Dieses einzigartige Lerninstrument zeigt die Tag-Nacht-Zonen zu jeder gegebenen Uhrzeit, an jedem Tag und fur jeden Ort der Erde an. Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Venezuela—Candles help summon the spirit of Maria Lionza, whose namesake cult claims thousands of followers in Latin America. Japan—Magma bombs explode, forked lightning flashes, and ash clouds billow as the 3,665-foot-tall Sakurajima volcano erupts in Kyushu.
Taiwan—Drawn to the sulfuric fire of a hand-lit acetylene torch, mackerel leap en masse into the nets of a boat near New Taipei City. France—A Eurasian beaver heads for her lodge in the Loire River, hauling a poplar branch for supper.
Belgium—The chance of indoor clouds is 100 percent wherever artist Berndnaut Smilde goes.
Germany—A color-enhanced electron microscope photo reveals a half-millimeter-long tardigrade in moss. Scotland—Champion strong man Gregor Edmunds lets fly a 16-pound shafted hammer at the Cowal Highland Gathering. Poland—As shadows lengthen near sunset, spring fields near Nowe erupt in a color riot.
Russia—A rainbow of hula hoops swirls around Svetlana Pavlova, a dancer in a traveling circus troupe of short-statured performers who call themselves the Light of the Little Stars. United States—Fireworks flash across a full moon on the third of July, part of early Independence Day celebrations last year at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas.
Israel—At an ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding near Tel Aviv, Viznitz Hasidim gather around the chief rabbi (center, in white) and the groom (center, left). China—Frigid festivities abound at the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in northeastern China.
England—Sporting feathery gills, a Mexican axolotl, about six inches long, paddles around a West Sussex fish tank. United States—Like a spaceship gearing up to lift off, a carnival ride throws off orbs of light in this panoramic time exposure.
Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. National Geographic Extreme Earth Screensaver es un salvapantallas con una coleccion de fotografias de lugares a los que es dificil llegar o en los que la vida se desarrolla en una condiciones extremas. Las imagenes son de paisajes de todo tipo: desiertos arenosos y helados, cuevas, fondos abisales, etc. Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia.
Antarctica—Strong winds and heavy swells set two icebergs on a collision course near Franklin Island. Japan—As part of an annual Christmas event, a diver dressed as Santa Claus swims with a zebra shark at the Sunshine Aquarium. United States—From 7,500 feet up, the nocturnal grid of New York looks more like a circuit board than a city. Brazil—Lit by morning sun, smoke from burning trees obscures the Amazon rain forest in Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Egypt—The Giza Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, elicit a yawn from a camel named Alex.
Mexico—From a thousand feet above, the arid Colorado River Delta looks like a green-trunked tree with brown branches. United States—As a big wave breaks off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, two worlds appear.
India—Dusted in yellow-green powder, five villagers on Nandgaon celebrate Lathmar Holi, a playful, pre-Holi festival rooted in Hindu mythology.
United States—Like pasta boiling in a pot, four-inch-long American eels bound for Asian fish markets wriggle in a glass dish. Israel—Positioning themselves for a photo shoot in Haifa, two Eritrean expats and their wedding party are a vision in white. Indonesia—Off the east coast of Sulawesi, on the bottom of the Lembeh Strait, the wide-eyed face of a foot-long stargazer emerges through black volcanic sand. Antarctica—On Cuverville Island bright feet fill the frame as a long-tailed gentoo penguin leaps from near-freezing water to rocky shore. Iceland—Wearing masks of silica mud at the Blue Lagoon Spa, playful Japanese pensioners pretend to be zombies. United States—At the 140th Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Sophie Gillotti displays her Kim Kardashian cell phone case. Turkey—A plastic curtain printed with a cityscape of Istanbul serves, when stretched taut, as a backdrop for a Turkish television show.
United States—In a lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, hibernating arctic ground squirrels pose medical mysteries. Bulgaria—Fatme Inus wears face paint, tinsel, and many-hued sequins on her wedding day in Ribnovo.
Workers clear a road through Brazil's AmazonA rain foresta€”one of the world's ten most threatened forests, according to an international conservation group.This weekend, people around the world will plant trees in their neighborhoods as part of Earth Day celebrations.
