With hurricane season upon us, I want to walk you through a recent engagement with a technology-reliant e-commerce retail client in South Florida who was concerned about saving his business should it sustain a total loss after a fire or natural disaster.
Disaster planning can be emotionally difficult for owners, which, in addition to our expertise, is why they engaged us to help.
The bottom line is that if a disaster occurs, you could easily lose your business, your income and your wealth. During our disaster planning, we came up with an idea that could potentially kill two birds with one stone.
This is just one more example of the kinds of projects we can do for you on demand, and a la carte. The Christchurch Earthquakes have reminded us that New Zealand is a geologically active country. Since the Christchurch Earthquakes there has been a large body of research, papers, lessons learnt and observations that have circulated in professional journals, papers and conferences.
Some of the major observations from the Christchurch events have been around the adequacy and limitations of infrastructure insurance, and also the actual cost of restoration compared with pre-earthquake infrastructure renewal estimates.
All of these lessons and observations are now starting to transform into legislation, planning requirements and regulations. As part of the AMP Update 2014, the risk management sections of your AMP will require review and update.
Given the amount of new information, which includes GNS studies, updated NIWA rainfall projections, updated earthquake probability models and analysis – it is likely there will be some changes to previous analysis and thinking around natural disasters, infrastructure resilience, and contingency planning.
We are already seeing this in our industry with seismic analysis and subsequent remedial works for Council-owned facilities and buildings.
Make sure you allow adequate time to incorporate this information into you Asset Management Plan risk management sections, and also be prepared for the financial implications of the analysis, which will also need to translate into the AMP. Improvement plans may also need to be updated to allow further research and analysis in this area, and the testing of assumptions. Please look us up and, if you like what you see, share our page with your friends! From now until August 12th, we will be donating $2 to Starting Point, an agency that provides services for victims of domestic & sexual violence, for each new "like" on our Facebook page! Roughly 15 years ago a fragile petite blonde sat in a crumpled heap on the courthouse steps. The counselor had a calming effect on her, speaking in soothing words, and while she was firm in her advice, never once did she come across as pushy or forceful.

Thankfully, this young woman crossed paths with the advocates of Starting Point, and got out of a dangerous situation before it was too late. I am so excited to share with you that M&M is launching a campaign to raise awareness and also funding for Starting Point, an agency that provides services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Most new business owners are concerned that everything is favorable for the success and safety of their business, which includes obtaining the protection of business insurance. In the modern workplace, men and women work together for eight or ten hours a day - sometimes even longer.
Relationships between two people of equal position in the company might not be cause for concern, but romances involving supervisors and their subordinates can expose the company to legal liability.
Business continuity plans can help an enterprise stay afloat through any adversity, and bounce back more quickly after setbacks. Recent surveys give CPAs insights into Millennials’ precarious savings, executives’ economic outlooks, and businesses’ perceived risks. Accountants and auditors are being challenged by a flood of important new standards and requirements. Be the first to know when the JofA publishes breaking news about tax, financial reporting, auditing, or other topics.
This quick guide walks you through the process of adding the Journal of Accountancy as a favorite news source in the News app from Apple. But as we thought about the aftermath of a disaster, it became apparent that even with adequate limits of BI insurance, they could still lose their business after a total loss.
They would need to replace their warehouse and office space, inventory, office furniture and equipment and communications capabilities. Brainstorming about the aftermath of a disaster and writing a skeletal list of advance measures to take could be done for as little as $1,000. If you want help calculating property and business interruption limits and purchasing insurance in the optimal way, we can do so quite affordably. The facts were laid out - of the 23 warning signs of an abusive relationship, 21 applied to her situation.
When people spend that much time together, it's not surprising that occasional romances will bloom. Workers outside the relationship might detect favoritism toward the subordinate when he or she receives pay raises, promotions, or other desired rewards.
Learn how to prepare for some of the biggest issues CPAs are facing this year in this sponsored report.

We realized that it might make sense logistically to open a second warehouse in the western US to save inbound and outbound shipping costs.
Of course, the physical assets of a business, such as equipment, electronics, office furniture, and the building itself, are things that usually can't be quickly or easily replaced if they're damaged during a disaster. The worry was etched across her face in lines that belonged on a woman twice her age, not this 26-year old girl. From now until August 12th, we will be donating $2 to Starting Point for every new "like" our page receives. Let's say you started your business 10 years ago with just a small space and computer desk.
Conversely, if the couple breaks up, the subordinate might be sensitive to any actions that smack of retaliation. If consumers visit their website to buy product and it’s down for any more than a few days or a week, even loyal customers will buy from their competitor’s website.
Such a facility might then serve its disaster recovery needs too by being up if the South Florida facility is down, or visa-versa. Her tear-stained cheeks were red from wiping away the salty stream, and yet her mind was even more of a mess than her disheveled appearance. In the worst cases, the subordinate could decide he or she is a victim of sexual harassment and take legal action against the company.
The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received almost 12,000 complaints of sexual harassment in 2010. Errors happen and circumstances change, even when policies were initially obtained with care and caution. More serious, in some cases the firm might have a significant financial exposure when love goes wrong. It's common for small businesses to start out with basic insurances, such as Commercial Property and General Liability policies.

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