To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash.
Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. Dr Helen Rippon: You Can't Take the Risk Out of Cancer Research, So Why Are We Even Trying To?

This group of Kangaroos made an interesting composition in my viewfinder as they lounged around. Fans of Frozen Planet will love the glacial shots and the dancing seals.Nature's ability to inspire is behind the National Geographic's 2011 Photography Contest. They can reach speeds over 35 miles (56 kilometers) an hour and bound 25 feet (8 meters) in a single leap.
Just one snapshot could earn the winning entrant $10,000.Last year, snappers from 130 different countries submitted more than 16,000 photographs.

The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen and receive in addition to the $10,000, a trip to National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC, to participate in the annual National Geographic Photography Seminar.

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