortly thereafter I was recruited for a highly classified special project of the CIA by a Mr. Other sources of transportation were a Twin Otter and a Martin 202 that we boarded and deplaned at Nellis AFB. As we had in Project Oxcart, we stayed at Groom Lake the entire week, going home on Friday evening. The latter was in the event of an emergency at home; my family could get word to me through this lieutenant. After a week or so, the investigator would schedule an interview with me and my wife to determine if anyone had contacted us seeking such information.
Farm chores and gardening were standard fare––plowing the back 40 behind a stubborn mule was substandard! The information presented here is directly from my book, the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family, 3rd Edition. Outside their shelter, survivors fight for water and food that within the year results in the death of 90% of the people on earth.
Thereafter, he advanced technologically and established many milestones in the forefront of the evolution of electronics and cutting-edge military technology during the space race with the Soviet Union. He is an active member in various other associations that include AFIO (Association for Intelligence Officers), CIRA (Central Intelligence Retirement Association), the U-2 Dragon Ladies Association, the SR-71 Blackbird association, the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, Flight Test Historical Foundation, and the National Aviation Hall of Fame.
A few months later I was briefed by NASA that I would be instructed to provide tracking from time to time of an unidentified aircraft of which I was report only to this one contact at NASA.
After the first 8 hours we would go on time and a half for 4 hours and then on double time pay straight through until we arrived back in Las Vegas on Friday evening. Each duplex had a small living room where we played poker and watched 8mm movies played on a movie projector. We conducted similar evaluations on the MiG-21F-13 Fishbed E fighter-interceptor code-named: Have Doughnut. We could call home from Groom Lake any time we desired, but could not reveal where we were calling from. His is an epic story of becoming advanced in missile ECM and ECCM where he participated in a leading technical role in Army evaluations of Soviet aircraft ECM technology to apply to the HAWK missiles being deployed to Europe during the Soviet Iron Curtain crisis and to Key West, Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Shortly thereafter Barnes was recruited to Groom Lake, Nevada as part of the most highly classified special projects team since the atomic bomb Manhattan Project. Following the MiG projects Barnes participated in Project Have Blue, the development of stealth technology introduced by the Air Force F-117.
The candidate was sent back to his employer not knowing what the job was or if he had passed or failed.
No one at the tracking station was allowed to monitor the tracking of this mysterious plane except me. This continued for about two weeks until all were comfortable that the call was not intended as a threat aimed at me because of where I worked.
Barnes deployed to Germany with the first Hawk SAM battalion to be mobilized as a combat unit. Details of Project Have Blue and the identity of other projects in which Barnes led or participated cannot be disclosed as they remain classified yet today.
As the selection field narrowed, those still being considered were called back to Washington, D.C. I didn?t learn what I was tracking until my tracking station was officially invited to participate in the May 1965 speed record flight of the YF-12. Nonetheless, I associated my tracking of the fast targets and the UHF interference to my being invited to join that project, whatever it was. During the course of his military career Barnes was awarded numerous missile man awards and was selected to attend Artillery Officer Candidate School in preparation for advisor duty in Vietnam.
After the speed record run, I of course knew about the Blackbird and assumed that was the project to which I was being recruited.
Our national security concerns created a cohesiveness where we worked together all week and then played together on at the lake or mountain during the weekends.
Barnes’ military career ended after 10 years due to permanently disabling injuries sustained during survival training while in Officer Candidate School. Even then, the candidate or volunteer still thought he was being interviewed for astronaut service or something similar and equally special. Other personnel staying at Groom Lake, such as Air Force, Lockheed, Hughes, Pratt and Whitney, and our customer the CIA were all housed in similar duplexes, but clustered apart from the others.
We all live as part of a very complex ecosystem that, at its core, is unpredictable and willing to kill us without remorse or pause. Esto no son futuribles hipotesis sino que ya se han producido en la Historia y se estan repitiendo, pero con la diferencia de que ahora hay una red de satelites, centrales nucleares que no pueden quedarse sin electricidad, etc. There were 3 separate Mach 3 projects at the time, the XB-70, the Air Force YF-12 project that I knew about, and the CIA’s ultrasecret A-12 surveillance plane that I had been tracking and wrongfully assuming to be the YF-12. Even under these conditions, we never talked shop if any of the wives or children were present.
Geomagnetic storms on the sun take between half a day and 5 days to reach the earth after they erupt.
China alone has 20 monitoring stations on land tracking the upper atmosphere, the higher ionosphere and the sun. Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: The last space shuttle mission will be the first mission to send iPhones into orbit ? but you could be seeing a lot more such devices on the final frontier. A solar superstorm on September 1, 1859 ? named after British astronomer Richard Carrington who observed it ? set off fires in telegraph offices and produced an aurora so bright that people could read newspapers at night by the glow, NASA said.
National Academy of Sciences has estimated a similar storm today could cause $1 to $2 trillion in damage and require four to 10 years for recovery, NASA said.
A 2003 storm caused re-routing of flights over polar routes most vulnerable to disturbances, led operators to reduce output from U.S.
Early this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that a new computer modeling system to predict space weather would be operational this fall. Ryan said that better forecasts could help the world improve protection for vulnerable personnel, especially astronauts, and equipment such as power stations and communications networks.
The idea is to give power-grid operators and others ample time and certainty to prepare in advance of a solar storm. Space weather forecasts could get more widely known ? with scales like those used to measure earthquakes or hurricanes.

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