Simply click the on any product that interests you and My Favorites will keep track of all items on your list. National Geographic continues to keep improving their bags, cases and backpacks based upon feedback and market requests.
Keep your professional and personal gear safe and secure with the National Geographic Africa Rucksack. It took several years of heavy use to happen, and I've been rough on the bag - overstuffing it, banging it around, etc.
The rucksack comes complete with easy-access side pouches and compartments, so you can access your water bottle and personal accessories easily, while keeping your laptop and camera gear safely tucked away inside. Upper personal storage compartment opens with zipper sealed flap, will hold all of your personal necessities such as food, clothes, books, etc.
Unfortunately, I can't find anyone who can fix the zipper, so I stopped using it for about 6 months.
However because of stock rotation it is quite possible that previous versions may still in stock, and therefore what you buy may not exactly be the same the same as what you see on-line.

Keep your camera and laptop safe inside protective pockets, and access your personal items in easy-to-reach front pockets. Made of padded and breathable fabric, this bag is easy to tote around on all of your adventures. Recently I just put a strip of industrial velco in the laptop compartment, and it seems to be working (for now).
That said, because it's not truly secure for my laptop, I wouldn't use it to carry my laptop in the field (although all my camera gear is still safe as houses in it).Other than that, I do truly love this bag. In spite of the care instructions, I've had to machine wash it more than once - it's gotten muddy at music festivals and gotten dirty on the ground while I was running and gunning countless times.
Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice and some versions of products shown on this page may not yet be available in local markets. While we make every attempt to provide the most accurate information at the time, we cannot be held responsible for typographical errors on the site. I feel like I look like a seasoned traveller when I have it on and not like an easy target for thieves.

I think someone more delicate with their gear (ie everyone) would not have the same zipper problem I had, but if you treat it as rough as I did, I'd just keep an eye out for pushing it beyond it's limits. For anyone worried it's not padded enough on the insides, I acutally use different (thicker) padding than what came with the bag for more security. I can still fit 2 Canon bodies, a prime and a zoom, and speedlight in the main compartment with ease, and still have enough room for the bigger padding and stuff like keys, flashlight, and other travel essentials in the top.
I've even used this bag as my only piece of luggage for trips before, packing in a change of clothes in the top compartment.
The fact that I havent caused a single rip or tear or worn out a corner on it is a miracle to me.

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