While I was shooting a story about the Swiss democratic state, I went to the small town of Appenzell to document how their citizens exercise their right to vote.
Even in the middle of the day, you can take compelling photos when the right photographic elements come together. These clouds in the Antarctic were shot just as the sun was setting, a time of day when shadows are long and the light is golden. One of my favorite weather motifs is shooting before the sun rises, and I especially love it when there is morning fog and mist in the air. Being privileged to spend multiple seasons in the Antarctic with National Geographic Expeditions, I sometimes get the opportunity to shoot beautiful icebergs during the blue hour.
One of the most difficult skills to learn when taking photos is patience, especially when knowing you’ve just made a great shot.
Quality of light is always changing and one of the best times to experience this is during a thunderstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds and shines on the rain.
Subscribe to National Geographic magazine and save. Print and digital editions available for as little as $12. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Enjoy galleries, puzzles, and desktop wallpapers featuring our readers’ best weather photos. Mayor Karl Dean was in the city’s Emergency Communications Center monitoring the first reports of flash flooding when something on a TV screen caught his eye.
Over at NewsChannel 5, the local CBS station, meteorologist Charlie Neese could see where the weather was coming from. The Cumberland River, which winds through the heart of Nashville, started rising Saturday morning. By Saturday night the Cumberland had risen at least 15 feet, to 35 feet, and the corps was predicting it would crest at 42. But natural cycles can’t by themselves explain the recent streak of record-breaking disasters.
By the end of the century the average world temperature could rise anywhere from three to eight degrees Fahrenheit—depending in part on how much carbon we emit between now and then. One of the biggest wild cards in our weather future is the Arctic Ocean, which has lost 40 percent of its summer sea ice since the 1980s. When it comes to individual storms, scientists are even less certain what effect global warming might have. Less rain fell on Texas from October 2010 to September 2011 than in any other 12-month period since record keeping began in 1895. The drought withered grazing lands too, forcing some ranches to ship their livestock to greener pastures up north. The last time the Four Sixes attempted such a thing, said general manager Joe Leathers, was more than a century ago, when the ranch moved herds to what was then the Indian Territory of Oklahoma. One of the costliest fires started last September just outside Bastrop State Park, southeast of Austin, where the loblolly pines were as dry and brittle as kindling. When Paige and Ray Shelton returned to inspect their property adjacent to the state forest, they found their bungalow still standing, but the sawmill that Ray operated with his brother, Bo, was reduced to ashes and Paige’s pottery studio was burned to the ground. The rising cost and frequency of natural disasters can be blamed only partly on the weather. In Florida, where hurricanes, wildfires, and drought pose enormous risks to insurers, several national firms have stopped writing new policies altogether or pulled back in other ways. Meanwhile some governments have taken small but important steps to better prepare for extreme weather. Similarly, after a tropical storm killed as many as 500,000 people in Bangladesh in 1970, the government there developed an early warning system and built basic concrete shelters for evacuated families. We need to face that reality, Oppenheimer says, and do the things we know can save lives and money.
There's this idea of chaos theory which means that some point there's a limit to how far out you can predict. National Geographic Weather Center Met het Weather Center van het beroemde Amerikaanse geografische genootschap National Geographic, blijft u altijd op de hoogte van de actuele weersomstandigheden.
Ook informatie over zon en maan Dit National Geographic weerstation geeft niet alleen de luchtvochtigheid en temperatuur aan, maar geeft ook informatie over de zonsopgang, de zonsondergang en de stand van de maan. Wij hebben lukraak de meeste instellingen gedaan, probleem met het alarm, kunnen dit niet afzetten !!!
Op zoek naar een stijlvol en niet te ingewikkeld en te duur weerstation kwam ik uit op die van national geografic.
Het weerstation is wel hetgeen ik ervan heb verwacht via de foto in de webside Op de juiste dag geleverd , Dan even gezocht het toestel in te stellen .
Zeer tevreden is nu al vriend aan huis, weersverwachting werkt prima zeer ruim en helder afleesscherm kortom aan te bevelen. They come and gather in the morning to hear the proposed legal changes, and they vote outdoors by hand in the city center.Find a dark background for contrast.
