National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is building Photo Ark, capturing images of each of the 12,000 animal species in zoos.
Every week, embark with host Boyd Matson on an exploration of the latest discoveries and interviews with some of the most fascinating people on the planet, on National Geographic Weekend. Please check listings near you to find the best way to listen to National Geographic Weekend on radio, or listen below! Driving 151.3 miles in a car often takes approximately two and a half hours, depending on traffic and speed limits.
Sustainable cuisine transcends the local food trends that dot the dining scenes across the United States.
With many well-documented years of reluctant reproducing in captivity, pandas have earned something of a reputation. While most high school students spend the summer at low-paying part-time jobs, Eric Chen spent his developing a new way to identify flu-strains and create flu-fighting drugs. Anthropologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence Johan Reinhard recently visited Nepal for the first time in 45 years.

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He hopes his activism can inspire humans to protect the animals, rather than a log of what we’ve lost. National Geographic Fellow Barton Seaver is using his new platform at the Center For Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School to awaken future doctors and leaders to the idea that we can be no healthier than the environment in which we live.

Such a long absence and lack of contact might have rendered both Johan and the hunter-gatherer tribe he had been with practically unrecognizable to each other; but happily, the indigenous group remained intact, with its numbers stable over the last half-century. When chaos poured into Uganda’s national parks from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, Charles took in park rangers from DRC and negotiated with rebels, ultimately helping to save their resident mountain gorilla populations from becoming conflict casualties. Still, it can be hard for poor farmers, particularly in areas like Sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh, to reach it just a few feet below the surface.
He paddled around Lake Padden, near Bellingham, Washington 87 times in the allotted window, setting a new world record for the event.
They remembered Johan’s time with them, rekindling friendship over the retelling of funny stories from 1968. National Geographic Freshwater Fellow Sandra Postel writes about a few cheap solutions to this problem that are increasingly able to transform the fortunes of the world’s $1-per-day farmers.

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