So, my dear sweet husband went down to the front desk and found out that there were tickets still available for that night’s show. The whole adventure was going to take us about 5 hours and we needed to leave about 5 minutes ago. And here is what the Venetian looks like if you actually know how to use your camera – Thanks Wiki! It turned out that we got to the hotel about 45 minutes before the show was scheduled to start. What I did not realize about the Blue Frog and Grill was that they have a running contest – if you drink 100 shots of alcohol, you get your name posted in big arse letters on a big arse billboard in the bar. We told the kids before we even left Hong Kong that we would most likely have to leave the show early because we had to catch the ferry back in order to take advantage of the hotel room we had already paid for in Hong Kong. This entry was posted in a reason to write, as soon as possible, being thankful, blog, china, family, parenting, sightseeing, travel, traveling, writing and tagged blue frog and grill, casino, cirque du soleil, driver, english, exam, ferry, helicopter, hong kong, hong kongers, las vegas, macao, macau, venetian, ZAIA by ellen. Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. Born Charlotte Hildegard Baierl on November 6 1928 in the Brigittenau district of Vienna, Lotte was 19 years old when she applied for a position as Hans Hass's secretary.

One crazy thing about China is that even though Beijing and Macao and Hong Kong are all in China, you still have to go through Customs and Immigration each time you leave one and enter another. Thankfully Hong Kongers (yes, that is the technical term) speak English and we could at least understand where they were telling us to go. Apparently, I am also not so great at taking pictures while standing still in a well lit lobby with no children asking questions. Then they departed in a somewhat quiet and orderly manner while only mildly disturbing a few fellow audience members. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search. However, when we arrived in Hong Kong and checked into our hotel, I was looking through the hotel’s information and saw that Cirque Du Soleil was performing in Macao (which is also apparently spelled Macau). What we needed to do was rent a car to take us to the ferry station, then take the ferry over to Macao, then take a bus to the Venetian Hotel, and then watch the show. If you’ve never been, just imagine tall building after taller building after even taller building.
So, number one hubby literally ran over to the Hard Rock Cafe and got my brother a Macao Hard Rock hat while the kids and I nestled into the Blue Frog Bar and Grill.

Dann habe ich in einer Ausstellung des A¶sterreichischen Tauchpioniers Hans Hass zu viele Haifischbilder gesehen. Where we enjoyed some yummy American food Рchicken nuggets and french fries and potato skins with sour cream. And I learned an important lesson about photography Рfast moving bus + city with tons of lights + children asking a gagillion questions + amateur photographer taking flash pictures through window = stinky pictures. Adding Macao and the Cirque Du Soleil in at the last minute was a tad stressful Рbut it made for a great night.
He asked about tickets and when he found out it would be about $2,000 USD, he bought ferry tickets.

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