Now, in its stunning Ninth Edition, the critically acclaimed National Geographic Atlas of the World reports and examines up-to-the-minute geopolitical and environmental changes through detailed, accurate maps and beautiful, engaging design that are its hallmark. National Geographic cartographers bring nearly a century of mapmaking experience and cutting-edge technology to every atlas product. Combining state-of-the-art cartographic technology with dynamic and diverse cultural content, our award-winning atlas was more than a year in the making. Student Atlas of the World is more fascinating and fact-filled than ever, and has gone interactive with new digital extras, including scannable pages that link to photo galleries and quizzes. This cartographic masterwork brings to light the most important and relevant topics that grip our planet today.
It was developed using advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite imagery, and shuttle radar mapping.

Owners of this new 8th Edition Atlas also receive exclusive access to our interactive atlas web site (view sample). Leveraging these emerging technologies to build smart, well-designed, functional, informative atlases is one of National Geographic's great strengths.
This is the first time that a fully global data set was available to our cartographers, enabling them to put together the most technologically advanced and precise atlas we've ever created. Featuring impressive technology that enables users to create customized views of many maps in the atlas, the unique site also contains animations that zoom in on famous world landmarks, and a printable map update capability to keep this atlas forever current. World thematic spreads reveal freshwater scarcity, global warming, world economies, energy resources and consumption, and other critical trends. Recently, when the 10th Edition was released, I was able to scarf up a copy of the 9th Edition for a ridiculously low price, compared to the price of the current Edition.

I love being able to pick it up anytime and find a location anywhere in the world, when I'm reading or watching TV or a movie, etc. Dynamic graphics and compelling visual stories cover the vital developments of our world in the reliable, authoritative, and innovative style that has made National Geographic a leader in the category.

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