4 Mission of PNRA To ensure safe operation of nuclear facilities and to protect radiation workers, general public and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation by formulating and implementing effective regulations and building a relationship of trust with the licensees and maintain transparency in its actions and decisions. 25 Nuclear Security Emergency Coordination Center (NuSECC) Focal point for the coordination with the first responders, front line offices, law enforcing agencies, local governments and PNRA Regional Offices. Summary Sole responsibility for management of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency situation lies with the licensee. IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Protection Against Public Exposure and Release of patients after Radiotherapy Day 9 – Lecture 3. Alexander Brandl ERHS 561 Emergency Response Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences. IAEA Training in Emergency Preparedness and Response Exercise Objectives Lecture Module L-053.
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency International Standards and Organizations Day 3 – Lecture 5.
Technical Meeting on Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography, 23 to 27 June 2014, in Vienna Abdulla Al Yammahi Management of emergencies, safety and.

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Environmental Remediation National Policy,Strategy and Regulatory Process as Applied to Legacy Sites Russel Edge. 1 Regulatory Challenges During and Following a Major Safety or Security Event Muhammad Iqbal Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Presentation at General.
Emergency Exposure Situations Developing a National Capability for Response to a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency Step-by-step Approach to Developing. IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Emergency Response Overview of Basic Concepts in Emergency Preparedness and Response Day 10 – Lecture 2.
Fall is here, summer vacation trips are over, the kids are back in school and most folks are settling in and preparing for upcoming winter weather. PNRA facilitates the exchange of information between PNRA licensee, public authorities and relevant international organizations with the aim to diminish consequences to property, environment and public. PNRA coordinate and ensures the emergency preparedness at radiation and nuclear facilities Improve preparedness and response capabilities of response organization through drills and exercises Provision of information to general public regarding radiation and radiation hazards. If a disaster occurs in your community, local government and disaster-relief organizations will try to help you, but, especially in the first few days after a disaster, you are essentially on your own.

Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately, or they may need to focus their efforts elsewhere.You should be ready to be self-sufficient for at least three days. This may mean providing for your own shelter, first aid, food, water, and sanitation.There are real benefits to being prepared for natural and man-made disasters or threats. Knowing what to do during an emergency is an important part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.Emergency InformationFind out what kinds of disasters, both natural and man-made, are most likely to occur in your area and how you will be notified.
You will be better prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones during an emergency if you think ahead and communicate with others in advance.Get startedAll citizens need to prepare for catastrophic natural and man-made disasters. GH Emergency Management’s Preparedness Division suggests the following essentials for Go Kits:Disaster Go KitsGo Kits are essential for all citizens of Western Washington due to the various hazards we are at risk for.

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