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Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common. An op-ed on how the decision to move the Lifetime Achievement Oscar off the telecast hurts us all.
Three films starring Gina Lollobrigida have been released on Blu-ray; Glenn Kenny looks at them and her entire career.
A guide to the latest Blu-ray, VOD, and streaming options, including "Fifty Shades of Grey," "American Sniper," and "Blackhat". A dispatch from Sundance including new films by Noah Baumbach, Craig Zobel, and Guy Maddin. I was taken to the Ale House by Tom Devries, my fellow college editor from the Roosevelt Torch.
I returned to the North Avenue drinking scene on New Year's Eve 1966, opening night of the legendary O'Rourke's, two blocks directly west. The bar was owned in recent years by Beatrice Klug and her ex-husband Art Klug, who really did look like Paul Newman. Bea's gift inspired Bruce's blog, The Geriatric Genius, in which Elliott shows himself in the direct line of descent from the Host in the 15th century The Canterbury Tales.
The Host relates the stories of such as the Wife of Bath, the Nun's Priest, the Three Rioters and Old John the Carpenter, "who foolishly marries a lively young girl." Bruce's blog follows the nightly adventures of such regulars as Street Jimmy, Bruce Faggypants, Ruben Nine Toes, D Train, Porn Star, the Cougar, Buzzkill, Larry Asshole, Connie the Crack Whore, Craig the Drunk, Fatal Attraction, Sleepy John, Johnny Ale, and the Counselor, waging their battles against reality. Bruce Cameron Elliott has mastered what Irv Kupcinet called the Lively Art of Conversation. Although Tobi owns the bar, the manager is Grace Littlefeather Elliott, who at 28 rules with a wise and sexy manner. Knowing the Elliotts over the years, I've observed how they raised Gracie as an equal partner in a grown-up family.
We were shown around the house by Scott, an admirer of its low doorways and ceilings, which at times slanted lower still to suit the midget Frank Lloyd.
Bruce brought along his half-Indonesian girlfriend, a big-bosomed stripper named Indy--who, stranded without funds, one night offered to accommodate me for room, board, and a reasonable monthly stipend.
Walking into the back alley from the side of the garage, I saw Bruce Cameron Elliott approaching from behind St.
Bruce gave their daughter the middle name of Littlefeather on grounds it might help her qualify for scholarships.
After the ambiance is established by the Aleers, with Bryan Hollowell on piano and a new drummer Gracie didn't know, Bruce Elliott introduces emcee Andy Shaw, the former Ch.

The only Polish actress ever to become a major Hollywood star, Pola Negri (nee Apolonia Chalupiec), lived a life as exciting as the movies she graced with her presence. The new trailer introduces a few new plot points, including the arrival of the girl Jim used to babysit for. Elsewhere, there’s more Stifler-centric action, with a welcome suggestion that the character has returned to the obnoxious frat-boy of the first two films, rather than the gibbering moron of the third.
Nostalgia is the name of the game with this one, and it’ll be interesting to see how co-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg balance the gross-out gags with the stresses and strains of adult life.
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That bar was destroyed by fire in the 1960s, the customers hosed off, and the Ale House moved directly across the street to its present location, where it has been named Chicago's Best Dive Bar by the Chicago Tribune. Bruce could still preserve his proud record of never having worked a day in his life until his retirement at 65. Chaucer's character is the central figure and narrator of the Tales, the one who knows all the others and is their common bond, yet rarely takes an active role during their pilgrimage. Many people without code names also come in, including talent from Second City across the street and Zanie's comedy club around the corner, and yuppies, cops, robbers and respectable yuppies--whose tales don't interest Bruce. During the 2008 campaign, he received national publicity for "Nude with Hunting Rifle," his painting of Sarah Palin. In the silent years after I lost my voice, I have devised dinner parties simply to invite him.
I've known her since before her birth, and she would have been capable of handling the job after about the age of 10. Tobin's big sister, Karen Conner, strongly opposed Tobi's marriage to the older and never-employed Bruce, who responded with biting sarcasm about her husband, who combed his hair back straight from his forehead, the better to display a good half-inch of silver before the shoe polish set in. Everything was discussed in front of her; given Bruce, anything else would have been impossible.
We marveled at the way Wright sank a well into the ground inside the house so that in summertime electric fans could draw up cooled air from the ground, taking advantage of the location on the St.
We've both lived in the Old Town and Lincoln Park neighborhoods, and I'd encounter him on my rounds.
It contains content gathered from recent past issues and reflects the growing diversity of what's inside the club.
Born in a small Polish town of Lipno in 1894 (while the country was still under a triple occupation by its neighbors), she climbed her way up: first to the theatre stages of Warsaw and then to the budding movie business.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. I remember us walking down to Barbara's Bookstore to get our copies of the legendary New York Herald-Tribune Sunday edition.
The Ale House ambiance made an ideal outpost for Bruce Elliott, the left wing unemployed-by-choice gadfly and social spy. It is he who names them, convenes their nightly meetings, observes what they do, hears their secrets, and tells of their weaknesses.
Yuppies visited the bar twice in the recent indie movie "Other Children," which completely failed to capture its character.

