Las puntuaciones detalladas del vendedor no están disponibles cuando hay menos de 10 valoraciones. A group of young step dancers from Ireland practices minutes before performing in a stadium of 10,000 spectators at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, France. A shepherd and his companions break for the view as they gather sheep on the rugged highlands of Snowdonia National Park in northern Wales. With bare hands and steel nerves, teammates pull down a wild horse at La Rapa das Bestas, or the Cropping of the Beasts, a festival held in Vimianzo, Galicia, in northwestern Spain. The May Queen comes out for a fiery night of parading and dancing in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the eve of Beltane, the ancient Celtic festival that heralds the start of summer on May 1.
Parishioners at Kirk Maughold church on the Isle of Man catch up on news beneath an image of the Celtic saint who spread Christianity on the island in the Irish Sea. This map features stunning detail of continental slopes, fracture zones, and countless seamounts. This digital mosaic of 4,500 satellite scans shows incredible detail of Antarctica's terrain. National Geographic's Crete AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information. Undersea trenches and basins are named in the oceans, with arrows indicating major ocean currents. The globe has a unique thick plastic semi meridian and weighted base design designed with added stability in mind. Please note that this globe comes with a European plug, but a free Australian adapter is included in the box.

Completely redesigned and updated, National Geographic Maps' Australia classic wall map is one of the most authoritative maps of the land down under.
B2 size laminated flat map of Australia, showing main towns, distances, physical features and attractions. From a vibrant capital city to rain forests teeming with biodiversity, from paradisiacal beaches to mountains laced with rushing rivers, Panama offers a wide array of adventures that derive from and respect its natural and cultural heritage. This map includes all of Panama at the largest scale possible and two insets for Panama City.
This finely detailed political map of Mexico shows country boundaries, cities and towns, airports, major highways and roads, and bodies of water. National Geographic's Japan AdventureMap is designed to meet the unique needs of adventure travelers with its durability and accurate information.
This map of Britain and Ireland shows country boundaries, thousands of place names, major roadways, airports, bodies of water, and more. Spotlight Panama City & the Panama Canal is a 125-page compact guide covering Panama City, the Panama Canal, and central Isthmus. The new Rough Guide to Panama is the ultimate travel guide to this vibrant and fascinating country. Musicians, dancers, and singers from all the Celtic regions come to this seaport city in Brittany each August to participate in Europe's largest Celtic festival.
The tradition of wrestling horses to the ground in order to trim their manes and tails goes back, say Galicians, to Celts who settled the Iberian Peninsula by the seventh century b.c. Before the night is over, the queen will take the Green Man, following close behind her, as her consort, a symbolic act of fertility—and a signal for the partying to begin.

The text is clear and each country is in a different colour with a darker tone around the borders to accentuate the political mapping. This new edition shows entire country with Tasmania in its correct geographic position versus as an inset in previous editions, and contains up-to-date Aboriginal Lands, and National Parks courtesy of Geoscience Australia and Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Canberra, Australia. This new reference map is one of the most detailed ever published for India and southern Asia. Though the Romans eventually vanquished the Celts, their heritage has persisted in northwestern Spain, aided by later migrations from other parts of the Celtic realm. Along the Atlantic shores of Europe, from Scotland down to Spain, modern Celts are conducting a scavenger hunt of the past, discovering festivals, music, sacred sites, languages, and art styles that go back more than 2,000 years, when Celtic tribes dominated most of Europe.
Maughold belonged to the flock of holy men, mostly from Ireland, who from the fifth through the 12th centuries a.d. Shown on the map are over 1,000 named places including primary and secondary towns, political boundaries, aboriginal lands, parks and protected areas, infrastructure, and relief. Someone from Ireland or Wales or Brittany who hikes the damp coastline dotted with circular ruins, stops in village taverns to hear bagpipe music, or finds a church with a holy well beside it, would swear that Galicia almost feels like home. Welsh tradition asserts the soothsayer Merlin first revealed his magical gifts at a hill fort at the foot of Snowdon mountain and that Arthur is buried nearby on the face of Lliwedd peak. Some of the early monastic centers and churches, like Kirk Maughold, sprang up on or near ritual sites used by the pre-Christian Celts.

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