With American Horror Story: Asylum kicking off on FX, old and new fans alike may be wondering just who all these people are and what the hell are they doing running around an insane asylum. Who She Is Now: Here, Emmy winner Lange plays Sister Jude, a nun who rules Briarcliff by any means necessary.
Cryptic teaser: With a mad scientist, aliens, Nazis and mysterious creatures in the forest outside the asylum, where does Sister Jude rate? Who she was: The sparsely seen Medium Billie Dean, who first hinted at what was to come in season two. Who she is now: Paulson here plays aspiring reporter Lana Winters, who first heads to Briarcliff for a story but winds up being admitted against her will. Who he is now:In Asylum, Peters switches gears from a murdering rapist to the recently committed Kit Walker, a new inmate at Briarcliff Manor. Who she is now: The French actress plays Grace, an inmate at Briarcliff who is resigned to living her life locked up. Who she was: The baby hungry Nora Montgomery, the original woman of Murder House who spent the bulk of the season sporting an epic gunshot wound to the head.
Cryptic teaser: Shelley gets around both sexually and around the creepy asylum, with a habit of winding up in the right places to become the eyes and ears of the establishment.
Actress Sarah Paulson provided the latest "American Horror Story" season 4 spoilers, revealing some juicy details about the new season of the hit TV series. Sarah Paulson revealed that she will be playing a two-headed woman in the latest installment. There have been very few details on the upcoming season dubbed as "Freak Show", but this confirmed that the filming for the next season has started and hinted that the "Freak Show" is something to really look forward to.
Meanwhile, Wes Bentley was reported to join the cast as the vengeful performer in the "Freak Show".
Sarah Paulson bagged one of the seventeen nominations on the Emmy Awards for her role on "American Horror Story: Coven".
An evangelical pastor spanked women's bare bottoms to administer "spiritual discipline", a court has been told.
UK aid must not facilitate the persecution of Christians, a religious freedom charity said at the launch of an annual league table of the worst countries to be a Christian. Permalink: You are a tattered waste of oxygen who bolsters herself with contempt for others. The lady in white is crying black liquid from her black eyes in one of the promo images, and is being passed around by a rave of patients in the fresh teaser. Four posters from "American Horror Story: Asylum" have been released leading to the upcoming premiere.
Another one-sheet reenacts the promo which features a nun leaving a body trail in the woods. The nun is once again featured in an eighth teaser for the new installment of the FX horror series. Also lined up in the cast ensemble are Adam Levine, Jenna Dewan, Clea Duvall, Chris Zylka, Joseph Fiennes and Chloe Sevign among others. FX has released some new images and a promo for episode 7 from American Horror Story: Coven, entitled “The Dead”, which airs on 20th November. A night out with LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) leads Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) to question her place in the Coven. So with the sophomore season barely a distant memory there has already been news as to who will be returning.

