The little known but heroic story of a guy from Iowa that can't really be told without going all the way back to the time long before the Earth was formed - to the origin of the elements in the hearts of stars.
Episode 2 – LES RIVIERES DE LA VIEIl y a 250 millions d’annees, une gigantesque irruption volcanique provoque la disparition de quasiment toutes les especes vivantes sur Terre. Episode 9 – LE GARCON ELECTRIQUERetour sur la vie et les decouvertes de celui qu’Albert Einstein reverait, Michael Faraday.
Episode 12 – LE MONDE SE LIBERELa prise de conscience du rechauffement climatique n’est pas nee dans notre societe actuelle. Episode 13 – A L’AISE DANS LE NOIRNous avons fait ensemble un incroyable voyage, de la creation de l’univers au futur lointain, de la plus petite des matieres aux horizons infinis de l’univers. We know less now about the universe than educated Europeans did before the discovery of the Americas. A descent through the hellish atmosphere of Venus to explore its broiling surface serves as a prophetic warning for our world about the possible consequences of the increasing greenhouse effect. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a documentary television series which will be shown on the National Geographic Channel (NGC) and FOX.

Seth MacFarlane, the producer of this big project is a fan and enthusiast of astronomy and astrophysics.
The media who attended the launch was able to have an exclusive viewing of the first episode and it was just mind boggling.
Decouvrez les incroyables formes de vies qui se deploient a l’interieur d’une goutte de rosee et les conflits violents qui l’habitent. Durant l’antiquite, les grecs y voyaient le chasseur Orion plein de desir poursuivant dans le ciel les sept soeurs. A Paris, lors de l’exposition universelle de 1878, Augustin Mouchot utilise l’energie solaire pour faire fonctionner une machine a glacons.
All those billions of galaxies, all those stars, planets and moons--they amount to a meager 4 per cent of what really awaits out there. Maria Isabel Garcia expressed how she couldn't be more happy and more proud that National Geographic chose The Mind Museum as the place for their TV show launch. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey tells us how human beings developed their concept of the laws of nature and their place in the universe.

En 1913, Franck Shuman expose une gigantesque machine permettant d’irriguer le desert du Sahara et fonctionnant grace a l’energie solaire. The new series is produced by Seth MacFarlane and will premiere on March 9, 2013 with a total of 13 episodes on its first season. In the new version, they also made certain updates and revealed new insights about the universe. Sagan leads viewers on a tour of the Solar System to see how other heavenly bodies have suffered from various cosmic catastrophes.
I've always been interested in these things and this show is really something that I would enjoy watching.

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