Paul Nicklen's photo of emperor penguins won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.
Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of 40-year-old mother Ingrid Lyne (center), found a 15-inch pruning saw, bits of flesh, and blood in the bathroom of her Renton, Washington, home (left), court documents reveal. Jennifer Susan Kline (main today and inset in 1988), 50, bought $5,790 worth of clothes during two different shopping trips at Macy's Southdale Mall in Edina, Minnesota, court documents say.
Georgia inmate, Kenneth Fults, 47, who killed a woman during a 1996 burglary was executed after having his last meal consisting of a T-bone steak, baked potato, brown rice and apple juice.
According to an expert from Yale University, modern humans' ability to throw may stem from early hunting techniques, when hurling a hard object was the best way to take down prey. 50 Cent and his lawyers have submitted a proposal to Judge Ann Nevins outlining how he plans on paying back the $23 million he owes.
David Brackett, who is believed to be a vice president at California real estate and mortgage company Homeland Financial Network, was filmed disobeying crew and yelling obscenities with two other people. Amsterdam's Schiphol airport has been evacuated and one man has been arrested after a 'suspicious situation' was detected by authorities. Without naming the GOP frontrunner, the Facebook CEO slammed Trump's plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico in his keynote speech in San Francisco on Tuesday. Mark Zuckerberg has revealed Facebook's plans for the next decade - claiming the firm's goal is to 'give everyone the power to share anything with anyone'. Police raided the headquarters of the Panamanian law firm whose leaked Panama Papers revealed how the world's wealthy and powerful used offshore companies to stash assets. A GroupLens research team at the University of Minnesota analysed the most popular face emoji across five mobile platforms to reveal differences in meaning.
Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter leader who made headlines after it was revealed she was a race faker, said in a recent interview that she is writing a book about racial identity.
The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant (left), who was married to Minnelli (together right) from 2002 until 2003, was photographed after getting on a tube at London's Victoria tube station with the help of staff last week. The producer and reality TV star was best known for being the fourth husband of Liza Minnelli, a shortlived but colourful union that was derided as the weirdest marriage in showbusiness. Keith Redway, a microbiologist from the University of Westminster notes jet-air hand dryers can blast viruses as far as three metres across the room, and disperse 190 times more bugs than paper towels. Almost all normal adults will have around 10-40 moles on their bodies by their 40th birthday.
A former communist backed by Vladimir Putin has become the frontrunner to take over the United Nations as its first ever woman chief, but British diplomats have already voiced concerns.
Dressed down in jeans, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn't hide their excitement as they headed off on safari this morning.

The exhibit is on loan from the Museum of Natural History in London, U.K, which organizes the annual competition. She was reported missing Saturday morning after she told friends she was meeting John Charlton (inset left) at the Seattle Mariner's opening game the night before.
She won her Mrs America title in 1988 and went on to work as aA host on ShopNBC, which later became Evine Live.
The incident happened on Friday on a flight from Long Beach to Sacramento and was caught on tape by passenger Sara Walter Bear. But if you're pressed for time, researchers say admitting fault and offering to repair the damage are critical.
Rachel, pictured right, and her husband Poul, pictured together left, said 'I do' in October 2013, just 13 days after they met, and Rachel says that her ring represents their 'whirlwind, storybook romance'. They have reportedly been suspended from Central Catholic High School in Modesto, California. He is believed to have been recently suffering from pneumonia and high blood pressure, with one friend claiming he was disorientated from the drugs. William and Kate were hoping to see rhino, elephant and possibly even a tiger or two as they travelled in a surprisingly shiny jeep through Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
Her head, arm and leg were later found in a recycling bin about 2.7miles away from Safeco Stadium. Kline, of Wayzata, made multiple returns at Macy's Mall Of America in Bloomington and walked away with $5,501 worth of refunds, the filing says. Police were called to the Four Seasons hotel in Canary Wharf, London, on Tuesday morning to reports of 'an unexplained death'. The couple, who are on the fourth day of a week-long tour to Indian and Bhutan, have flown to the beautiful north east of India, famed for its jungles and tea plantations, to highlight the work being done to preserve the country's natural habitat. But upon further inspection, a detective found that most of the tags and labels had been switched, making it impossible to identify the items - and to know whether they even came from Macy's, authorities say. In the footage, Brackett identifies himself and then goes on a rude rant, prompting him to be shown the aircraft door. The news emerged after Gest's close friend and former bodyguard Imad Handi released a statement in which he described Gest as a 'natural star and genuine celebrity' and added: 'I will miss him desperately'. Charlton, who was arrested on Monday, made a preliminary appearance at the Kings County Jail Courtroom today (bottom right), but a judge ordered that his face not be pictured.

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