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An interim judgment suggested that the utility would get just $109m (A?68m) of the $390m it has requested. Attorney General Martha Coakley has asked the Department of Public Utilities to issue $16.3 million fine against National Grid, saying the company had communication breakdowns, neglected to mobilize crews and was late in responding to thousands of fallen wires. BOSTON - National Grid said "there is no factual or evidentiary basis" to fine the company at all for its work during last year's October snowstorm or Tropical Storm Irene. National Grid filed a brief to challenge a record $16.3 million penalty recommended by the attorney general last week. Brad Puffer, communications director for Coakley, said the attorney general stands behind her recommendation for the fine. The snowstorm was more severe for the Greater Springfield area than the tropical storm but the tropical storm was devastating for parts of Berkshire and Franklin counties. National Grid, which provides electricity and gas to 168 communities in Massachusetts, said it adhered to the department of public utilities standards for emergency preparation and service, including the implementation of all applicable components of its emergency response plan. National Grid services Belchertown, East Longmeadow, Erving, Granby, Northampton, Palmer and Wilbraham among other Western Massachusetts communities. National Grid said it restored serviced to its customers in both Tropical Storm Irene and the October snowstorm in a safe and reasonably prompt manner. In a separate case, Coakley is seeking $4 million fine against the Western Massachusetts Electric Company for its performance during the Oct. National Grid solicited Burnham Associates to manage a power line repair job on high voltage power lines just inside of the General Edwards Bridge in Saugus, MA.
What do I actually need to know for the exam?Well, you should aim to know the general idea of what the National Grid does.
Have you ever seen those metallic things on the motorway that look a bit like the Eiffel tower? This rather attractive pink pylon is one of a collection of pylons that transports the electricity to consumers. The electricity from the wires were at a voltage of about 250,000V which is way too dangerous to be used in homes. The results document can be sorted by title, or by the number of visual entities detected in each document, or even by the relevance rating of the text query. To test DigInPix, you can send your photos and observe the results: either by pasting the URL of an image found on the web or by uploading an image from your computer Naturally, detected entities are limited to those in the visual dictionary, in other words in this demonstration of logos. Test our entity identification algorithm on your own photos.Check the list of potentially identifiable entities in our dictionaries. Browse dictionaries containing identifiable entities and collections of a few videos in the INA archives, analyzed by DigInPix.

This site uses the latest HTML5 functions and thus requires a recent browser for correct display. A ruling from Massachusetts in November allowed National Grid a modest increase of $58m – not as much as the $100m it had requested. Coakley last week asked the department of public utilities to issue $16.3 million fine against National Grid, saying the company had communication breakdowns, neglected to mobilize crews and was late in responding to thousands of fallen wires. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MassLive LLC. Well they are called pylons and they make up a small part of what is called the National Grid.
DigInPix is a system that automatically recognizes visual entities coming from dictionaries in INA videos or in your images. As for the videos, the performance of DigInPix on your images depends on the criteria referred to earlier. 29 snowstorm pulverized the area with up to two feet of wet, heavy snow and knocked out power for some up to nine days.
The National Grid is a network of cables and transformers that links power stations to consumers. The main purpose of putting this prototype online is to demonstrate the performance of our algorithms and prove the benefits of such a system in helping to annotate multimedia content like INA's.
Browse our Collections data: to discover all videos with the number of entities detected in each one. Make sure you comply with the GTU when using this demonstrator, more particularly with regard to the intellectual property of content and rights of personal portrayal.
The electricity is charged in units which is equivalent to one kilowatt of electricity used in one hour. This application features state-of-the-art algorithms and has the distinctive feature of being able to work on large volumes of data to detect very small objects in images. The analysis result of your images is accessible via an URL we provide you with that you alone know. Whether you are enthusiastic or disappointed with the results, whether you wish to work with us or merely find out more, contact us!
The visual dictionaries contain a series of visual entities: logos, car models, pictures, buildings, etc.
For each entity you can see all the videos in which it has been detected or all the images that enabled the DigInPix system to learn to define the entity. Modifications to the GTU come into effect and are binding upon web users as soon as they are published on the Sites.
The utility has also been criticised for its response to snowstorms that left thousands without power across several cities.

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