Nobody as boring as George Wendt's Norm has ever been allowed to anchor a regular bar stool. Bruce arrives early in the day, and will soon hear Street Jimmy's secret knock on the side door. Bruce and I met Tobi on the same frigid night in Pat Colander's apartment above the Four Farthings Pub as we snuggled on a sofa under a blanket.
She was always mature beyond her years, and blossomed with her mother's beauty and sardonic wit, and her father's untamed independence. One terrible hangover morning, I woke in my attic apartment at the Dudak's house, yanked on a track suit, and walked directly outside with fear and trembling. After a successful crossover to the much more sophisticated German film industry -- and a happy pairing with its finest director, Ernst Lubitsch -- she starred in the international smash-hit, "Madame Dubarry" (1919).
It is Bruce's gift to know the dirty gossip about everyone I know, and many of those I read about in the paper. He admits Jimmy, and enquires where he slept the night before ("the janitor at Moody Bible Institute lets me be sleepin' on the loading dock, but the janitor at Saint Michael's, he a cracker tight ass and throws me off the steps").
His brother Scott, a dealer in the artifacts of Frank Lloyd Wright, lives in a Wright house in Benton Harbor, Michigan, having relocated there specifically to live in the house.
Bruce runs an art gallery in downtown Benton Harbor, and is a frequent Congressional candidate as a liberal Democrat. Not feeling able to speak with confidence to anyone I might know on the sidewalk, I went down the back stairs and through the back garden, which Pop Dudak had graced with a small pond made by digging out a shallow basin, plastering it and hanging bright Christmas lights from the shrubbery growing above it. Drawing closer, he said: "Seriously, Roger, you've got to do something about your drinking.
Huang Yong Ping chose the name "Wu Zei"because it represents far more than just a giant octopus. Then Beatrice grew ill, and was catered to and cooed over daily by Bruce, his wife Tobin Mitchell, and their daughter Grace Littlefeather Elliott.
Bruce, is the house snoop, gossip, scold, vicious launcher of personal attacks, eavesdropper, sex guru, and the Host who tells a patron he's been over-served. Chaz and I have dined there several times, welcomed by Scott's wife Eileen Cropley, who was a principal dancer with Paul Taylor. At about this time Bruce Faggypants will arrive after his Meta commute from a Western suburb, and begin his job of sweeping out the bar.
When the patron demands another drink, he commands a crack team of unofficial doormen to throw him out on his ass and pitch his coats into the street on top of them. Street Jimmy, back from Walgreen's, is paid with a beer and a bag of BBQ chips dowsed with hot sauce the bar keeps handy for Bloody Marys, and Bruce Faggypants, who at 47 with his mother, will hand him a small brown bag containing an extra sandwich his mom happened to make. The pond was occupied by a floating frog with a florescent orange golf ball glued to its forehead. I remember peanut shells on the floor and a projector grinding through 16mm prints of Charlie Chaplin shorts.

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