Here, in Svalbard, Norway, the wind sometimes dies down and the fjords become like a mirror reflection of the sky. When I was in South Georgia, the winds suddenly came down from the mountains and carried the fresh snow with it. Sometimes it makes great sense just to look up into the sky and see how the clouds are shaped. This is after the sun has set and the sky becomes a beautiful gradient from pink to purple. One’s natural tendency is to pack up the camera and tripod and move on to the next situation.
For instance, there’s always a lot of wind and salt spray over the bow and deck when you’re on a ship.
You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. But by the afternoon of Saturday, May 1, 2010, parts of the city had seen more than six inches, and the rain was still coming down in sheets. It was a live shot of cars and trucks on Interstate 24 being swamped by a tributary of the Cumberland River southeast of the city.
The jet stream had gotten stuck over the city, and one thunderstorm after another was sucking up warm, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico, rumbling hundreds of miles northeast, and dumping the water on Nashville. At Ingram Barge Company, David Edgin, a former towboat captain, had more than seven boats and 70 barges out on the waterway.

Pete Fisher, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, needed a canoe to get into the famous theater, which is on the riverfront northeast of the city. During the past decade we’ve also seen severe droughts in places like Texas, Australia, and Russia, as well as in East Africa, where tens of thousands have taken refuge in camps.
Are these extreme events signals of a dangerous, human-made shift in Earth’s climate? The tropical Pacific is especially influential, though, because it pumps so much heat and water vapor into the atmosphere. Something else is happening too: The Earth is steadily getting warmer, with significantly more moisture in the atmosphere.
In theory extra water vapor in the atmosphere should pump heat into big storms such as hurricanes and typhoons, adding buoyancy that causes them to grow in size and power. A hotter, wetter atmosphere should promote more severe thunderstorms, but it might also reduce the wind shear needed for those storms to spawn twisters.
The 1,049 residents of Robert Lee, a West Texas town of ranchers, oil workers, retirees, and small business owners, spent much of 2011 watching their water supply dry up.
In a kind of modern cattle drive, ranch hands from the Four Sixes Ranch near Guthrie and from its Dixon Creek operation in the Texas Panhandle drove more than 4,000 head of Angus crossbreeds onto double-decker trucks to transport them to leased lands from Nebraska to northern Montana. As Paige picked through the wreckage, Ray made a beeline for the chicken coop, hoping to spare his wife the sorrow of cleaning up all the burned carcasses. They’re afraid of another disaster like Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which cost the industry an estimated $25 billion.
An exceptional heat wave in Europe in 2003 took at least 35,000 lives; a later analysis found that climate change had doubled the odds of such a disaster. Even though statistics tell you that the European model is the best you can't take it to the bank in every case. Die instelling die mij nogal kompleks leek daar er geen handleiding in de verpakking stak , maar uwe firma heeft me na 2 dagen het adres bezorgd om die te vinden op het net .Er was wel op Uwe informatie een handleiding vermeld . It’s much easier to see the snowflakes when you can find a dark background to offset the white. I was walking on the streets along the Fontanka River at dusk in the rain when this young woman wearing bright colors hurried past me.Use one lens.
Normally I like to shoot during the early and late hours, when the sun is lower on the horizon and the light is warmer. Here, you can see how the low light helps articulate the shadows and contours of the clouds, and you begin to appreciate seeing how shapes and forms create an interesting composition. When I know that I need to get up early the next morning, I try to prepare everything as well as I can the night before. I find that black-and-white photography often creates a sense of timelessness, while color photos feel more modern. Here in northern France, for instance, the rainbow draws attention to the main subject, the modern wind turbine. Floating past them in the slow lane was a 40-foot-long portable building from the Lighthouse Christian School. While Neese and his colleagues were broadcasting from a second-floor studio, the first-floor newsroom was being swamped by backed-up sewers. A month before Nashville, torrential downpours dumped 11 inches of rain on Rio de Janeiro in 24 hours, triggering mud slides that buried hundreds. Deadly heat waves have hit Europe, and record numbers of tornadoes have ripped across the United States. Scientists have learned a lot during the past few decades about how that strange seesaw in the equatorial Pacific affects weather worldwide. Decades of observations from the summit of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, as well as from thousands of other weather stations, satellites, ships, buoys, deep-ocean probes, and balloons, show that a long-term buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is trapping heat and warming up the land, oceans, and atmosphere.
