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Join geneticist Spencer Wells and a team of technicians from National Geographic's Genographic Project as they trace the human journey through time and space, from our origins in the heart of Africa to the ends of the world. The fifth season of National Geographic Channela€™s Alaska State Troopers is dedicated to the memory of Trooper Tage Toll and Trooper Pilot Mel Nading, who plucked victims of a floatplane crash off an iceberg on the Kenai Peninsula, helped haul a snowmobile rider out of a crevasse in the Chugach Mountains, rescued injured mountain climbers, and retrieved lost hikers.With more stories of unwavering heroism, determination under fire and ever-present risks patrolling hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures, Season 5 of Alaska State Troopers captures the raw nature and criminal activity throughout the frigid wilderness, its cities and remote villages. DVD-R FormatThe DVD-R is a non-rewriteable digital format that is compatible with most commercial DVD players. National Geographic's groundbreaking series reveals ancient Rome's hidden treasures and untold stories as never before. Episodes include: Secrets of the Gladiators, The Real Caligula, Doomsday Pompeii, Killing Ceasar, Birth of Rome, Ancient Superpower.

Four experienced teams of mountain folk head out into the Smokies searching for coveted and federally protected Ginseng. En outre, le Club propose egalement un choix varie de livres audio, ebooks, CD, DVD, jeux, jouets pour la detente et des gammes choisies de produits de beaute, de complements alimentaires, d’articles de bien-etre pour prendre soin de soi. The DVD-R format is created with MPEG2 Variable Bit Rate Compression with stereo sound.How our DVDs and DVD-Rs DifferCustomers who purchase programs in the NG DVD-R Library will receive a non-interactive, play only disc. From iconic figures including Caligula, Caesar, and Constantine, to epic events such as the eruption of Vesuvius, the invasion of Britain, and fall of Rome, When Rome Ruled reveals a startling up-to-date vision of the ancient empire and challenges our perception of what we know about the Romans and their lives. Reporting from secret farms and not-so-secret grow houses of marijuana cultivators, Lisa travels into a world where marijuana is not just a drug but a way of life.
An endurance-testing expedition that pits two friends against the brutal elements of Antarctica.

There is no chaptering information on these DVDs, but there are chapter marks approximately every five minutes, which make it easy to fast forward through a program. Season 6 episodes include Gang Central, San Antonio Gang, Chaos in California, and Officers Under Siege. Experience amazing, terrifying, never-before-seen (or done) adventures that define the riskiest of everything National Geographic represents.
There are slick graphics of world maps, theoretically interesting stories of people that really are not interesting, and little bits of science along the way.

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