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U moet Javascript aan hebben staan in uw browser om van de functionaliteit van deze website gebruik te maken. The National Geographic Slim Satchel is a gorgeous, padded DSLR camera bag which provides your device with the shock-proof protection it needs. Inside the satchel insert there is an adjustable, padded divider which allows you to store your other items next to your camera without fear of them coming into contact with each other.The adjustable divider is designed to keep your camera and accessories separate from each other but it can be removed or adjusted so it can fit whatever items you decide to take.
The National Geographic medium satchel also features a secure, padded compartment which is perfectly sized to hold a laptop up to 15.4" in size.
On the front of the satchel there are a number of easy-access pockets which allow you to carry around smaller accessories in an easy-to-find location such as your smartphone, spare batteries, memory cards and more.

The bag features a number of different carrying options, from a secure shoulder strap to a padded carrying handle.
The main compartment features a removable and securely padded insert which provides secure protection for your DSLR camera from impacts and knocks. This is designed so that it allows you to carry your important items together in one place.
The front pockets are designed so you can quickly take out the items you need to use without having to rummage through the main compartment - saving you time and effort. Both options feature padding which makes them comfortable to carry without them becoming uncomfortable even during long periods of use. The inside is designed to keep your camera and other photography items separate from the rest of the bag to make sure that they're well protected at all times and won't suffer damage from knocking against other items in your bag.

This also removes the need for your to carry multiple bags whilst still providing complete protection for your device. The bag also features a strap which allows you to place the bag over a trolley so it can be wheeled around in comfort without fear of it falling off.
The patent-pending design lets the bag be carried either as rucksack or shoulder bag by connecting the left shoulder strap differently.

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