Steve Winter is famous for his photographs of big cats in their natural habitats, such as snow leopards and tigers, among others.
Winter’s task was to illustrate cougars—also known as mountain lions—in an urban environment.
Winter then faced the challenge of setting up—and securing—camera traps that he would use in this attempt. After Griffith’s parkland gift, it took another 80 years of concerted effort by many dedicated people to create the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
P-22’s story is so engaging that I wrote a theme song for him and the real life reality TV show that is his life.
Some years ago one cougar was corned in downtown Victoria BC Canada, in the underground parkade for The Empress Hotel which is right near the legislature. A four second exposure at high ISO will expose the hill and sign sufficiently to make it appear the sign is lit up. I had an encounter with a likely cousin of P22 just above the Palisades Highlands community near the juncture to Skull Rock on Santa Ynez trail. Fifty years ago seeing a lion in the park was not common but not so rare people made a big fuss.
Having grown up in the Griffith Park area I am not at all surprised at what lives in the more inaccessible areas of the Park.
Now that I have lived in a more rural part of California I have learned in the wild if there is food, Deer, there is something to eat the food, Mountain Lions. One of these magnificent cats crossed right in front of my car as I was driving up the Oregon coast on highway 1 in august.
The collar seems ridiculously large, which in turn means, I would guess, annoying and irritating to the cat? Mountain lions are surprisingly good at surviving on the urban edge, moving around mostly unnoticed and staying out of trouble. As a Friend of Griffith Park I am happy to see the efforts of those that care about the park and its inhabitants, both human and wildlife, getting well deserved kudos. The Hollywood sign is not lit at night, so shouldn’t that manipulation of the image be mentioned? But, the really important part was not in your story… it was local biologists who first discovered the existence of this animal in this Park, and they in turn alerted the NPS who tagged the cat. You know the thing that makes it look crazy, you guys went back to get shadows around the cat’s neck.
An Indian wrestler smears mud on his head before starting wrestling in Kolkata, India, March 30, 2010. Freediver waiting over 800 ft of water for something substantial to come up from the depths.
The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is considered a wildlife sanctuary, but today, even in this isolated archipelago dolphins are victims of the bad habits of consumption.
A US 101st Airborne gunner looks out over the landscape in north-eastern Afghanistan, just outside Jalalabad.
A blacksmith almost disappears in clouds of smoke as he shoes a horse at a farm in East Sussex, England.
Silhouetted against the headlights of their engine, Firemen attempt to put out a blaze caused by a gigantic natural gas line explosion near San Francisco in September of 2010.
A young monk in training walks through the sleeping quarters at the Kalaywa Tawyakyaung Scriptural Learning Centre and Monastic Education School in Yangon, Myanmar.
Amidst the road flares, confetti and police barricades, a Chilean soccer fan intently watches the match against Spain from the jumbotron on the corner of Moneda and Nueva York June 25. A Llama stands at the crest of a hill as the sun sets behind it at Chavin de Huantar, Peru. TDM - Top Design Magazine was founded by two guys who are passionate about design and development.
We are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts or news so if you want to promote your idea, send us an email and we'll publish it. In 1977 photographer Rick Smolan was traveling in Australia on assignment for Time magazine when he encountered an angry woman in the small town of Alice Springs. The woman was Robyn Davidson—the so-called “camel-lady” who undertook a 1,700-mile trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean on foot with four camels and a dog as her companions. When Davidson embarked on her ambitious walk across the Australian Outback she didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Evening temperatures in the desert often dropped below freezing, so a warm fire was a welcome way to end a hard day’s work. Along her trek, Davidson suffered multiple hardships, including dehydration, sick camels, the poisoning of her beloved dog, and intrusions by curious people who would simply not leave her alone.
She eventually made it to the Indian Ocean where she took her camels for a triumphant swim. After walking almost 1,700 miles across the heart of the Australian Outback, Davidson and her camels arrived at the Indian Ocean.
