Keywords: ALMA, Amanda Fiegl, Breton Women, Charles Freger, Chile, coal, Dave Yoder, Exotic animals, Kennedy Warne, Lauren Slater, Michelle Nijhuis, Remi Benali, Rhone River, Robb Kendrick, Robert Kunzig, Sharks, telescope, Thomas P. Here's a selection of photos from the archives of NatGeo that were unpublished or simply forgotten. In the modern world, ethnicities are merging at a rapid rate and many people are now the product of a mixed race heritage. Out of 17,000 photos submitted this year, these images were all recognized as overall winners. The winners of this year’s National Geographic Magazine Photo Competition has been announced and the photos, as always, are stunning.
These are just some of the amazing photos that have been entered into National Geographic’s annual photo contest this year.
This is another selection of incredible photographs that participate in National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.

All these photographs were submitted to Photo Contest 2011 announced by National Geographic. These are the most interesting and simply stunning wallpapers from 2010 National Geographic photography contest. He worked for many notorious magazines as People, Sports Illustrated, BBC Wildlife, Esquire, and even Playboy. National Geographic took a look into what they believe the average American will look like in 2050 and it is truly enlightening.
This year $10 000 was awarded to Brian Yen for winning the Grand Prize and a trip to the National Geographic headquarters where he will participate in its annual photography seminar.
The following pictures made up by National Geographic with the help of photographer Martin Schoeller and Photoshop show us what the average mixed-ethnic American will look like in 2050.
Its characteristic yellow frame surrounding the big picture on the front has already become iconic.

Check out these beautiful and odd looking wild animals as they are put through their first photo sessions. The deadline will come up on November 30, but you can already see some of the best images from the categories Nature, People, and Places. If you enjoy traveling and discovering beautiful places around the globe, you should decorate your desktop with these dazzling images. The categories are People, Nature and Places and the captions are written by the photographers themselves.

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