During the past 25 years satellites have measured a 4 percent average rise in water vapor in the air column. Basic circulation patterns will move toward the Poles, just as some plants and animals are doing as they flee (or take advantage of) the expanding heat. New evidence suggests that warming is altering the polar jet stream, adding lazy north-south meanders to its path around the planet—which might help to explain why North America was so warm last winter and Europe so cold.
Some models have predicted that global warming could increase the average strength of hurricanes and typhoons by 2 to 11 percent by 2100. By last July the ranch had run out of tank water—drinking water in dirt ponds for cattle.
Taken together, the fires blackened an area larger than Connecticut—nearly twice as much acreage as in the previous worst year.
It consumed 1,685 houses but occasionally spared others nearby, leaving residents shaking their heads. In states like Texas, Arizona, and California the buildup of neighborhoods in former woodlands has exposed more properties to wildfires, just as coastal development in states like Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland has exposed expensive beach houses and hotels to hurricanes and other storms. Afterward French cities set up air-conditioned shelters and identified older people who would need transportation to the shelters. The smart approach to extreme weather is to attack all the risk factors, by designing crops that can survive drought, buildings that can resist floods and high winds, policies that discourage people from building in dangerous places—and of course, by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Zo meet het de binnentemperatuur en de buitentemperatuur en de luchtvochtigheid binnen en buiten. Dus konklusie : alles werkt zoals verwacht en ik heb er een mooi weerstation aan die veel weer-informatie doorgeeft .
Because I know from years of experience that this is when the light really gets dramatic and the skies might open up with shafts of sunlight and dramatic clouds, giving me the opportunity to create photos with emotion and energy. When shooting in the rain I always wear oversize protective clothing and have my camera inside my jacket, nice and dry and easily accessible and ready to shoot when the right opportunity arises. Here, however, the scene also works with bright overhead sunshine, especially when the clouds and their reflection in the water add contrast and fill out the frame.Keep your horizon straight and composition balanced.
I find shooting with sunglasses unbearable, but in this situation, they provided the protection I needed. A couple of things to remember before setting out on an early morning shoot is to check that you have fully charged batteries and spare memory cards. Half an hour after the sun has set, mount your camera on a tripod and be sure to photograph the moon just as it comes over the horizon so you can retain detail in the highlights. With black-and-white, I’m not distracted by shades of color and instead focus on details and gradations.Use a polarizing filter. Try to force yourself to stay in the moment to capture any unexpected moments that might arise.

I walked along the road so I could exactly place the foot of the turbine to where the rainbow ended.Tell a story with your composition. One crew in a skiff headed out to I-24 to pluck the driver of an 18-wheeler from the chest-high water.
About three months after Nashville, record rains in Pakistan caused flooding that affected more than 20 million people.
Losses from such events helped push the cost of weather disasters in 2011 to an estimated $150 billion worldwide, a roughly 25 percent jump from the previous year.
Although some places, notably the Arctic, are warming faster than others, the average surface temperature worldwide has risen nearly one degree Fahrenheit in the past four decades. Meandering farther north than normal into Canada, the jet stream brought warm air with it; dipping far south over Europe, it delivered frigid winds and snow to that region. Given how little rain we had, we probably would have had record warmth in Texas in 2011 even without climate change. At the same time, the rapid growth of megacities in developing countries in Asia and Africa has made millions more vulnerable to heat waves and floods. Whether this new system has the resources to survive a big storm isn’t clear yet, Nutter says. When I started out that morning, I had no idea it would begin to snow, but happily, when it began, I immediately saw how it worked to my advantage and ran up some stairs to get above the scene.
