Like Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, Funny Garbage is helping to inspire a whole new generation of intrepid explorers (except without all the poison darts and giant rolling boulders). By tapping into FG's considerable experience in creating online destinations for the pre-teen audience, National Geographic ensured the success of its first online gateway for kids. National Geographic instituted a central asset repository using the Vignette Enterprise content management system, through which data can be deployed to numerous destinations. A captivating virtual world that gives players the opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite animals, National Geographic Animal Jam encourages kids to celebrate their individuality and unleash their imaginations as they journey through the many lands of Jamaa. Jadi conducted primary and secondary research prior to developing the worldwide strategic brand and marketing launch for this exciting game to include print advertising, digital advertising, web design & development, web marketing, media training, public relations and social media. Jeremy Barnes, Director of Product and Corporate CommunicationsMazda North America“The art looks fabulous - as always!
Monica Mcarthur, Senior BuyerCostco Wholesale“I just wanted to let you know we really appreciate Jadi getting this done!!!

National Geographic ChannelAdventure video, pictures, world exploration, educational cable TV programming. Commercial Photography Agency : National Geographic AssignmentNational Geographic Assignment is a commercial photography agency representing commercial wildlife, . JASON Science - HomeOur award winning curricula embed cutting-edge research from NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Sierra Nevada Travel Planning Official National Geographic MapguideSierra Nevada Travel Planning Official National Geographic Mapguide. National Geographic Events - Home PageNational Geographic produces a wide range of public programs, including exhibits, speaker series, films, concerts and special events around the U.S.
National Geographic Specials - HuluNational Geographic Specials: One-of-a-kind specials from National Geographic. Joel Sartore - National Geographic Photographer and SpeakerJoel Sartore has produced more than 30 stories from around the world as a freelance photographer for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine.

Drawing upon the vast resources and amazing photography of the National Geographic Society, Funny Garbage created a playfully engaging interactive experience through which children can investigate the natural wonders of their world. As a result, National Geographic Animal Jam has over 2 million players and continues to grow as one of five most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Game launches ever.
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