When the story was published, Davidson told Smolan she hated the photos in the magazine, and she was dissatisfied with the editing of the piece.
Rick Smolan’s photo of Robyn Davidson was featured on the cover of the May 1978 issue of National Geographic. He says he was pleased the filmmakers stayed true to the details of the journey, including the mystery of Davidson’s motivations for her trip, as well as the nuances of their relationship.
He says her scorn eventually led him to stop taking assignments and start producing his own photo books, including the wildly successful “Day in the Life” series, which have sold millions of copies worldwide.
He adds that part of the modern day appeal of Davidson’s tale is that it would be almost impossible to do again today. Watch Rick Smolan talk live at National Geographic about his experiences in Australia with Robyn Davidson. Also, hear more from Smolan and Davidson in this video interview from MediaStorm and purchase Inside TRACKS here. Smolan is co-creator of the best-selling “A Day in the Life” series, which has sold more than three-million copies worldwide. I love both the beautiful film TRACKS and the National Geographic feature on Robyn Davidson.
After suffering losses of loved ones, I too am ready to undertake my own trek to the ocean.
I must agree with some previous comments about the film, the girl looks selfish and she has problem with herself.
I had read and was so captured by the story and fotos in NG in 1978 and still have the article.
Read your book years ago in Italy where I now live and loved it and have recently watched the film which made me cry. I can personally relate to her preference for the company of animals to people and the desire to get lost in nature; get away from city noise and the trappings of modern day life. Drove a Meyers Manx from Port Hedland, Wilnuna, Carnegie Station, Warburton, Broken Hill and Toowoomba to 1972. THE STORY IS ONE OF A DREAM AND A QUEST AND A YOUNG LADY WHO STRETCHES LIFE TO THE FULLEST , FIGHTING PHYSICAL AS WELL AS SPIRITUAL ISSUES–WE ALL CAN LEARN FROM HER JOURNEY. I loved this movie and Maybe without and maybe without Ricks Smolan’s help Robyn Davidson would not be able to make the journey. I’m concerned that the movie romanticized the event, although I have not read the book.
A fantastic story, What a strong woman you are Robyn Davidson, such an inspiration for all women especially Australians. 2 hours of pure enjoyment, this movie is a must see, the beauty of the landscape, the agony of being alone, the friendship of the natives and endurance of the camels and man’s best friend, is truly amazing. So many times when watching movies I feel as though it”s putting holes in my brain,this movie fills the holes. I was first apprehensive to see the movie because I was afraid it would not live up to what I had read before. So many people do journeys in their life to get in touch with who they are and take time out of their day to day world to do it. But thank goodness there are those who do the journey who invite us with them in their re telling of their story. I am a lucky man – I still have not seen the movie but am ecstatically looking forward to it after recently having red the book, which totally blowed me away. Initially I was reluctant to watch this movie thinking it would be this slow boring thing, but as I have travelled the outback I was more interested in seeing the scenery across the country that part of the outback I hadn’t been however from the moment the movies started and in particular once the trek commenced I became riveted. From Alice to Ocean va ser el meu primer CD-Rom i em va canviar la manera com veia els ordinadors.

What an amazing story the movie was grwat and thank you Robin for sharing your journey with the world. Amazing book and amazing film.Thoroughly enjoyed both and a fantastic image of the beautiful outback of Australia. Your article opened an entire new world to me, one which I never dreamed existed and one which I could never enter. WATCH: Footage shot via drone provides a breathtaking aerial view inside Vietnam's Son Doong Cave. The biggest cavern in Vietnam's Son Doong Cave is so vast that it could accommodate a Boeing 747. First explored in 2009, Son Doong Cave is located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in central Vietnam. It was just being sure to have people in the shotsa€”without people you just dona€™t really know.
Ita€™s a remote-controlled helicopter with four rotors, and therea€™s a GoPro on the bottom. Inside the caves therea€™s no GPS, so ita€™s flown on manual, and it takes a bit more to make sure it doesna€™t run into anything.