Pay special attention to composition and horizontal alignment: New cameras have built-in viewfinder grid displays that assist in making sure your horizons stay straight. In addition to wearing heavy gloves to keep your hands warm and nimble—and make it nearly impossible to operate those nasty little dials and buttons that control your aperture and shutter speeds—I find it essential to wear a pair of thin liner gloves underneath. Very often I bracket the exposure times, since there will be just the right moment when the light on the iceberg, moon, and sky are perfectly matched. When you use a polarizing filter, the image will appear darker in the viewfinder because the filters reduce the total amount of light that enters your lens. In this case, my patience was rewarded when I stuck around to capture the changing weather after the lightning storm had passed through.Be alert to changing conditions.
There are hosts of available products specifically designed for each camera brand and series, and they do an excellent job of protecting equipment.Protect your gear and find a secure spot.
In late 2011 floods in Thailand submerged hundreds of factories near Bangkok, creating a worldwide shortage of computer hard drives. Heat and water vapor coming off the warm pool generate thunderstorms so powerful and towering that their influence extends out of the tropics to the jet streams that blow across the middle latitudes. The subtropical dry zones are being pushed poleward, into regions such as the American Southwest, southern Australia, and southern Europe, making these regions increasingly susceptible to prolonged and intense droughts. And the same models that predict bigger hurricanes also say we could get fewer of them in the future. Instead of defending themselves against climate change, many communities appear to be leading with their chin.
Instead, use a high-quality protective UV filter and a lens shade in front of the lens, and carry a clean soft cloth to dry the lens in case it does get a few drops. In this image, I didn’t use any filters to enhance the contrast and color of the sky against the white, wispy clouds.
I will also wear a thin buff over my face so I can breath and still protect my nose from getting cold on the freezing camera and viewfinder.Exposures shooting bright snow can be tricky. In this situation, where there was very little daylight available, I pushed the ISO up to 3200 so I could be sure to capture the scene from the moving fishing boat.
A tip to remember is that polarizing filters work best when the sun is positioned 90 degrees to your right or left.
What always makes the photo more interesting is when a story is told through interesting geographic or editorial elements in the composition. If by chance your camera does get splashed with saltwater, quickly wipe it down with a cloth dampened with freshwater to help remove salt crystals and spray.
As the warm pool shifts back and forth along the Equator, the wavy paths of the jet streams shift north and south—which changes the tracks that storms follow across the continents.
But scientists don’t yet have the data or the theoretical understanding to say whether global warming was to blame. Zo weet ik nog steeds niet hoe je de luchtdrukmeter precies moet lezen (Vind ik ook niet zo belangrijk). For practical purposes, I like to keep my shooting gear simple to minimize the fuss.Be patient, switch to manual mode, and pack a tripod.
It never hurts to keep a large plastic bag in your pocket, just in case you get caught in a downpour. I made a special effort, however, to balance the amount of space in the composition between the sky and the calm water. The built-in meters in the cameras are calibrated to the brightness of average gray (18 percent). When you shoot using this aperture you can comfortably handhold the camera because your shutter speed will be fast enough.
The latest cameras easily allow you to push the ISO up this way, without introducing digital noise.
If your equipment just gets wet from the rain, wipe it down and use a hair dryer on low heat, not too close to the camera, to remove the humidity and condensation.When shooting weather from a moving boat, always try to find a secure place out of the wind and spray that also gives your body some extra support so you can hold the camera steady. Finding a covered spot along the street, like an archway or awning, provides good protection so you can freely shoot. The small section of ice floating in the water adds an extra dimension and layer to the composition. Since the snow in this scene is brighter than that, I compensated my exposure to the plus side to make the snow look white.
Since I am always shooting in RAW, I leave the white balance most often on auto—I can always tweak the color in postproduction using a good application like Apple’s Aperture, Adobe’s Lightroom, or Google’s Picasa.
If you decide to purchase and carry along a polarizing filter, be sure it’s made from the highest quality glass. Be sure to bring along your polarizing filter for these occasions, since it does a great job of strengthening the colors in a rainbow.
If you’re shooting scenes with water, the glare from the surface will be cut and you can see more details below.

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