This panther chameleon is one of thousands of species found nowhere else than in the rain forests of Madagascar. Flat-topped mesas dominate southeastern Brazil's Chapada Diamantina National Park, part of the Atlantic dry forest."This is a forest that has been under threat for a number of years," Donovan said. In honor of April 18, we take a look at how science organizes and names speciesa€”sometimes with a sense of humor. Mountains, wildlife, and wide open skies inspired more than great pictures for our photographer. Indonesiaa€™s Tambora eruption brought on a deadly spate of coolinga€”presaging the costs that come with sudden changes to climate. Visions of Earth showcases the beauty, majesty, and wonder of the world around us and pays tribute to the photographers who capture its essence.
An airplane casts a shadow over the red waters of Lake Natron in Tanzania, part of the East African Rift Valley. A camera's long nighttime exposure reveals the red glow of lava spilling from Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania's Rift Valley. Building clouds and a setting sun reflect on a sandy beach on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. It’s the end of the line for these crushed cars in a Victoria, British Columbia, scrap yard. An explorer is no match for the gigantic crystals in Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales, or Cave of Crystals. Verdant trees reflect in the morning waters of Five Flower Lake, colored by mineral deposits and aquatic plant life.
Mimmi the brown bear shows her flair for flexibility during an afternoon stretch at the Ahtari Zoo. Salt from the world’s largest salt plain in Salar de Uyuni waits for transport to surrounding Andean villages.

A fire supervisor surveys the scene in Seeley Lake, Montana, from the relative safety of a truck.
See dusk in the Dampier Strait through a half-submerged lens and glimpse two distinct worlds.
An endangered Choctawhatchee beach mouse, Peromyscus polionotus allophrys, has good reason to appear shy. Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12.
Bhutan—Novices at the Dechen Phodrang monastic school in Thimphu hear the dinner bell and come running. India—Children of the many snake charmers in the village of Padmakesharpur are no strangers to cobras. Norway—Bright beaks and feet signal the breeding season for Atlantic puffins on Hornoya Island.
Cerro de Sorte, Venezuela—Surrounded by candles symbolizing regeneration, followers of a cult centered on the local goddess Maria Lionza wait for cleansing during an hour-long ritual. Kiev, Ukraine—Dwarfed by the memory of her nation's past, a woman at the National Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War adjusts her outfit in front of a monument to Soviet soldiers. India—Decorated in pink powder, a bull dives through a crowd of men who hope to hang on to the animal long enough to win a prize. Argentina—Moonlight sets mist aglow on the Patagonian peak of Mount Fitz Roy, known to local people as Cerro Chalten, or "smoking mountain," because its summit is often capped in clouds.
Shodo Shima, Japan—Huddled for warmth, macaques press their bodies into a vast ball of fur. Qatar—Tour of Qatar cyclists sprint in a quick burst of color past a pipe storage yard outside Umm Said.
Gulf of Aqaba—Surrounded by thousands of golden sweepers, photographer Magnus Lundgren spun his camera to capture this shifting school off Elat, Israel. New York City—Secret prize on the urban game board, a miniature garden brightens a Rockefeller Center rooftop seven stories above midtown traffic. Xinjiang—A column of dunes could provide geologic data for sand-sampling scientists, whose trucks scratch tracks across the wind-scoured Kumtag Desert.
United States—A red-clay spray showers spectators at the mud-pit belly flop, highlight of the annual Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin, Georgia. California—More than 3,000 wind turbines bristle across the hills of the Tehachapi-Mojave Wind Resource Area, generating enough electricity to serve a quarter million homes each year.
Afghanistan—Good luck and centripetal force help driver Mohammed Jawed keep circling the shuddering wood-plank Wall of Death during his traveling stunt show's stop in Kabul.
Sweden—The facial disk of feathers circling this great gray owl's eyes channel forest-floor sounds back to its ears, helping the bird pounce on a vole and carry it away. Czech Republic—It takes a microscope to make a handful of carrot seeds look like a swarm of bristling space invaders.
Azerbaijan—The carcass of an abandoned amusement park ride is a diving platform for teens on a Caspian Sea beach near Baku. Japan—A young woman rides an escalator through the kaleidoscopic entrance to the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku mall in Tokyo.
