This image captures almost 6 hours of climbing parties on Rainier going for the summit under starry skies. An adult male gelada rests in the early morning light after ascending the steep sleeping cliffs of the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia.
An unexpected side-effect of the 2010 flooding in parts of Sindh, Pakistan, was that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters; because of the scale of the flooding and the fact that the water took so long to recede, many trees became cocooned in spiders webs.
Spark trails from cannon blast captured at the Moorpark Civil War reenactment, sponsored by the Moorpark Rotary Club.
Yala National park of Sri Lanka is best known for leopards, but of course very difficult to get them in action.
Within an ultra modern society Japan still maintains to hold traditions passed down from generation to generation making it one of the most beautiful and intriguing places in the world.
One morning while on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was exploring my surroundings to see if I could find something to photograph. Every year around the month of October, Dubai experiences heavy fog due to the still-high humidity and the falling temperatures. Pinki Kundu,a 13 yrs old girl is suffering from a chronic disease & is being treated in Mother Teresa TB Hospital in Kolkata. The Himba Women of northern Namibia perfome daily rituals where by they annoint themselves with a mixture of ochre, oil and ash to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate. I have been trying to follow a leopard with cubs for the last year, and spend a lot of nights with them. I’ve never seen such transparency and excellency of photography, in addition to a good choice of shooting scenes that are awsome and grotesque!
The years 2010 and 2011 were already a great year for the National Geographic photo contest.

Swooping in for a landing, an Atlantic puffin brings a meal for its chick on Scotland’s Treshnish Isles. Little selection of amazing pictures from National Geographic’s “Photo Of The Day” for 2k11.
Wind shifts during the night would cause bands of smoke from fires 100 miles away on Mt Hood to pass over Rainier. Reindeer breeding – one of the basic employment of indigenous population of this region.
People in the area had never seen this phenomenon before, but they also reported that there were less mosquitos than they would have expected, given the amount of standing water that was left. I had to wait about 2 hrs and hoped some residents would come in or out and kindly let me in.
Soldiers manning the cannon were silhouetted due to a large light behind them shining down on the battlefield. He was a photographer and I wanted to show all his wonderful old cameras and his life in an editorial styled portrait.
The city of Gion in Kyoto is one of those places that you will walk into and forget about all the flashing lights the rest of Japan has to offer.
He applies the mud from the pool and then stands upright until it is dry only to take a dip in the nearby sea.
The baby kangaroo will continue to peek until if feels safe enough to emerge for short periods. You’ve always made sure of attracting a wide margin of audience that appreciates beauty which refelects the innerselves of humans!
The 2012 contest is over and we are within days of jury deliberations for the next winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 and wait, that’s 50 great shots to the delight of your eyes.

This intermittent low-level haze caused the red glow seen in the sky and a Rainier that looks like it was almost painted on.
All earths, suitable for a pasture, are assigned to families of reindeer breeders or sovkhoz brigades. I know this might sound silly, but since my dog and I grew up just around the corner and the naming of the mountain, I chose this very calm lake as a final resting place for Spock (my dog) so he would have the biggest gravestone of all dogs out there. Its brick paved streets holds some buildings that have been maintained like the old traditional Japan.
I stayed around and it was this little gecko, startled by my presence he was hidden between the ridges of the leaf.
On this particular evening a brown hyena stole her kill (a springbok ) and was sitting on a rock ledge with the moon rising behind her. Reindeer graze freely and in search of reindeer lichen for a night can disperse on few kilometers. He would pop his head up periodically to check his surroundings; as soon as he saw I was still there he would hide again. I took this picture and we summited the hundstei to his honor (which was a very emotional challenge).
This was the reward for years of trips gone awry, blank skies, drenching downpours, and for every other cause of failed photography endeavors.
As well I used a 580 ex2 canon speed lite and diffused it with a paper lantern that I made into a diffusion for my speed lite.

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