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Abu Dhabi TV network is part of Abu Dhabi Media Company, network group a number of family, sports, drama and Geographic Channels. Abu Dhabi Al Oula is Abu Dhabi Media Company's flagship general entertainment television channel launched in 1969 and revamped in October 2008. The channel provides a wide range of local and regional general entertainment for the whole family including series, movies, variety and game shows.
Abu Dhabi Television also enjoys a highly rated news bulletin and is broadcasted on satellite across the MENA region.
The overall objective of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels is to continue the development and expansion of its programming by covering a spectrum of sports and sporting activities, while positioning Abu Dhabi as the world capital of sports. Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiah Al-Oula focused on coverage of the UAE professional league tournaments and the UAE Football First Division finals, while Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiah 2 will cover the Saudi Professional League matches and programmes as well as other events in the Middle East which the channel owns exclusive rights for.

Abu Dhabi Al Emarat launched on 8th January 2000 and underwent major changes with the screen format and program content to appeal and sustain interest among the local community and the Arab audiences. Launched in July 2009, the free-to-air National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi invites viewers in the Middle East to re-think the way they see television - and the world - through smart, innovative programming in the Arabic language.
The launch of National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi complements National Geographic Channels' existing operations in the region, including the National Geographic Channel launched in the Middle East in July 1998, the subsequent National Geographic Adventure launched in September 2007, followed by National Geographic Wild in January 2008. Abu Dhabi Media Company is one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media organizations in the region created in 2007 as a public joint stock company from the assets of Emirates Media Incorporated. Screenshots are only proposed to help illustrating, identifying and promoting corresponding TV channels. The sports channel was first established in 1996 and in October 2008, Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiah 2 was launched signifying a major progression in terms of programming quality and content.
The channel announced its new grid on 4th October 2009 ushering in a new era of innovative programs developed by local talent showcasing the heritage, culture and traditions of the UAE.

Targeted to drama enthusiasts in the region, and airing a diverse selection of Khaliji, Egyptian, Syrian, and dubbed dramas starring some of the most well known actors in the region, Abu Dhabi Drama offers its viewers the pleasure of uninterrupted viewing of their favorite series.
Brought to the region by the Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) and National Geographic Channels (NGC), the channel is dedicated to understanding and protecting the world, with its worldwide reputation of producing credible and authentic content that fits different viewers' interests. Abu Dhabi Al Emarat endeavors to capture the imagination and ambition of UAE nationals and Arab viewers across the region through its diverse and rich program offering.
Its programming is smart, factual entertainment featuring of science and technology, animals and nature, exploration and culture. In 2009 it formed two significant partnerships: VEVO, the online music video platform with Universal Music Group and Sony Music, and a first in the region MMOG joint-venture with Gazillion Entertainment.

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