Indonesia—At a slaughterhouse in Kertasura dead snakes are rolled up before being sold for food or traditional medicine. United States—Lightning strikes in Grand Canyon National Park about 26,000 times each year.
England—Dozens of muddy men clamber across ropes during the annual Tough Guy competition in Perton.
Australia—Felled by a power line and dead of a broken neck, an Australian pelican becomes an unlikely still life in Brisbane.
Canada—On a gravel beach along the Bay of Fundy, two semipalmated sandpipers take off as hundreds more flock together.
Canada—Two miles off the western coast of the Hudson Bay and just south of the Arctic Circle, a polar bear comes in for a close-up. Bahrain—In the village of Sanabis, a suburb of the capital, Manama, two Shiite girls take part in an Ashura ceremony.
Emirate of Abu Dhabi—As the sun sets on the Liwa region, local tribesmen lead their camels to a grazing area in neighboring Saudi Arabia.
England—In the village of Box, George Purser, 77, waters geraniums on a century-old portable steam boiler.
Cyprus—When Mediterranean mantises are startled, they wave their forelimbs and raise their wings to reveal vivid eyespot markings. Russia—Snared by a brown bear, a sockeye salmon spills a string of orange roe into Kuril Lake. Papua New Guinea—In Milne Bay schools of fish swirl around the coral-encrusted piles of a crumbling wharf. Germany—The head of a trapped red squirrel pokes through a manhole cover in Isernhagen. Poland—On their way to harvest grain in Policzna, a woman and her grandson share a horse-drawn cart with a horse-headed volunteer promoting a traveling festival. United States—A hundred miles off the southern California coast, near the Cortes Bank, a curious harbor seal peers through a kelp forest.
Brazil—Dozens of bioluminescent mushrooms sprout on a dead log, green stems glowing in the light of a full moon.
Bosnia and Herzegovina—In Mostar a competitive diver holds torches as he jumps from the Old Bridge into the Neretva River. Russia—Lit by a torch, an ice cave in a Kamchatka glacier glows like an entrance to the underworld. United States—Joining hands in a heads-first free fall to form a human snowflake, 138 skydivers set a world record at Skydive Chicago in August 2012.
United Kingdom—Heather fires smoke during a controlled burn in West Burrafirth in Shetland. South Africa—Through the dust of a dry riverbed in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, an African white-backed vulture advances on an antelope carcass. Ein Lichtpunkt zeigt das subsolare Gebiet, also jenes Gebiet der Erde, in dem die Sonne um 12 Uhr keinen Schatten wirft.
Met with single-digit temperatures, spray from the firefighters’ hoses soon turned to eerie ice art. This monochrome image and the two that follow are from the photographer’s Genesis book project. Though losing their land and being pressured to settle, many still move their reindeer 620 miles each year, from winter pastures to summer grazing land, then back. The fruit’s citric acid helps electrons flow from galvanized nails to copper wire in this 14-hour exposure.
Dried lava flows from a massive blast in 1914 connect the former island to the Osumi Peninsula. Although the temperature in this pleasure dome is a perpetual 79°F, light levels vary due to a section of transparent roof panels.
In this highly magnified view of his iris’s surface architecture, the central black pool is the pupil, and his lashes are reflected by the cornea. Called water bears, these eight-legged, alien-looking invertebrates can survive extreme pressure, radiation, and temperatures—and years without food. The photographer paraglided over Pomerania to get this abstract expressionist shot: a brushstroke of red poppy weeds flowering amid green grain sprouts.

The supine figure on the floor moved away after a short time, leaving only her electric outline. Here a swimmer pumps up enthusiasm before plunging into a pool carved out of the frozen Songhua River.
The unusual salamander species, whose numbers are dwindling in the wild, retains its larval features as an adult.
She received the head as a gift years ago, after hosting a town exhibition of people’s aquariums. The fish broke apart and reformed off the Azores as dolphins, birds, and sharks pecked away at the pack.
The picture marked the first time astronauts were able to photograph the south polar ice cap. Softonic no aconseja el uso de National Geographic Extreme Earth si viola las leyes de tu pais. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. Seen from a Russian ship, the bergs rise perhaps 200 feet above the surface and plunge some 800 below. The flat granite slab in the Ryfylke region juts nearly 2,000 feet above the waters of the Lysefjord. In recent decades nearly a quarter of the forest in Mato Grosso has been cleared for farming, releasing millions of tons of stored carbon into the air. Mineral-rich ponds that form when the river is low attract these pierids, which absorb water and secrete the excess—a process known as puddling. The annual two-day event includes mock altercations between the men and women of two villages.
