Nat Geo WILD TV is coming to the Xbox 360 with Kinect this fall, and if you ever wanted to become a bear or watch some guy kiss a wolf, then here's your chance! With Kinect Nat Geo TV, the popular kids learning program looks to provide for a more interactive experience thanks to the Kinect-enabled controls. Take a quick look at some screens of the game and read on for the press releasse wth additional details.
The National Geographic Society excites kids about their world through stunning photography and video, amazing facts and engaging storytelling.
Both Relentless and Microsoft Studios bring the show to life through Kinect for Xbox 360 by turning living rooms into animal habitats and players into a variety of animals. The latest enigma circulating the Internet isn’t a new discovery, but hasn’t gotten any easier with time—for adults at least.
Spring in the northern hemisphere officially begins this Sunday, March 20th—coinciding with International Happiness Day! The seven seals, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, a great earthquake causing the sun to blacken and the moon to turn blood red, angels trumpeting to unleash 200 million horsemen to kill a third of mankind with fire and brimstone. What does apocalypse truly mean – global destruction, inner revelation – or both?  Do you think that people are hard-wired to believe in some sort of apocalypse?
Morgan Freeman will be tackling these questions and more in Sunday’s new episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman – but with so much to cover, we wanted to get the discussion started sooner and asked several faith-based bloggers to weigh in on the end of days. Lori Erickson of Holy Rover believes that this “universal human fascination with the end-of-days springs from the recognition that everything we have is at risk. National Geographic Channel went to 22 countries around the world to find out how people think the world will end.
Justin Whitaker of American Buddhist Perspectives has been “fascinated by religion and its associated mythologies, philosophies, and practices” for most of his life. Nancy Rockwell of Bite in the Apple shares her thoughts on Sunday’s episode, as well as the apocalypse, noting,  “I’m still working at understanding darkness, and especially, endings.

Padma Kuppa of the Hindu blog Seeking Shanti, discusses the Hindu belief in rebirth: “Hindus commonly refer to Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma, or the Eternal Truth, and believe in the concept of reincarnation. Kyle Roberts of Unsystematic Theology discusses the fascination with doomsday scenarios and the pros and cons of apocalyptic terror, noting, “The apocalyptic imagination is most appealing to those who are oppressed, violated, knocked-down.
Paul Asay of Watching God takes a look at some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, sharing, “Hollywood knows our thirst for apocalyptic stories. Through the magic of Kinect “reach in and explore” interactivity, kids do more than just watch television — they will engage, play and learn using their full bodies, gestures and voices.
Each 30-minute TV episode includes visual cues on the screen that show viewers there is an interactive “sidetrack” experience they can engage with.
By combining Kinect motion control with interactive TV, both studios blend the TV and video game worlds to offer a rich and immersive learning experience.
At Relentless, we’ve always made games for everyone and with Kinect we are able to reach new audiences.
Thanks to the power of Kinect for Xbox 360, the high quality content of National Geographic and Relentless’ expertise in social games, this ground-breaking interactive experience will now be available for parents and kids everywhere. Originally on season 2 of Brain Games, this teaser has resurfaced and seems to be stumping everyone online except for children. Read on to hear their thoughts, and be sure to click over to their blogs to explore further.
In a post called “Leaving Rapture Culture Behind,” Williams points out, “In a culture that peddles fear and tension, end times theology has taken on a grim tone…what gets lost in the Rapture hysteria is that the promise of Christ’s return is not one of destruction, but of renewal.” He goes on to share his perspective on the end times, saying, “For the Christian, the apocalypse isn’t the war to end all wars.
It’s all temporary and vulnerable, a fact that becomes blindingly obvious when we are sleepless at 3 o’clock in the morning.” Although a Christian, Erickson finds herself drawn to the Buddhist perspective on the end of days, stating, “There are profound lessons to be found in disintegration, failure, and sadness. Hence, the concept of global destruction with an end to the physical and cosmic world, is a foreign one. Peru of Person Al-Islam shares his views on the apocalypse, and how they evolved from childhood through adulthood.

To those on the underside of history, a vision of an apocalyptic transformation–turning the world and its unjust systems upside down–has great appeal.” While he understands the impulse behind the apocalyptic, he cautions, “the often violent imagery contained within apocalyptic language must be reckoned with.
Check it out and start your own conversation with the help of our Apocalypse Discussion Guide.
Families play and learn together as “Kinect Nat Geo TV” turns living rooms into forests and transforms kids into animals with “Go WILD” role-play games.
Thanks to this interactivity, families can do more than just watch the show: They can expand their knowledge of nature and become real stewards of the world.
With experiences like “Buzz” and now “Kinect Nat Geo TV,” we continue to demonstrate that if you bring the language of TV into the realm of video games you can bring millions of non-gamers into the fold. It’s the wedding to end all weddings, and the start of the true story we’ve been preparing for all of our lives.
He points out, “there is sort of a vision of apocalypse in Buddhism, and it was taken very seriously in some Buddhist cultures at certain times. He discusses how his views shifted as his journey into Quranist Islam progressed, seeing that “The Quran has a vision for judgement day. It needs to be interpreted alongside what we can know of God’s character: A God of love, mercy, forgiveness–a God who died on the cross in Jesus. Phrases like ‘every nation’ (kullu ummah) and ‘every soul’ (kullu nafs) are associated with this vision. We want to know the horrible truth—even if, in the case of movies, someone has to make it up.” Although, he goes on to point out what may be so appealing in such a depressing topic stating,  “even in the apocalypse, there’s often the hope, and sometimes the promise, of a happy ending. According to this, we will either progress to the state of infinite being (symbolized by heaven) or remain stagnant (symbolized by hell).”  He goes on to say, “The apocalypse is a lot deeper and a lot closer than we think.

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