Under the skylights, you have spiders, you have birds, you have all kinds of bugs and snakes.
Therea€™s still a bit of deforestation in the park, and the Bru-Vân Kia»?u [an ethnic group that lives in the park] still depend on [the land for farming]. Explore the 2.5-mile Hang Son Doong, or a€?mountain river cave,a€? along the Vietnam-Laos border via this animated 3-D flyby. His “Ghost Cats” story in the December 2013 issue of National Geographic opens with a surprising image of a big cat, not in the wilds of India, but in a location arguably as challenging for photographing his subject—downtown Los Angeles. His research led him to biologist Jeff Sikich, whose work with a mountain lion population in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on the outskirts of L.A. So elusive that few people ever see them, many of the animals being tracked by Sikich would leave the Santa Monica Recreation Area only to turn around and go back. Despite being heavily chained and locked, three out of the four cameras he set up were stolen.
He is partnering with the Annenberg Foundation later this year for a fundraiser to help build a wildlife tunnel across the 101 freeway in Los Angeles.
State and Federal agencies now preserve and protect natural values in larger and more contiguous areas of open space to the west where P-22 was born and to which he may someday return. I, for one, feel some civic pride about the fact that LA has viable habitat for something as big and wild as a puma so close to downtown.
Look at the muscles flexing all the way thru toward the spine just from him picking up his R. I need to ask how to know about behavior and how to make these animals, specially cats user friendly. Its unearthly to see something so majestic adapt to the craziness we have created around it. Them and the coyotes are coming down into Burbank and eating peoples pets even though there are a ton of deer in the hills. The light on the Hollywood sign is the result of a four-second exposure and fog reflecting the lights of the city. I have photographed the sign many many times with 1 to 3 minutes exposure and could not get it lit the way it is the photo with the lion! My husband and I grew up in Hollywood and find it so fascinating to see it with our own eyes.
In fact, the first collar stopped working, so P22 was recaptured, retagged and re-released. The deadline for the submissions is on November 30th so if you have an interesting photo, submit it.  Below you can see 50 images collected from different categories. The people of Ancient Egypt believed that death on Earth was the start of a journey to the next world. Another picture from the Liquid Vision Series, which shows a different point of view of waves. Traveling from Zhangmu (Nepal-Tibet border) to the Tibetan capital – Lhasa you can see road workers all along the Friendship Highway. The place was Nichols Bridgeway leading to The Modern Wing of The Art Institue of Chicago, with beautiful views of downtown Chicago, while the time was sunset.
It was already -1 and with a strong wind it was colder still, Had to position myself so as to shield the camera from the wind to keep the image sharp the snow was being blown horizontally away from me. A lightning bolt strikes the antenna of The Center building in Central Hong Kong during a storm on September 13, 2009. I was fortunate to visit the rare and endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, February of 2010. A legionnaire from the French Foreign Legion’s 2REP (Foreign Parachute Regiment) sits in an armored personnel carrier en route to an operation near Badpash Kusa Kala, Afghanistan on June 16, 2010.
Zestful BMX (Bicycle Moto-Cross) rider crashes after a failed attempt to grind the handrail.
My friend Laszlo Varkonyi is leading a group on Mont Blanc, he died on Everest this April in a fatal accident: a big serac fell down.
A woman is riding between the railway carriages of a local train heading north from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message. Here you will find the most interesting news, tutorials and resources related to all branches of design and web programming.
The problem was, although Davidson had been training her camels and preparing for the trip for years, Smolan had no experience in the outback.
While she initially resisted his presence, eventually they became friends, then started a brief romance. After making camp, Robyn Davidson would cook dinner and then listen to teaching tapes that taught her to speak Pitjantjara, the local aboriginal dialect.
At one point, when Smolan heard a rumor that she was lost in the desert, he high-tailed it from Asia to Australia to track her down, unwittingly leading a mob of other frenzied journalists along with him.
