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National Geographic Channel Worldwide release National Geographic Channel Worldwide Announces Groundbreaking Two-hour Special Live From SpaceProduce a live television event from a $100 billion studio that's 250 miles above the Earth's surface and traveling at 4.9 miles per second? National Geographic Channel has announced that journalist Soledad O'Brien will host "Live from Space" when it airs on March 14, 2014. The broadcast did a good job of showing the effort needed to live and work in space and support the ISS on the ground, plus the science being conducted and the fun part of living in space. That exchange between Mike, Rick and Koichi was perhaps my favorite moment of the broadcast, as it really conveyed the friendships that form while working aboard the space station for six months. I watched some of it live but captured the entire broadcast on my DVR which I'll get to soon. That will be the task at hand this spring for National Geographic Channel (NGC) Worldwide with a television event that will literally take viewers beyond the stratosphere.NGC President Howard T. Soledad O'Brien Joins National Geographic Channel Global Television Event 'Live from Space'National Geographic Channel today announced that celebrated journalist, producer and television host Soledad O'Brien has joined the network's global television event "Live From Space" as host and co-executive producer. EDT (0000 GMT), will give viewers the opportunity to interact with the space station's crew, while also offering a rare behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to operate the orbiting laboratory.
I'm pretty sure there was an inside joke there between the recently returned Mike and Rick on ISS. Owens announced today Live from Space, a spectacular, groundbreaking two-hour television event from Arrow Media to be broadcast live from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston this March. O'Brien will broadcast live from Mission Control in Houston during the program, taking viewers into orbit, literally circling the globe, to offer a unique perspective on astronaut life and work aboard the ISS. With unique access to and footage from the ISS and Mission Control, we'll go into orbit with astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata from the ISS, while astronaut Mike Massimino (most notably known for fixing the Hubble Telescope) will keep us grounded live from Houston.

Someone more knowledgeable hosting would be more to my liking, but perhaps she's good for the ratings.
I generally like Soledad O'Brien and I thought she did a fine job as host, though I found it funny how she reacted every time a crew member wasn't floating upright. And the astronauts saying "That's an excellent question" after EVERY question showed a bit of the scripting behind the scenes.
We'll see incredible shots of the planet, from sunset and sunrise, to city lights and green aurora, to lightning storms and shooting stars.For those fascinated by the recent emergency spacewalks to replace a vital cooling system, Live from Space will show even more intimately what it takes to run this floating world. From space, Mastracchio and Wakata will give viewers a fully guided tour, showing us how they live for months in microgravity. In their own words, learn how they sleep upside down, stay fit, maintain personal hygiene and, of course, (that question everyone is always curious about), how they use the toilet.
I would have loved if he had taken a moment on camera to send a tweet that we could have all seen arrive in our feeds seconds later. They'll conduct never-before-broadcast experiments that demonstrate the real-world value of the science conducted on the floating laboratory.
It could have been something simple as "Hello World!" but I think it would have really emphasized the "Live From Space" nature of the broadcast. We'll also show how science in space is benefiting people on Earth such as the ISS's robotic systems, which are the inspiration for a neurosurgical robot that removes brain tumors. I'm thrilled to further my relationship with my partners at National Geographic to tell the untold story that unfolds above the sky each day," said O'Brien.
Astronauts, flight controllers and researchers will be featured in original segments from the ISS and NASA Mission Control during the course of the two-hour live event.It won't just be the astronauts doing the talking, either. Viewers will be able to chat via video with Mastracchio and Wakata and have their faces beamed into space to join the conversation.

We will get to witness the greatest show beyond earth."A critically acclaimed journalist, documentarian, news anchor, producer and television personality, O'Brien has been on the forefront of the biggest breaking news stories of the past two decades, reported from around the globe for NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera America and HBO. A first-of-its-kind second-screen experience will also allow viewers to track the space station while exploring the interests of people under its path. In 2011 won an Emmy for "Crisis in Haiti Report" on Haitian orphanages, following the massive earthquake. This "social-media telescope" will give viewers real-time insight into the collected cares of Earth's inhabitants. In 2013 she won 2 Emmy awards for reporting on "Kids and Race" and for the networks reporting of the 2012 Presidential election. Astronaut Mike Massimino (most notably known for fixing the Hubble Telescope) will keep viewers grounded with O'Brien live from Houston.
The ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes, meaning NGC will quite literally take viewers on a trip around the world, sharing incredible looks at the planet, from sunset and sunrise, to city lights and green aurora, to lightning storms and shooting stars. Mastracchio and Wakata will give viewers a fully guided tour of the space lab, showing how they live for months in microgravity.
Creative director and executive producer at Arrow Media is Tom Brisley; Arrow Media executive producers are Al Berman and Sally Dixon.

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