September is National Preparedness Month so I thought this week’s infographic with some tips on being prepared for emergency events was a good fit today. We are definitely not prepared enough for emergencies, especially considering the prevalence of tornadoes in our region.
In 1998 I participated in training for community members presented by my local fire department.
I have never had to use the tools I learned in that course but I value them as preparedness skills that may be helpful to me in the future. A lot of time has passed since 1998 and the skills that were once so sharp and at the top of my mind have faded. Did you know that after a major emergency it probably will take at least 72 hours (and maybe even longer) before officials come to help you? Electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment and telephones may be off for days or even a week, or longer.
No one wakes up and says “today there is going to be a disaster.” In fact, disasters are unexpected. In Hurricane Katrina, more than 1,000 drinking water systems and 172 sewage treatment plants were damaged, leaving 2.4 million people without access to safe drinking water. Every day this month you can expect to get ideas to help you improve upon your current level of preparedness and set goals about food storage, emergency kits, and disaster preparations. Even if I don’t cook from my pantry every day, knowing that I CAN gives me a sense of power and freedom. Financial Preparedness is really just a diet only you’re exercising control over your wallet rather than your fridge.
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I’m writing this post to give you the perspective of a non-military family and how women can protect themselves. I know that preparing for things like this is something I keep saying I am going to do, but somehow it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do.

The worst we have ever faced was an ice storm in 1991 when we were without power for 4 days. During this training I learned valuable search and rescue tactics that I can still use today. The final exam had us in a mock emergency where we had to enter a smoke filled building and then clear, and triage, victims. The Department of Homeland Security says that although local officials and relief workers will be around after a disaster, they cannot reach everyone immediately. They overwhelm first responders; and lives, health and the environment are often endangered.
I can promise you, after one day you will be pretty cranky and doing just about anything to get some fresh water.
This year, 2015, marks the 4th year that PreparednessMama has given you a set of challenges to help you be prepared.
That means you can even bury your head in the sand and pretend that disasters will not affect you personally.
New moms prepare for disasters long before they happen. When the disaster strikes (and it surely will), these 5 tips will help you have confidence with an infant in a disaster. I know I say this a lot, but you can’t prepare for a disaster if you don’t know what you’re facing.  You have got to understand how the chemicals in the industrial park half a mile away will affect your family if there is a fire in the warehouse. We are warned that a similar upheaval may sometime reach our shores and are urged to prepare ourselves to meet new military and civic dangers.
We all love them, we all want them, and we tend to eat them all up far too quickly, just like its financial counter part, MONEY. Since we are ultimately about personal preparedness at this website let’s get into how a non-gun packing girl can protect herself. We live in an area that can be prone to tornadoes so this is really something I need to take care of. With encouragement and direction from my instructors, during those 8 weeks I put together my first 72-hour kit.

Either way this kit is going to keep you safe and (somewhat) happy if you have to evacuate your home.
At a very minimum, emergencies and disasters are disruptive and often occur at the most inopportune times. You need to know if there are any hazardous materials being transported on the train that passes through town, and you need to know if you live in hurricane, earthquake, or wildfire country. So much for all that meal planning you were going to do… Could you pull together a nutritious meal for your family using only what you have in your pantry?
When you live in a small town, it is even a necessity, unless you want to spend a fortune at the local grocery. Cupcakes and money both require self control and awareness in order to keep them from running our lives whether through weight gain or debt gain.  If you are like millions of other Americans than you’re feeling the financial pinch and worrying about how it will affect your future and your family. Like in World War Z, I would be the brilliant scientist who forgets to keep her finger off the trigger and shoots herself! Creating an emergency kit will help you foster an attitude of personal preparedness that will see you through this trying time.
I believe that nothing of value is ever accomplished without careful planning and execution. You are also very aware how financial preparedness could have changed or will change your life. Stay tuned for the official launch of Cheaper Than Dirt!’s Battle for the Best Bug-Out Bag big giveaway! Tagged: Cheaper Than Dirt, National Preparedness Month, Survival Gear, Survival Tips1 Comment One thought on “Cheaper Than Dirt!

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