It was the end of her physical journey, but the beginning of her sharing her story with the world—first in the 1978 National Geographic article, and later in her best-selling memoir called TRACKS. Smolan is married with two children, and has published a series of photo books with his wife, Jennifer Erwitt.
I feel bad for her dog Diggity and wonder why did she even take her to a dangerous journey. It is a beautiful story about a courageous, young woman who chose to follow her dream in spite of the odds against her.
Miss Davidson, you were a courageous young women, I hope you are well, thanks for sharing a piece of your life. I wished she would have left her dog Diggy behind with friends, or family.lucky for Rick to stay with her during her trip. I’m concerned that young women who watch it will think they should be able to do same without proper covering for body and feet. My late mother loved stories from Australia and likely had the issue of National Geographic in which this story was published.
I am very glad that I watched the movie and the accompanying additional interviews on the DVD. I particularly liked that they showed certain things ie snake on neck but didn’t overemphasize it.
I have always been in awe of Robyn and what she achieved, the movie was great I have seen it twice and I agree with Robyn’s comments elsewhere Mia did a great job. What Robin did showed a lot of courage and fortitude to continue, amazing outback scenery stuff I hadn’t seen before the isolation that Robin endured was breathtaking ! De fet, aquest CD-Rom venia gratuitament en els Macintosh que estrenaven tambe els lector de CD-Roms.
Deboodt's video takes viewers on a flight through its massive caverns, some of which are almost 500 feet (150 meters) wide and 650 feet (200 meters) high. In the dark parts of the cave, you have species of fish and a translucent wood louse, which have evolved to no longer have pigments because theya€™re in darkness all the time.
Ita€™s that draw of exploration, of being somewhere no one else has been, seeing things that no one else has seen. He had worked with big cats for many years and knew the importance of connecting these cats to something immediately recognizable.
And even if they did make the trek, they would risk being struck by cars crossing two busy freeways in between, the 405 and the 101.

I’m a resident in these hills and have seen evidence of our resident puma on the hiking trails but have never sighted her. The lion did move during the exposure but this was not captured by the camera because it was completely dark except when the strobe flashed.
Two does crossed in front of us and 5-minutes later these enormous cat comes loping across the 1. The embalmed body of the King was entombed underneath or within the pyramid to protect it and allow his transformation and ascension to the afterlife. Tenganan is the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village and is located close to Candi Dasa in East Bali.
The helicopter she was traveling in crashed into an open, dry field and burst info flames, killing three of the six passengers on board, including the pilot.
I love the architecture, the vibrant city life and the light, all captured in the same frame. Actually it was not a real cockfight because the roosters didn’t wear blades on their feet.
Ki is a tiny village in the middle of the Himalayas, and next to it is Ki Gompa (Ki Monastery).
When in pain, even the ambitious, strong, extreme sports loving man looks like a simple, tired, vulnerable person. There was little wind and no rain which allowed me to stay safely inside and shoot from an open window.
But she also needed money, so Smolan helped introduce her to editors at National Geographic who offered funding in exchange for her story. Smolan didn’t tell his editors about the affair—the relationship would have been frowned upon. He reflects that traveling with Davidson—and having to make tough choices about covering and becoming involved in her story—ultimately changed his career. He is CEO of Against All Odds Productions, and lives in New York with his wife and collaborator Jennifer Erwitt. Anyway the film reminds me of how we human love to hold on to things that hurt us, dramatizing them, how we’re addicted to suffering. I see one or two posters just don’t get it, they have probably lived sheltered lives in big cities and have never seen the Outback or Camels for that matter. Ell treball d’en Rick Smolan va estimular la meva carrera ja que em va obrir els ulls i em va mostrar un nou mont, el molt multimedia. Deboodt spent eight days camped inside the cave, one of the world's largest, with a GoPro fitted onto a drone.
