Take a look behind the scenes of the full redesign of National Geographic World Atlas IOS App. National Geographic wanted to completely refresh their very first iOS app, the World Atlas, so they approached us to rebuild it from the ground up. Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community.
Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more.
Iinaoeoaee, iaoiayueany a a?oiia Ainoe, ia iiaoo inoaaeyou eiiiaioa?ee e aaiiie ioaeeeaoee.
At higher zooms, the app switches over to Bing Maps, which makes this app a Bing Maps viewer as well. The app is also GPS-aware, but I was unable to test that on my first-generation iPod touch.
Early versions of this app were not as stable as I would have liked, and I still get a crash now and then. The Map Room is a blog about maps by Jonathan Crowe, covering everything from collecting to the latest in geospatial technology. We’ve looked at dictionaries before, but the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace offers other reference applications as well.
After launching National Geographic World Atlas, the user is greeted by a cylindrical map projection of the world. World Atlas secondary menu hosts several useful features: Nations, Cities, Search, Bookmarks, My Location, and Help. SearchSearch for and locate various things on the map: cities, counties, states, landforms, and more. BookmarksAny time you find a location on the map using the Nations, Cities, or Search tools, you can click and hold on that location to bookmark it.
My LocationWorld Atlas uses WP7’s GPS function to add a push pin to your location on the map. HelpI’ve seen enough applications and games with no instructions or help whatsoever, so National Geographic’s Help section is much appreciated.
National Geographic World Atlas for Windows Phone 7 is a thorough and impressive application.
National Geographic World Atlas has a free trial with a limited feature set that doesn't really speak for the application's quality.

Yeah it could be faster but nice to have all this info at your fingertips without have to do multiple searches. The design process included examining and updating the features in the existing app, with a focus on elegant typography and usability. Ia?oia?ii i?iaeoa aunooieea eiiiaiey Microsoft, eioi?ay i?aainoaaeea a ea?anoaa iniiau ea?ou Bing.I?eei?aiea National Geographic World Atlas iicaieyao iieuciaaoaeyi ia?aaaeaaouny ii ea?oai, niaa?oaou iiene, i?eaee?aou ioaaeuiua aaoaee. Included are standard, executive and satellite versions of National Geographic’s world map in the Winkel Tripel projection.
Rounding out the app is a database that provides flags and other basic geographic details for every country and territory on the planet.
The initial version I downloaded in January had an interesting tile bug (right) that has not reappeared after subsequent upgrades. National Geographic World Atlas is one such program aimed at geography students and enthusiasts.
Zoom in on the United States and it soon shows the borders of each state, their capitals, and major cities. These take a long time to scroll through, but thankfully both Nations and Cities support the Windows Phone 7 feature of jumping to letters of the alphabet. It requires an internet connection, so it won’t be of as much use to people who turn off their Data Connections on the go.
Perhaps the most interesting side-effect of rebuilding the app was the effect it had on the National Geographic cartographers – seeing their cartography on a responsive, interactive globe inspired them to start thinking differently about digital maps. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. A ea?anoaa iniiaiie «ec?ieiee» na?aena i?enoonoao?o ?acee?iua ea?oia?aoe?aneea ?ac?aaioee National Geographic.
At any given time, the type of map can be toggled from a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. The next level of zoom shows interstate highways, rivers and other bodies of water, major airports, and a large number of cities. The Nations menu is a great learning tool, and you can even jump to each country on the map. Cities don’t have reference entries, so the only purpose of the directory is easily locating them on the map. Load times when switching zoom levels or jumping to map locations are noticeable and occasionally excruciating, probably a byproduct of the maps being stored online instead of within the application itself.

Starting from the default view and magnifying to street level requires repeated pinches, whereas a slider or some other method could accomplish the same thing in fewer steps.
Since release, the National Geographic World Atlas has been featured several times by Apple, including the weekly Best New Apps section and 2015's Best of April. E?iia oiai, Bing i?aainoaaeyao aicii?iinou niio?aou niooieeiaua nieiee n iiiaie?aoiui oaaee?aieai ai iaiiai aiia.Naie e?aeiua ianoa ii?ii ioia?aou ia ea?oa i?e iiiiue niaoeaeuiiai eino?oiaioa, nio?aiyou e aaaaou ei aiiioaoee.
From this distant level of zoom, Political, Satellite, and Ocean Floor Views can be selected. Sadly, the Cities menu doesn’t work in landscape mode; it automatically switches to portrait. The bookmarking instructions neglect to mention that it’s necessary to hold a location’s push pin to bookmark it, but that’s the only mistake I found.
Regardless, the Atlas should keep things the user has already seen in memory, but it doesn’t.
The program sometimes misinterpreted my pinches, switching its focus to the nation’s capital instead of the place I was trying to magnify. The development team apparently takes user feedback very seriously and there have been a few updates so far, so performance will hopefully improve over time.
I?e iiiiue eaia?u e GPS, na?aen iicaieyao nio?aiyou oioi n aai-oyaaie e aaoiiaoe?anee oaio?e?oao ea?ou ii ianoiiiei?aie? iieuciaaoaey.
Map tiles for the continental maps are downloaded over the network, but the entire maps can be downloaded for offline use.
From here, you can magnify the map to such a level that individual streets appear (Road View is provided by Bing Maps). About the Maps cursorily explains the maps’ origins and links to a website that sells them in printed form.
I still recommend it to anyone with an interest in Geography, provided the title’s internet requirement won’t prevent them from being able to use it when they need it. Toggle to Satellite View and you could even find your own house without much trouble - I can see kids having fun with this.

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