Suspended upside down, a titanium A-12 spy-plane prototype is prepped for radar testing at Area 51 in the late 1950s. Remnants of a crashed A-12 spy planea€”including two engines and the shattered rear fuselagea€”litter the ground near Wendover, Utah, in a 1963 picture recently declassified by the CIA and published here for the first time.Things went horribly wrong for test pilot Ken Collins (flying under his Area 51 code name Ken Colmar) when testing the plane's subsonic engines at low altitude. An aerial photo shows a massive rapid-response team at the site of the A-12 crash near Wendover, Utah, in 1963.After pilot Ken Collins had parachuted to the ground, he was stunned to be greeted by three civilians in a pickup, who offered to give him a ride to the wreckage of his plane. A crane hoists A-12 debris (right) onto a flatbed truck at the site of the 1963 A-12 crash in Utah. In a first for arthropods, the spiny animal kept its brood tethered to its body as it swam Eartha€™s seas 430 million years ago. The legendary physicist tried for years to turn lead into golda€”and may have used a newly recovered manuscript in his quest. A team of specialists conducts a new round of radar scans, ramping up scientific rigor to test the theory that hidden chambers exist behind the tomb walls. National Geographic – A crane hoists A-12 debris (right) onto a flatbed truck at the site of the 1963 A-12 crash in Utah.
Though the CIA has released some photos of the incident, officials remain mum about exactly who was involved in the cover-up and how it was carried out. Aerospace historian Peter Merlin, who has examined this crash site and several others involving secret aircraft, said he’s pieced together at least part of the cover-up story.

In an undated picture, a mock-up of the A-12 spy plane sits perched upside down on a testing pylon at Area 51—part of radar tests to reveal how visible, or invisible, the design was to radar.
Before the cleanup, after pilots from Area 51 had reported that the wreck in Utah was still identifiable, crews quickly covered all large pieces with tarps. Creating radar absorbing material (RAM) that disguises a vehicle from radar detection is still top secret.
How did the US revamp their iconic stealth aircraft the U2 invisible to the Soviet's radar?
Declassified documents in 2013 finally revealed that Area 51 was established in 1955 for a single purpose.
How do you move a huge A-12 spy plane, known as Project Oxcart, to Area 51 whilst keeping it a secret? National Geographic Channels showcase leading explorers, scientists, environmentalists, film makers and renowned photographers. Domenica 10 luglio alle 21.10 su Natgeo Channel, uno speciale che ci porta all'interno dell'area 51, la mitica base militare tra presunti UFO e progetti top secret. FOTOGALLERIA Alla scoperta degli Uiguri, l'etnia turcofona di religione islamica nella regione dello Xinjiang. At 25,000 feet (7,620 meters), "the airplane pitched up and went up and got inverted and went into a flat incipient spin," Collins says in the new National Geographic Channel documentary Area 51 Declassified.

Instead, Collins got them to give him a ride in the opposite direction, by telling them the plane had a nuclear weapon on boarda€”a prearranged cover story to keep the Area 51 craft a secret.Soon a team of government agents appeared to direct a complete cleanupa€”and cover-upa€”operation.
In their judgment, the photos of the 1963 crash no longer are, and so they were declassified and released," Robarge told National Geographic News."In 2007 the CIA declassified over a thousand documents related to the OXCART program and published an unclassified history of it in conjunction with the acquisition from the Air Force of one of the nine remaining A-12 airframes," now on display at CIA headquarters, Robarge added.
Part of an engine nacelle and an exhaust ejector are visible at left.Though the CIA has released some photos of the incident, officials remain mum about exactly who was involved in the cover-up and how it was carried out. Area 51-- a site for covert Cold War operations-- has long been a magnet for crackpots, conspiracy theorists, and the overly curious.
Cold Warriors with the highest security clearances could pursue cutting-edge aeronautical projects away from prying eyes.
By the next morning, recovery crews had begun loading the wreckage on trucks for the return trip to Area 51 in Nevada.No one else approached the wreck site or even learned of the crash during the next half century. But don't expect any information to emerge for several decadesa€”despite the recent declassifications, CIA's Robarge still won't confirm the base exists.

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