Ita€™s sometimes difficult to even see them, but when you do, it makes it that much bigger. Thata€™s one of the things I wanted to do with this video: to show how beautiful it is, and how it should be protected. Having heard through the grapevine that a cougar was once spotted in Cher’s backyard, he quizzed Sikich about the particulars of the mountain lion population’s comings and goings. This great city has a history of people who cared enough about open space preservation to set aside and protect some great big natural areas as parks for all to use.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to get photographs of her with the Griffith Park Observatory or one of the jetliner views of the city from the Griffith Park hillside? A man was playing bamboo music to entertain a disabled child which is not his son, but he loves this child likes he loves his own son.
This photo was taken about an hour after sunrise just as the sun was starting to clear the trees.
But despite the Chinese government’s attempts to settle Chinese population across the Tibetan Plateau, the Roof of the World still remains a place where only the Tibetans can survive its harsh climate conditions. These are the valleys Ghengis Khan travelled among other invaders over the millennia – little has changed since those days. Each boy has a trunk with his belongings, and sheets hang on ropes to divide sleeping areas.
As I photographed this beautiful cat, I felt transfixed by its wild, untamed, haunting eyes. I lived with the monks for about a week, and this picture reflects the peaceful, almost heavenly atmosphere that characterizes this place. I had my camera with me and zoom lens but no tripod, suddenly there was a magical moment, I was experiencing a display of nature rarely seen by man.
It is the month of Ramadan, a fast which culminates in Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day celebration.
But as he continued to document Davidson’s journey he became an inextricable part of her story.
Across the years I had forgotten Robyn’s story, but it all came back to me as my wife and I watched Tracks last night. I admire your perseverance and probably some of your reasoning was fueled by a need to detach. Stunning visual panoramas leave me in awe of this young woman who showed such courage, such resilience, such gritty determination. My heart broke for the little girl who lost her Mum family and best friend Goldie in one hit.
I also felt her dislike of some of the Australians and their racist attitudes toward the Aborigines. Out of the calmness, this magnificent creature came walking out of a side trail about 20 feet in front of me. I wonder if the golfers know that when they’re chasing their ball in the rough, these cats are sizing them up!
The Monastery is almost 4,000 meters high, and I had to climb almost 500 meters more to get this panorama. I found my camera with the zoom lens, rushed out of the truck, trying to fight the strong wind. The camera was mounted on a tripod, exposures made with a cable release for 5 seconds at f10. Tens of thousands of people leave the city to go to their home village and celebrate with their families.
You can almost smell the campfires, imagine the silence, and conjure both the difficulty and the romance of the trek. Griffith gave the park that bears his name to the people of LA as a Christmas present in 1898 in order to make the city in which he had prospered a happier, cleaner, better place.
I mean seriously, I would have given up on the project just because I couldn’t find that one cougar.
It didn’t seem at all concerned by the fishermen in the river or the photographer on the bank. The tranquil and harmonious life of the local people reminds me of the joyful time I grew up in a similar small town in Southwest China. This particular gorilla demonstrates syndactyly of the third and fourth toes, a common congenital malformation also found in humans. I pushed the camera on to the hood of the truck trying to stand still, holding my breath, I shot 30 frames, and only one shot was good. Except for a some minor level adjustments and a square crop this was what came out of the camera.
Trains are packed and many who fail to get tickets before they sell out or can’t afford buying them at the black market ride on the roof of the train or, like this woman, finds a quiet spot between the carriages.
To me it’s more a story of the people who found her and helped her, but they are not the star of the film. I was shattered and my face hurt from crying when you had to say goodbye to your loyal dog Digity. The reason why P-22 is so unusual is that Griffith Park is in yher middle of LA, completely surrounded by miles and miles of very urban land use. Many others have died on the freeways and streets of LA as they tried to disperse and find a place of their own. While there wasn’t a part of her body that was unharmed, her spirit and determination to live a full, happy life remains stronger than ever.
Suddenly the fog cleared, a few cars went down, others went up, they met in the middle in under 60sec… Painting done! There is coyotes foxes and Deer running the hills of Whittier why is it so hard for people to believe the cat is in the Griffith Park area.

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