NASHVILLE, TN (WRCB) -- Numerous Tennessee agencies are asking Tennesseans to participate in National Preparedness Month, the annual month-long campaign designed to make emergency preparedness a priority. In the past three years, eight Presidentially declared disasters have impacted well over half of Tennessee. September is the Department of Homeland Security’s National Preparedness Month, and SMU is asking the campus community to take an active role in learning how best to respond to potential campus emergencies. Quick Response Codes printed on table tents in Umphrey Lee’s Real Food On Campus will make it easy for students, faculty and staff to use their smart phones to link directly to videos that teach when to Evacuate, Seek Shelter or Lockdown.
Tuition Information: Make a payment through SMUpay, find due dates and payment plan options on the SMU Bursar website. Join Us: The SMU Parent Leadership Council and the Mothers' and Dads' Clubs welcome SMU parents. SMU's Second Century: SMU is celebrating the centennial of its founding in 1911 and opening in 1915.
This is the theme for this year?s National Disaster Consciousness which is observed every July.
With the rainy season coming in, it is imperative for every Filipino to know what to do when disaster strikes.
It is a known fact that our country is surrounded by different bodies of water and when strong winds and heavy rains come, you will expect flash floods all over town. Start your day looking smart yet fun with the Faux Pas Paris Haussman in gray paired with the Smarties jams! PLDT HOME Telpad, the Filipino family?s all-in-one entertainment device and kids? favorite gadget at home, levels up its content portfolio with fresh and fun Disney activities for kids in time for summer vacation. Bringing the widest range of industrial digital print solutions, Norde International Distributors finally set foot in Cebu when they launched their office in Tipolo, Mandaue City on April 6. Motivate your community to prepare for emergencies with effective resources from Channing Bete Company! When you’re ready to plan your National Preparedness Month event, click here for products and publications to sound the alarm!

People rely on you for critical information to safeguard their families, their homes, and their own lives. For over 50 years, we've been a trusted source of materials to support public safety professionals. We provide resources to promote emergency action planning, pandemic preparedness, and readiness for all types of natural disasters.
However you choose to get the word out, we're here to help with effective, engaging, and cost-effective products, targeted to your audience! Click here to discover resources that will help make your National Preparedness Month campaign a HUGE success! No part of this site may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher.
If you are unable to use the telephone, please go to the nearest police or fire station to report an emergency or look for any emergency vehicle that may be in your area.
To view Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) documents please download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. With 2016 just days away, below is the Illinois preparedness Month Campaign list from IEMA. As in the past we will provide you with the monthly media release from Illinois EMA, as they become available.
Get an Emergency KitAn emergency kit includes the basics for survival: fresh water, food, clean air, and warmth.
Make an Emergency PlanMake plans with your family and friends in case you're not together during an emergency. Get InvolvedLook into taking first aid and emergency response training, participating in community exercises, and volunteering to support local first responders. James Bassham, Director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, emphasizes the need for every individual, every family and every home to have at least a basic preparedness kit ready in case of emergencies.
Tennesseans should be vigilant and report any unusual behavior, packages or devices to local law enforcement or the state's Homeland Security Office.

Information will be shared through email, web and social media messages focused on recommended emergency responses to different threats.
In the event of an emergency, call the SMU Parent Info Line at 214-SMU-PARENTS (214-768-7273 or toll free 1-888-768-7273) for updated campus alerts.
The month-long celebration is spearheaded by The League of Municipalities in the Philippines (LMP) and National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). This month, many LGUs from different parts of the country are promoting awareness to the people on natural disasters, specifically typhoons and earthquakes.
You can always rely on us to communicate your safety messages accurately, clearly, and effectively. Many of our booklets, self-care handbooks, workbooks, brochures, pamphlets, group presentation packages, and other publications have trademarked names. Become prepared now: make your emergency plans, assemble an emergency supply kit,A  keep informed, and get involved in helping your family and your community to be ready for emergencies.
Discuss how you'll contact each other, where you'll meet, and what you'll do in different situations.
Check all types of media a€“ Web sites, newspapers, radio, TV, mobile and land phones a€“ for global, national and local information. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Our country has more than 20 active volcanoes and a handful of active faults, specifically in Luzon. Aside from this is an extension of the long holiday, we must also bear in mind that this is a holiday for a reason. During an emergency, your local Emergency Management or Emergency Services office will give you information on such things as open shelters and evacuation orders.

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