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Festival Nation: The Adventurous Summer'Tis the season for microbrew celebrations, barbecue blowouts, and outdoor jams.
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Pred koji tjedan imali smo njihove najbolje slike u protekle tri godine, a sada pogledajte jos jedan set ljepote! Their patriotic epicenter is Seward, a town of 3,000 residents sited on a resplendent fjord, which hosts an annual seafood-and-fireworks bacchanal. Arm Yourself: It's traditional for townies to wage war (using water balloons, fire hoses, and food) against visitors during the annual Trail Days parade. Two-person teams run, bike, and negotiate obstacles such as hay bales, monkey bars, and climbing walls.

Each Friday guests at the dude ranch participate in their own rodeo; test your mettle astride a bucking bronco or try a safer event like barrel racing.

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