Big changes are coming to this wiki, which includes a major update to infoboxes, pages, users, etc. Welcome to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Wiki!The wiki about Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide that anyone can edit. In a middle school full of bullies, insane teachers, and gross school lunches, Ned Bigby—that's me—and my three best friends try to do the impossible: create a guide that will help you survive school. In a middle school full of bullies, insane teachers, and gross school lunches, Ned Bigby—that's me, and my two best friends try to do the impossible: create a guide that will help you survive school. In seasons 1 and 2, Ned was shown to be weak and talks like a little boy, however in season 3, he seems to have gotten stronger, unconsciously being able to beat people up. We are proud to say that we currently have 153 articles since 2010 Please read the Site Policy before you start!This is a open wiki!!Please treated With respect at all times!! His parents enrolled him in acting classes at the Talent Factory, a local children’s acting program. Anxious to make it through middle school and somewhat lazy in classes, but gives the best advice. Ned sees Missy as a frenemy some times, but other times views her as a girl with a popular reputation who bullies people.
Polk Middle School is the school Ned, Moze, and Cookie attend and where a majority of the series takes place.
After landing a minor role in We Were Soldiers, Werkheiser and his mother moved to LA to pursue his acting career. According to Vice Principal Crubbs in Guide to: Field Trips, Permission Slips, Signs and Weasels, he has a "mop-top" haircut (similar to Coconut Head's haircut, which led a security guard to mistake him for Ned). Ned had fondly given her the nickname "Moze" to separate her from the other "Jennifers" in their class. However, over time, he had failed to ask her out properly and commit to their dates due to various issues. He does appreciate their help, but he does get worried when they either get too excited about him or fiercely devoted to him. Since his arrival in Hollywood, Werkheiser has landed several television and film roles, the biggest of which is that of Ned Bigby on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
In solving the current dilemma and Tip Subject, Cookie tries outlandish theories, Moze goes for the more practical solution and Ned usually applies a scientific rigor.Originally the primary emphasis was delivering the tips and focusing on school matters such as homework, lockers and school clubs. Eventually they start dating, but unfortunately their relationship continues to suffer a series of setbacks. Recently, Werkheiser was cast in two significant roles in the movies Love at First Hiccup andThe Prankster, both of which feature his music.
But soon the stories expanded to focus on the complex relationships between the maturing characters and the tips focused on how to deal with social situations.

During Season 2, Suzie moves away to live with her dad and Ned starts to realize his feelings for Moze. On two different occasions, he had been given the nickname Fart Boy by Billy Loomer and Missy Meany. A brief synopsis of these relationships would be: The nerd Lisa Zemo had a huge crush on Cookie, who accepted her as a friend but was oblivious to her affection. When suzie returned towards the end of Season 3, things between the three of them got really awkward. When she came back from summer break changed and stunningly beautiful, he found himself in competition with a fanclub of her new admirers. Towards the end of the series, they broke up and Ned started dating Moze and Suzie resumed her relationship with Loomer. Meanwhile, he developed a rivalry and potential romance with loud, scary, and slightly-psycho Evelyn Kwong. At the end he realizes who he likes and calls "her" and tells "her" to meet him in the rose garden, and finally he asks her out and kisses her. It's never stated if they made up and remain friends or if they're done with each other for good.
But within literally weeks, she moved out of state, leaving him at the mercy of his Stalker with a Crush, the beautiful, rich and popular but insane Missy. Moze has several boys she is interested in as well as others who could be considered Stalker with a Crush. According to Devon Werkheiser, a pilot was shot in 2008 about a sequel series in High School. They are obsessed with Ned and even bullied people into voting for him in the class elections. Moze realizes their is not enough money to publish a nice yearbook, so on her own it seemed, contacted a cell phone company CVC Global net first to sponsor the yearbook.
Ned paints an orange naked lady by mistake ("It's just squiggles!"), and is so successful that he almost pays off the school's debt.
He tries to invoke this again, but it doesn't work (it comes off as a firetruck) and he gets slapped again.
As incompetent as he is, he tends to get a lot accomplished when he works with Ned and company.
Ambulance Chaser: Claire Sawyer, future lawyer, works with her fellow middle schoolers and will work up lawsuits on anyone someone asks her to, no matter how ridiculous the case is.
Granted, in one episode, Ned's lunch crawls off his plate (which was the clip used in the Season 1 intro), but this isn't a common occurrence. With the second season the focus on the show shifted more to the relationships of the characters instead of "Helpful Guides" for fellow middle school students.

The actual guide was seen and updated as the tips were added, while it was rarely seen later on. Seemingly Lampshaded in "Boys," where Ned is so hung about Suzie moving away that he gets tips writing block.
Originally, Cookie was supposed to be a cyborg, with quite a few early episodes even referring to him as such. However, as time went on, this aspect of his character was dropped, and his glasses (with what appears to be a full working operating system installed in them) were the only remnant of this. Sportscasters Willie Gault and Van Earl Wright as commentators in various things not necessarily sports related.
Ash Face: happens to Moze and Suzie when they cause a chemistry explosion in the School Clubs episode. Lampshaded in "Guide to Music Class" when the students in Moze's Music Appreciation class are in pajamas and have pillows on their desks. Combover: I'm getting the feeling that you all think this class is bedtime with a soundtrack. An unintentional funny moment in the Dutch dub, where the obvious Dutch stereotype referee becomes German. Asskicking Pose: Played With, and then hung a lampshade on their playing with it, when Ned and Cookie fought.
They imitated every cliche Ass Kicking Pose possible, then made up before throwing any actual blows.
But the trope is then defied by Moze, who has a leaf blower handy and blasts the banana peels away smack into Ned and Cookie's faces. The backpack Ned gets to replace his old one in "Guide to Backpacks" had an electric fan, confetti guns and a birthday cake, a fully functioning microwave, and a game system with monitor in his backpack.
Mr Sweeney reminds Ned of an upcoming test that he has to pass and shows him the best notebook created for his class in a glass case. When Ned and Cookie find out, Cookie desperately tries to hack into the school's system to switch Ned and Cookie's elective to Life Science, but in the process, accidentally kick Moze out of Life Science and into woodshop. In Guide to Art Class, the art class is running out of money and may have to end after a failed student art auction. After Ned's painting is interpreted as a naked lady, he gets into trouble with the princpal.

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