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To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Excellent: Students conducted thorough research, produced a high-quality Glog that was creative and accurate, and were engaged in class discussions. Good: Students conducted research, produced a Glog containing accurate information, and participated in class discussions. Needs Improvement: Students conducted minimal research, produced a Glog containing little or incorrect information, and did not participate in class discussions. Have students research and debate the following hot topic issues surrounding whaling: The international moratorium on commercial whaling does not apply to indigenous cultures that have traditionally hunted whales, such as the Inuit people of Alaska and Greenland and the Chukchi people of Russia. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit. Some media assets (videos, photos, audio recordings and PDFs) can be downloaded and used outside the National Geographic website according to the Terms of Service.
Find information about our ocean education program, and other educator resources on the ocean and related topics. Join the exhausting up-and-down expedition to the ruins of Cerro Victoria, an Inca outpost that could have been settled by an even earlier culture. Journey to Peru's ancient Inca ruins and see the influence of the past on the people who live there.
Protesters clash with riot police during an opposition rally in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on January 19, 2014. Over the centuries, Ukrainea€”with its rich black soil that would help it become a major grain producera€”was continually carved up by competing powers. In the 17th century, war between the Tsardom of Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth resulted in more internal divisions. Under the reign of Catherine the Great, the steppe areas of eastern Ukraine became major economic centers of coal and iron. In the early 1930s, to force peasants into joining collective farms, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin orchestrated a famine that resulted in the starvation and death of millions of Ukrainians. On ecological maps you can even see the divide between the southern and eastern parts of Ukrainea€”known as the steppesa€”with their fertile farming soil and the northern and western regions, which are more forested, says Serhii Plokhii, a history professor at Harvard and director of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard.
With the protests spreading east, says Pifer, the protest "has metamorphosized into much more.
Whether what is happening today will become a trend or is a short-term change to earlier divisions is unclear, says Harvard's Plokhii. Weit offen stehen heute die Turen zum Elfenbeinturm – dem Werkraum der Wissenschaften, der Au?enstehenden sonst oft verschlossen bleibt.
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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Turn the pages and you'll find documents, letters, journals, telegrams, posters, and artworks that you can literally pull out and examine. Brought up far from the royal court, the young princess was nevertheless well educated and displayed a sharp intellect, proving herself a talented linguist, a keen sportswoman and an avid supporter of the arts, drawing pleasure from music, dancing, and theatre. He specialized in High and Late Medieval Church history, and received his postgraduate degree for a study on the impact of heresy in the locality. These massive stone sculptures were likely built by Polynesians thought to have colonized the tiny South Pacific island some 800 years ago.
Instead, have students make their posters out of paper, cardboard, and other traditional materials. Activate students' prior knowledge about whales.Ask: What are some examples of whale species? In addition, it provides jobs, supports our nation’s economy, serves as a highway for transportation of goods and people, and plays a role in national security.
If a media asset is downloadable, a download button appears in the lower right hand corner () of the media viewer. Inca farmers used such terracing throughout the empire to control erosion and increase surface area in their Andean enclaves. Yet a look back into its history and geography helps explain why that question is hardly new, and how the passions and upheaval of today stem from centuries of battles over Ukraine's precarious position between East and West.
Eastern Ukraine fell under Russian imperial rule by the late 17th century, much earlier than western Ukraine.
In the ninth century, Ukraine, known as Kievan Rus, was becoming the early seat of Slavic power and the newly adopted Orthodox religion.
In the 16th century major swaths of the country were under the control of Poland and Lithuania, with Cossack fighters patrolling Ukraine's frontier with Poland. Lands to the east of the Dnieper River fell under Russian imperial control much earlier than Ukrainian lands to the west of the Dnieper. The Ukrainian languagea€”spoken in rural areasa€”was twice banned by decree of the tsar, says Karatnycky (and today both languages are spoken in the country). Afterward, Stalin imported large numbers of Russians and other Soviet citizensa€”many with no ability to speak Ukrainian and with few ties to the regiona€”to help repopulate the east. Fur die Hauptausstellung ist der Eintritt ubrigens frei - wie in allen staatlichen Museen der Hauptstadt ublich. Im Natural History Museum in London gibt es jetzt einen Ort, an dem das Publikum Forschern in Aktion begegnet: Im gerade eroffneten Darwin Centre kann man ihnen etwa dabei uber die Schulter sehen, wie sie die DNA von Exponaten erfassen und diese fur die Ausstellung praparieren. See for yourself, with the primary source materials that history buffs love, what really happened and who really did it.
