Tikal National Park is located in Guatemala and completely was established in 1955.It was a major site for the Maya civilization and once more than 90,000 Mayans used to live in the place.
Lake District National Park is a wonderful creation of Nature and Humans all together located in Noth England.
Yellostone holds the World first National Park in world and indeed it also still the best National Park to be visited in 2012.It covers an area of 8932 square kilometers . Banff National Park located in Canada Rockies is the oldest of the National Parks in world.Its has an area of 6843 square miles and has a lot of fields , lakes , caves and beautiful landscapes. Kruger National Park situated in Africa stands third on the list of the top 10 Best National Parks of 2012. Grand Canyon Park is one of the Worlds Wonders in 2012 and also the best National Park in USA. Kakadu National Park located in a beautiful city of Australia, Darwin is a combination of Unique beauty and biodiversity .
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This entry was posted in National Parks and tagged camping, Glacier National Park, Grinnell Lake, hiking, Kalispell, lake, Lake Josephine, Lake McDonald, Logan Pass, Montana, Moraine Lake, mountain, Mt. OF MYTHS AND LEGENDS: The Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park leads hikers to one jaw-dropping view after the next.
National Parks are mainly built by governments or are owned by it and are made for mind relaxation and enjoyment after the hard stressed life of a person .There are lot of National Parks built in different countries of the World and United states is of course topping the list of the best national parks in 2012.

Tikal National Park has a huge are of  22000 hectares of rain forest and it has an area of 575 square kilometers .But later when the civilization ended, the government declared the Tikal National Park as the UNESCO heritage and now its one of the best and beautiful national park in the world to be visited this year. The Park covers a huge area of 2300 square Kilometers.The most attractive thing of this Park is its little hills and mountains here and there and small zig zag paths all over the park. With lakes and valleys and hip hop mountains , this National Park is a popular spot for many.
The national park holds , geysers , canyons , hot springs , valleys , lakes and basins in it.Again a good collection of wildlife has found it as there home place adding more beauty to it.
It is also known as the best Gaming National Park of the wildlife and many visitors every year visit and enjoy the games. The park is located in Arizona in America.It was formed by river erosion about 6 million years ago.
It covers more than 20000 square kilometers of area and the whole area will keep you stunned by its beauty.Except to that its a National Park , it holds a good status as its cultural rich place and worth visiting. Gould, National Park, Swiftcurrent Falls, Swiftcurrent Lake, Two Medicine Lake, UNESCO World Heritage Site, USA, waterfall. Actually they are built to promote nature and wildlife and its positive impact on human life .
Its mostly used for hiking , fishing , boating and resting a day in ones busy routine life. The park is really natural and with majestic and wonderful environment Grand canyon is very very much popular park.

In the mid 1800s the park was named for its roughly 150 glaciers, though only 25 remain today and it’s estimated that all the glaciers will have melted by 2030. The greenery is also essential and environment of these peaceful and mind blowing national parks are of course of great importance for us. The National Park is really beautiful witholding more than 100s of different species of birds and animals , cute butterflies and many different creatures will find your way in this National Park. For its beauty and majestic environment more than 15 million people visit the park annually.
With over 130 lakes, two mountain ranges, over 700 miles of hiking trails, and many miles of scenic road, the park is a popular hiking, camping, and scenic driving destination for all manner of tourist. Some of the most beautiful and enchanted and worth watching Best national parks in the world are listed here. It holds a wide variety of species in itself and more than 1000 animals , birds and insects find there way in this National Park.
The nearest airport is in Kalispell, Montana, and the Amtrak train line stops at East and West Glacier, but most visitors choose to drive to the park. The park is also home to historic chalets and hotels if you’re looking for a more relaxed than rugged experience.

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