Go inside the first true “arms race” as the invention of the perfect revolver pits Samuel Colt and Daniel Wesson in a race for patents that will forever revolutionize the firearm industry. In None of the Above, engineer and host Tim Shaw conducts a series of 'man-on-the-street' experiments that involve science, physics and engineering, all of which will blow your mind or make you hold your breath. Celebrated inventor Thomas Edison goes to war with his former assistant, Nikola Tesla, to determine who will power the world with electric light. Journey through time to explore the triumphs and travails of the biggest rivals in innovation. Which genius offered the other $50,000 to help his cause, only to renege after the research was complete?
Delve into a battle of wills between two brilliant minds: Eccentric genius Nikola Tesla enters a rivalry with Thomas Edison that will forever change the world. David Sarnoff was a highly successful businessman who helped introduce radio and television to the world.

Bill Nye shares some of his own patents and inventions, while discussing the power of science to improve quality of life. History's greatest minds have always known that to change the world, you have to take out the competition. In 1836, Samuel Colt changes the way wars are fought with his patent for the revolver, and profits enormously. Edison is one of the world’s most prolific and well-known inventors, developing the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the commercially viable electric lightbulb.
But when Colt fires his assistant Rollin White for suggesting an improvement on his design, White takes his innovative idea to Smith & Wesson.
With backing from some of the world’s wealthiest financiers, he sets out to one-up his invention by building an electric empire, using the power of direct current. As the Civil War breaks out, the need for firearms explodes, and only one supplier will come out unscathed.

But when his former assistant Tesla advocates for the use of a different kind of electric current, the two inventors go to war to determine who will power the world’s future. Politician and businessman Mitt Romney and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone join historians and other experts as American Genius delves into the dramatic story behind the weapon that transformed America and forever changed how wars are fought. Experts and authors, including famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, offer insight into the inventors’ dramatic struggle.

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