Sullivan County, Tennessee, deputies and detectives conduct a nonstop manhunt after a man in his 20s is accused of raping a woman in her 70s.
On the edge of the world, even the most solitary people must rely on a few trusted allies to endure. Accused of other crimes, including kidnapping and burglary, the man is finally caught in a forest, but appears to be unconscious. Dallas and the rest of the Endurance athletes are the first to arrive and harness their team of dogs.

In Ashe County, North Carolina, a depressed economy and lack of jobs has only added to the problem of alcoholism.
Not familiar with dog mushing and not wanting to waste any time, the Military team skips the dogs altogether and walks. They follow in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous lawmen of the Wild West, in an attempt to find hard evidence of the showdown. When a fight breaks out in a bar, Deputy Josh 'Hoppy' Hopkins finds himself caught in the middle.

Will the guys uncover a piece of Tombstone history, or is evidence of Wyatt Earp's most famous gunfight lost forever? Race across a 30-mile stretch of treacherous glacier, plunge down a 2,000-foot gully and battle 15 miles of whitewater rapids to the extraction point in Berners Bay.

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