FRANCESpring festivals in the Pyrenees feature local men playing the role of bears awakening from hibernation.
AUSTRIAEvery five years the men of Telfs collect lichen to create Wilder Mann, or Wild Man, costumes for the town’s Carnival festival. GERMANYOn Christmas Eve Pelzmärtle appears in the village of Bad Herrenalb with the Christkind (Baby Jesus) to scold naughty children and rap them with a stick. BULGARIAOn New Year’s Day men cover themselves with goatskins to impersonate the Kukeri, who both embody and chase away evil spirits. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism.
In the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, many baroque buildings rim the expansive Piata Mare (main square).
In the spa town of Baile Tusnad, a couple gets married in the Romanian Orthodox tradition at the intimate and ornate church Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului.Read “At Home in . In the village of Sibiel, houses often sport colorfully painted facades in shades of salmon, hospital green, and Donny-and-Marie-Osmond purple.
The strength of old traditions and an unchanged landscape give this scene of an old woman in the village of Simon a medieval feel.Read “At Home in . This scenic section of northwest Romania—one of our Best Trips 2015—is as culturally rich as it is remote. Old headscarves are new again in Sarbi, where an elder aunt's linens are being rediscovered. Separate from the daily grunge of muddy boots and ashy stoves, families in Sarbi keep a "beautiful room" where they pile their treasures.
Once a week, controlled mayhem ensues at the local tirg, or "trade," where livestock, foods, and gossip flow. Young people coming to the pagan-inspired Winter Festival in Sighet can choose to be demons, play actors in ritual dances, or perform folk dances with their village ensemble. A wolf looks over the cold landscape as Rolf Peterson researches wolf populations and ecology in Michigan, United States.
A camera mounted on a remote-controlled car captures an adult male lion at rest in the Serengeti plains. Logging in Transylvania, Romania, threatens the Carpathian ecosystem, home to many roe deer. National Geographic grantee and photographer Paul Colangelo is documenting the eulachon fish, which was traditionally an important food source for coastal First Nations of British Columbia, Canada. Also known as candlefish, eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) are so oily that they can ignite when dried. While the battle for the Iron Throne continues in the fictional Seven Kingdoms, we can all help write a happy ending for these species in our real-life animal kingdom. Learn more about our grants and how to apply for funding.
National Geographic VoicesResearchers, conservationists, and others around the world share stories and commentary on the National Geographic Society's conversation platform Voices.

Society Field Inspection 2016: Gulf of CaliforniaDescribed by Jacques Cousteau as the "aquarium of the world," the Gulf of California in Mexico is threatened by coastal development, climate change, and other human activities. Support National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work.
Two years after being discovered deep in a South African cave, the 1,500 fossils excavated during the Rising Star Expedition have been identified as belonging to a previously unknown early human relative that National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger and team have named Homo naledi. With at least 15 individuals of all ages and both sexes represented, the find adds an unprecedented amount of information to our understanding of early human evolution in Africa. In addition, the absence of any other animal remains or large debris in the fossil chamber strongly suggests that these non-human beings intentionally deposited their dead within this cave.
BANABA ISLAND, Kiribati—Asbestos dust covers the floors of Banaba’s crumbling colonial houses, buildings, and schools. Get a taste of what awaits you in print from this compelling excerpt.Bibi Koszan was a sorceress, an accomplished 23-year-old witch and fortune-teller, as well as a fervent Roman Catholic.
Nani e gigantiIllustrazione di Mark WittonPer la maggior parte delle persone, la Transilvania è un posto di castelli e vampiri. Turismo sostenibile, progetti di conservazione e l'impegno concreto da parte delle autorità stanno dando i loro frutti. FOTOGALLERIA Alla scoperta degli Uiguri, l'etnia turcofona di religione islamica nella regione dello Xinjiang.
FOTOGALLERIA Joel Sartore ha una missione: fotografare il maggior numero possibile di animali prima che scompaiano. Nicholas visits the villages of Vysočina, he is joined by someone dressed as Smrt, or Death, whose scythe catches sinners. The man who plays the role at the Ferry Fair in Queensferry must collect all the burrs himself. Sibiel, located in the Marginimea Sibiului region, is particularly known for its museum of painted glass icons.Read “At Home in . With its smoky bars, chic restaurants, polished museums, and outdoor rock concerts, Sibiu is one of Eastern Europe's liveliest cities.Read “At Home in .
German-speaking Saxon settlers influenced the architecture, from the orange-tiled roofs to the steepled churches.Read “At Home in . A variety of faiths worship in Transylvania, including Romanian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran.Read “At Home in . The following is a collection of images by photographer Kathleen Laraua McLaughlin, a member of our Your Shot community who has been photographing the villages of Maramures for over 15 years.Here, a woman named Maria (at center) directs the preparation of food for her granddaughter's wedding in the village of Sarbi.
For a particularly well-off girl like Maria, this beautiful room is a beautiful house—intended for her to occupy when she marries. During the course of the year, they’ll be turned twice and scraped free of sprouts to keep them crispy. Food loss due to farming and grazing activities in the Succulent Karoo Biome, as well as population decline from illegal collection for the pet trade, threaten this species.

Warmer weather means less ice, allowing unrelated wolves from the mainland to bring in new genes, so this unique pack is dwindling rapidly.
National Geographic Emerging Explorer Shivani Bhalla is a fourth-generation Kenyan, a biologist, and the founder of the Ewaso Lions project. National Geographic grantee Victoria Hillman and her team are working to document this region, through camera traps and data plotting, to better understand and protect the vulnerable wildlife of the region. Posters and commenters are required to observe National Geographic's community rules and other terms of service.
To learn firsthand what's going on in and around this marine treasure of global importance, the National Geographic Society sent its top scientists and officials to the region in January 2016. At our meeting in the village of Arini, at the end of a rutted mule track in the eastern Romanian region of Moldavia, she rocked to and fro under a framed print of the "Last Supper," willing herself into a trance as she spread 41 kernels of dried corn on a table and arranged them in rows.
Once dressed, he walks the town, accepting offers of money and whiskey and bestowing good luck. This area of Transylvania is known as Szekelyfold (Szekely Land), where many people are ethnically Hungarian, reflecting a time when Transylvania used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.Read “At Home in . While the houses in the series are vying for a seat of power, their real-world animal counterparts are fighting for survival.
National Geographic grantee Rolf Peterson is studying how to save this population in a changing ecosystem. First Nation communities are researching why the fish populations have declined and how they might be saved.
They toured the desert islands off the southeastern coast of the Baja Peninsula and they listened to presentations by more than a dozen experts, including several whose Baja California research is funded by the Society.
Her four-month-old son stared intently at us from a straw cradle perched on a chest, babbling his encouragement. Rich, wildflower-filled pastures make for flavorful sheep's milk cheese, such as the strong-tasting, salty brinza de burduf.Read “At Home in . Our explorers are working to raise awareness and protect these species before time runs out. Programs promote human-carnivore coexistence, provide education, and build local capacity for wildlife rangers and community rangers.
Arini lies less than 300 miles (500 kilometers) from the European Union, from the world of genetic engineering, space exploration, and Internet surfing, a world that Romania is scheduled to join in just two years.

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