Good news for nature lovers – National Geographic is screening documentaries to watch for free in its auditorium at its concept store at VivoCity. While some may argue that you can watch such films online, I contest that nothing is as close as watching it at National Geographic itself, with the dim setting at the quiet auditorium, huge screen which clearly shows every single detail you are meant to see, and the beauty of the film itself. Having watched Zoo Tiger Escape, I was taken through the life of a pair of leopards, how the mother took care of its cub, how the cub stumbled and fell and how it grew up to be able to fend for itself.

The National Geographic Store is at Vivocity, the first in Asia, and the second in the world. This entry was posted in Animals and Wildlife, Cinema, Entertainment, Free, Money & Shopping and tagged animals, auditorium, documentary, leopards, national geographic, nature, vivocity, wildlife. Check back often for the latest events and happenings, or subscribe to the RSS feed (see below).

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