I love all of these actors but I am especially looking forward to seeing what kind of character Rabe will be portraying. Of course the actual premise of season 3 is shrouded in secrecy but we do know that it will be set in modern day and revolve around something “historical”. Ryan Murphy, show creator of “American Horror Story,” announced that the series will be adding interesting characters when it airs again this October to be led by “The New Girl” star Max Greenfield. Murphy even posted a teaser on his Twitter account saying Greenfield will be portrayed like never before seen and he will be checking in to the hotel without the assurance that he will be able to check out eventually. Unfortunately, this exciting news could be short-lived as Murphy is known for basically killing off characters of famous stars who guest or take part in the show. Speaking of Greenfield’s character, it is very hard to imagine him in a horror theme series.
But Greenfield is definitely up for the challenge as he is willing to transform himself from one character to another because that is the real gauge of a true actor. With Greenfield’s official entry to the show, fans are wondering about the unorthodox pattern Murphy has created with the past cast members of the show. Before Greenfield, the other three hotties who were previously part of the show were Matt Bomer, Wes Bently and Cheyenne Jackson. In a weird, but possible theory, Kathy Bates is running this haunting hotel while she has her four sons working for her (Greenfield, Bently, Bomer, and Jackson). Aside from the announcement on Greenfield’s character, it was also announced at the beginning of the year that international music star Lady Gaga will join the cast of the show. The producers also stated that there will be a huge dance competition that will feature Lady Gaga. We may have been dead right in our "American Horror Story: Coven" theory about the next Supreme. With some digging, an easter egg was discovered in the "Coven" opening credits, revealing that Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) may succeed Fiona (Jessica Lange) as Supreme, the coven's most powerful witch.
If you recall, (spoiler alert if you haven't finished "Asylum") Paulson's Lana was the only survivor at the end of the show's second season.
American Horror Story: Freak Show doesn't start filming until July, but production has already begun. The photo depicts the duo having two different personalities -- one with her eyes cast down, while the other is staring into the camera intensely. Two new characters have also been confirmed for the season -- a clown killer and a bearded lady. He has a vision for Briarcliff that may not be in line with his colleagues, including Sister Jude and Dr.
That definitely sounds worse than a do-gooder maid who appears as a young sexually aggressive maid. The show's other nominations include Outstanding Miniseries and acting nominations of Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Frances Conroy.
To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. Debuted exclusively via Entertainment Weekly, one of the images sees a nun with a face as white as porcelain crying black liquid from her black eyes. The other two posters see a nun floating in the hydrobath and a nun walking up the stairs while another woman crawls on the other side of the stairs.
Titled "White Rave", the promo video opens with footage of people raising their hands in the air while techno music plays in the background.

It is set in the 1960s at an institution for the criminally insane on the East Coast, with Jessica Lange playing a nun who is also an administrator of the facility.
Most recently, Franka Potente who starred opposite Matt Damon in the first three "Bourne" films is confirmed to land a two-episode arc as a mysterious patient of the facility. From the images it looks like Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, gets it on with the Axeman, wonderfully played by Danny Huston. Of course the fan favorites, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange are on board, along with Lilly Rabe and Sarah Paulson. After her scintillating performance as possessed nun Sister Mary Eunice she is easily one of my favorite actresses in television.
Snackbar says it's the Wii.JJ Abrams to direct STAR WARS EPISODE VIITop 5 Comic Book Movie TragediesPreview: Interview with actor Brandon Soo Hoo (Ender's Game)NERD OFF - What's the Best Indiana Jones Film? His character’s personality in “The New Girl” is out of this world that is why it is very memorable: hard-working, over-the-top perfectionist, with a passion for love-making and a true romantic at heart. Greenfield also responded to Murphy’s announcement on Twitter by saying that he is happy to be onboard the show and that it is really on. If one would take a look at these four, including Greenfield, it is undeniable that they all look the same: captivating blue eyes, slick, dark hair, and very stunning charisma. This news was made after the show producers announced that Jessica Lange will no longer come back for Season 5. It could be the modern-day Los Angeles or the rugged Hollywood Age setting but, since they will be havng Lady Gaga, it could be the latter. In Murphy’s words, Angela Bassett will be back to wreak havoc in the story with Lady Gaga in the ballroom and elsewhere. When the witches attempt the Seven Wonders in the new episode of "Coven," only one witch, the rightful Supreme, will remain standing.
Cast member Sarah Paulson revealed her role for the upcoming season yesterday and it has AHS fans turning heads! While she respects Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes), she clashes with just about everyone else in the asylum — especially unwanted guests. How every character goes through and processes that determines a lot of interaction and connection,” Quinto says.
The sun was coming up and I didn't get the call and I fell back to sleep and the phone rang.
Instead of a bucket like the one seen in the "Red Rave" promo, this time they pass along a white nun. One of my favorite things about this show is the use of the same actors in different roles. The two newest additions to the cast are Francis Conroy, who has been in both season of AHS, and Taissa Farmiga who played Peter’s love interest, Violet, in the first season. It is possible that Murphy is just drawn to this type of face or there is a method to his madness. Kind of like how Tim Burton does it only each character is actually different…and not tinted blue. Ready?  Hit the jump to meet the cast and characters from FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum!

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