Eight species of sharks and at least 400 other, smaller types of fish live in the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.
Covering 250 acres, the three-year-old ecotourism site promotes clean water, solar energy, sustainable practices, and botanical diversity.
The celebrity wasn’t in attendance this year, but the 164,906 people who were saw California Chrome carry the day at Churchill Downs.
TV dramas have become an important export for Turkey and are sent all over the Middle East.
The four-year-old gelding is part Estonian native horse, part Shetland pony—two breeds known for their hardiness and versatility. The species can lower its body temperature below freezing and avoid serious head injuries while in hibernation, which lasts seven months.
The scarlet eyes on this toxic, three-inch-long amphibian might be an example of startle coloration—a defense strategy some animals use to ward off predators. In this gallery, see a selection of stunning scenes from the new National Geographic book, and decorate your desktop with your favorite images.Here, in Dubai, natural and man-made electricity illuminate the night. In 2000, two brothers drilling for lead and silver in a remote part of northern Mexico discovered the underground crystal incubator. Though this snake is a pet in Pretoria, the species is native to northern Australia and New Guinea.
A nearby glacier births a steady supply of bergs that jostle off the settlement's shores year-round.
Highly charged particles of pumice roar upward in spreading clouds of gas and smoke, generating crackling tangles of lightning.
The sport, jallikattu, is part of harvest celebrations in the Tamil Nadu town of Alanganallur. The monkeys' relaxed social hierarchy allows high- and low-ranking individuals to share the same tight space. St-Laurent pause in their work pushing the Canadian vessel through frozen waters—allowing a diver to venture near. Behind her, mirrors reflect the images of shoppers in one of the city’s most fashionable districts. Villagers hunt the reptiles to supplement their income—and feed the billion-dollar global snake trade. Thirty-five couples in Mumbai participated in the ceremony, which was arranged by a Muslim social organization to cut costs for poor families. To turn tragedy into tableau, the photographer made this image using a flashlight and a long exposure—then buried the bird in her garden.
These six-inch-long shorebirds migrate thousands of miles a year from Arctic breeding grounds to South American coasts.
The annual holiday commemorates the seventh-century martyrdom of Husayn, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam.
These shifting sands create huge crescent-shaped dunes, which move slowly and can reach 500 feet high.
These two adult females, each less than three inches long, were spotted in an alfalfa field near Nicosia. The professional highliner was traversing two cliffs above Rio de Janerio when a coastal front blew in, hiding the half-mile-high summit in mist.
Around a million of these fish swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Kamchatka Peninsula each summer to spawn—a book to bears fattening up for winter hibernation.
Police freed the rodent by gently pushing back its ears and drizzling olive oil on its neck. Nearly three years old at the time of her mother’s ceremony, Anne was deemed too young to attend. The 78-foot-tall limestone span—completed in 1566, destroyed by war in 1993, reopened in 2004—is a World Heritage site. Strategically placed air hoses allow the mermaids to take in lungfuls of air, then perform unencumbered by scuba tanks. This form of management, known as muirburn, clears old brush to improve both grazing conditions and wildlife habitat. Nie wurden Ihnen so einfach und doch prazise die Zusammenhange unserer Erde veranschaulicht!
Die Kartographen haben von Anfang an eine wichtige Rolle bei National Geographic eingenommen.
Si quieres que aparezca en la ventana de "Propiedades de Pantalla" deberas copiar el archivo en la carpeta de Windows. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. Puffins in summer and winter coloration look so different they were once thought separate species. Dieses zeitgema?e Modell mit seiner matt geschliffenen Edelstahlhaube wird komplett mit einer ausfuhrlichen Bedienungsanleitung geliefert.
Seit den ersten Karten im Jahre 1889 wurden Tausende von detaillierten, kartographisch exzellenten Karten mit den National Geographic typischen Schriftarten erstellt. Auf diesem unermesslichen Wissen basiert der Detailreichtum der gleichnamigen Globen und Karten.

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