Many say they started out with idealistic goals about war that evaporated in the brutality of combat.
Each November he returns (with many friends) to Rainbow Creek to winter over in the tall pine trees of Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Texas.
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Many grieve the appalling casualties among the civilian populations they were sent to protect or liberate.

Over the years we have become friends with the King in the trees or air and me on the ground. But beyond that, they experience tremendous loneliness when they return home — the unique isolation of knowing that their closest friends and family will never really comprehend what they went through. This is especially true with veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, who return to a country that at times seems oblivious to what they have accomplished and what they have suffered.Yet the Vietnam War still stands out as a particularly painful and divisive chapter in our history, one that in many ways divides us still.
Fifteen years later, it was a broken institution, one of the least-trusted in the country.In our Vietnam documentary, we show how this came to pass.

From a small commitment of military advisers in the early 1960s to the introduction of combat troops in 1965 and the huge escalation that followed, the U.S.

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