He has edited Osprey military history books for more than seven years and is one of the editors responsible for the creation of the Fortress series. Japan and Iceland are the only two nations to request scientific permits to kill whales in recent years. Individual and collective actions are needed to effectively manage ocean resources for all. Whale products helped build human society; now people are learning more about whales and how to protect them.
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This helps to explain why, after the fall of the Soviet Union, people in the east have generally supported more Russian-leaning politicians.

But Mongol invasions in the 13th century curtailed Kiev's rise, with power eventually shifting north into Russia to present-day St.
Critics argue that no whales should be hunted and that nations hunting whales for scientific purposes are actually using the permits to get around the moratorium. Western Ukraine spent centuries under the shifting control of European powers like Poland and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the communist revolution of 1917, Ukraine was one of the many countries to suffer a brutal civil war before becoming a Soviet Republic in 1920.
Kein Wunder, denn neben drei Millionen Pflanzen untersuchen sie in dem kokonformigen Bau 17 Millionen Insekten – darunter exotische Schrecken oder gigantische Taranteln.
Examining a facsimile of the Zouche-Nuttall Codex gives you a sense of the turmoil of pre-Columbian Mexico.
Students' responses will vary, but students may know that whales are huge mammals that live in the ocean and they may be able to name several types of whales. Ask students to debate whether whales should be hunted at all or under certain circumstances. The western third of Ukraine was even part of Poland for several years leading up to World War II. A small part in the west, called Galicia, was allotted to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the last 19th century.
Wer heute auf Entdeckungsreise durch die Palaste der Erdgeschichte geht, wird wahre Abenteuer erleben: In London konnen Besucher mit den Experten in die Tiefen ihrer Forschung abtauchen, in New York mit Filmemachern die abgelegenen Winkel ferner Lander erkunden und in Wien den Wandel der Weltspharen selber erfahren.
Wer sich fur extreme Dimensionen begeistert, sollte auch unbedingt einen Blick in die gro?e Halle werfen. Students may also know that some are toothed whales like dolphins, orcas, and sperm whales, while others are filter feeders like blue, gray, and humpback whales. That, to some degree, helps explain why people in the west have tended to support more Western-leaning politicians.
For much of Elizabeth’s reign, her cousin Mary Queen of Scots posed a shadowy threat to the crown, exiled from her own country where her son James VI was declared king in her place in 1567. The east tends to be more Russian-speaking and Orthodox, with parts of the west more Ukrainian-speaking and with heavier Catholic influences. The next year, Mary sought refuge in England, where for nearly 20 years Elizabeth held her as prisoner until, in 1587, she authorized her cousin’s execution on suspicion of involvement in the Babington plot. Under her rule, an English fleet of some 200 vessels defeated Philip II’s 130-strong Spanish Armada in 1588, while adventurers such as Sir Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh began the English colonization of the New World, with the foundation of the first English colony at Roanoke Island, the naming and claiming of New Albion (California), Newfoundland, and Virginia.
Her reign was a time of great cultural achievement also, encompassing the work of playwrights such as Christopher Marlow, Ben Johnson and, most notably, William Shakespeare and of poets such as Edmund Spenser and Sir Philip Sidney. Explain that people and whales have a long history and a relationship that has changed dramatically over the centuries. Native peoples and early whalers hunted whales for their meat, blubber (oil), and baleen—the flexible plates that whales use to strain food from the water.
Not an encyclopedia or a comprehensive survey, the National Geographic History Book is a storyboard of major characters, key plot point and crucial details in the moving picture of human history. It is a portal through time, a collector's showcase of historical treasures and oddities, and a scrapbook of the human family. It was a profitable business due to the widespread use of whale oil in candles and lamps and baleen in clothing.

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