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What does apocalypse truly mean – global destruction, inner revelation – or both?  Do you think that people are hard-wired to believe in some sort of apocalypse? Life Below Zero returns as an early winter forces Alaskans to go head-to-head with Mother Nature to hunt, gather, and preserve their ability to survive in their corner of the Arctic as the dark, bitter cold closes in. While we may not like to think about our ending, death is a fundamental part of the life cycle—a touchy subject, but an inevitable one. Spring in the northern hemisphere officially begins this Sunday, March 20th—coinciding with International Happiness Day! We’re headed to the wilderness to put your brain through the ultimate test of survival of the fittest.
Just one medication is so prevalent that it is dubbed simply “The Pill”—it was referred to as the key to liberation (Loretta Lynn’s 1975 song), listed as of one of the seven wonders of the modern world (The Economist, 1993), named a driving force behind women overtaking men in professional roles in the U.S.

This Sunday on the season finale of Brain Games, host Jason Silva travels to Colorado Springs where he meets several people who personify the word “survivor” and puts their brains to the test in a battery of challenges engineered to demonstrate what it takes to be a super survivor. Bring on the shamrocks and leprechauns, we’re feeling lucky and seeing green this St.
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