Lenox has introduced its first-ever curved reciprocating saw blade in North America: the Lenox Gold Power Arc Curved Blade. Among its key features are its curved design, T2 Technology and its precision-applied titanium coating, which the company says deliver up to two times the cutting life of standard Lenox straight blades.
The curved design helped optimize the cutting angle for greater efficiency -- and that's backed up by a series of laboratory tests, the company said. Meanwhile, the T2 Technology and titanium coating help disperse heat to prolong the life of the saw blade.
The Gold Power Arc is suitable for wood, metal and extreme heavy metal cutting applications, as well as demolition needs. HBSDealer delves into the importance of color in paint and how dealers can capture more sales.
With almost 2X the strength of Nitrile gloves, and 2X the puncture resistance of Vinyl gloves, these gloves are a great substitute for latex gloves, and a great value relative to Nitrile gloves. Irma is crazy about boys and has had many different crushes, the first being Andrew Hornby (but nothing happened between them),and after she has a sweet friendship with Joel. In Issue #50 her alternate future was a Dolphin Trainer, but in issue #121 her true future is to be a teacher.
Irma loves music, her idol is Karmilla and in the TV Show, she runs K-Ship at Sheffield Institute. Irma's family She lives in a house with her policeman father Tom Lair, her pesky 7 year old half-brother Christopher Lair (who only misbehaves due to copying his sister's immaturity), and Anna Lair, who is her stepmother in the comics and her mother in the animated series. First Form Irma's guardian outfit consits of a teal, slightly off-the-shoulder, New Form long sleeved top with a purple mini-skirt that has a slit at the left side. In the USA theme song, she is shown with the teal shirt and purple skirt in the beginning, but in the end of the song, her clothes switch colors. Irma in her element Irma in her element form Irma has the elemental ability to control and manipulate the element of Water and all of its three forms whether liquid, solid, or gas.
Irma also has the ability to manipulate the magical energy of water, which is manifested in the form of rays of turquoise. Later when the Guardians powers are fueled by the mystical energy used to create the Veil, they begin manifesting new, stronger powers and abilities.
Irma also displays more control with her power over water able to freeze and evaporate it at will, dehydrating, AKA sucking the water out of beings, and creating a gigantic version of herself out of pure liquid water using herself as a nexus of this watery giant. When she becomes one with the water dragon in "Z is for Zenith", she changes into a pure liquid water-like being. Martin Tubbs has a crush on Irma and since the beginning he tried to get her attention and trying to flirt with her. In issue #50 a possible future shows that Irma has become interested in Martin who grows up to be a handsome young man. In Planet Boys, Matt's cousin, Sean, shows to be interested into Irma and flirts with her openly and confident. Joel, a friend of Matt has recently become close with Irma as they have many things in common, and also talking for hours about the subjects they love.
In the new series, Irma finally has an actual boyfriend, named Stephen, who is a relatively new character in the story.
In the animated series Irma never gets a boyfriend; though Martin still has a crush on her and she continues to have a crush on Andrew. For her, the best thing is Karmilla's new album, a big chocolate ice cream, and summertime in the beach.
In the Animated Series, Irma is the only member of the Guardians who did not become a Trance Marcher. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are using advances in magnet technology to propose a new design for a practical compact tokamak fusion reactor.
We’re all tired of the old joke that practical nuclear fusion power plants are just 30 years away, and always will be. The proposed reactor, using a tokamak (donut-shaped) geometry that is widely studied, is described in a paper in the journal Fusion Engineering and Design, co-authored by Whyte, PhD candidate Brandon Sorbom, and 11 others at MIT.

The new reactor is designed for basic research on fusion and also as a potential prototype power plant that could produce significant power. Fusion, the nuclear reaction that powers the sun, involves fusing pairs of hydrogen atoms together to form helium, accompanied by enormous releases of energy. While most characteristics of a system tend to vary in proportion to changes in dimensions, the effect of changes in the magnetic field on fusion reactions is much more extreme: The achievable fusion power increases according to the fourth power of the increase in the magnetic field. As the new superconductors do not produce quite a doubling of the field strength, they are strong enough to increase fusion power by about a factor of 10 compared to standard superconducting technology, Sorbom explained. The world’s most powerful planned fusion reactor, a huge device called ITER that is under construction in France, is expected to cost around a stunning money pit equivalent of $40 billion. Another key advance in the new design is a method for removing the fusion power core from the donut-shaped reactor without having to dismantle the entire device. In addition, as with ITER, the new superconducting magnets would enable the reactor to operate in a sustained way, producing a steady power output, unlike today’s experimental reactors that can only operate for a few seconds at a time without overheating of copper coils.
Another key advantage is that most of the solid materials used to line the fusion chamber in such reactors are replaced by a liquid material that can easily be circulated and replaced, eliminating the need for costly replacement procedures as the materials degrade over time. Right now, as designed, the reactor should be capable of producing about three times as much electricity as is needed to keep it running, but the design could probably be improved to increase that proportion to about five or six times, Sorbom said.
The design could produce a reactor that would provide electricity to about 100,000 people, they say. The MIT team deserves an applause for taking up the challenge of updating the Tokamak design with modern magnetic technology. The MIT team is a very bright group of young minds that one hopes is encouraged to look at all the fusion ideas and apply their skill set to see which concept would be most assisted by their abilities. When the guardians, during the final battle to free Kandrakar from Dark Mother, are finally united through Yan Lin's effort, they call forth all of their magic and combined the which resulted into summoning a new element, colder than winter, warmer than the stars, who is the incarnation of the Guardians unbreakable friendship. The entity has the appearance of a female figure made up of white energy, and inside her, giving her power, are the bracelets that Matt gives to the Guardians when each one of them manages to find the roots of their powers, with the shape of the elements' signs.
Irma almost always wants to be center stage, and, depending on the person, can or can't hold grudges for long. She eventually starts controlling and manipulating bodies of liquid water to stop rushing water or create shapes like swords and can create a bubble of water filled with air to travel underwater.
Irma gains the power and ability of mind control, able to influence and control people's actions, such as making her father go easy on her to avoid grounding or breaking another free from outside mind control. Irma's newest power is known as Scrying, the ability to foresee her present and future in various fluids and in lucid dreams.
Irma is the only one in the comics who never had a relationship before, but unlike the others she tried the most to get a boy's attention.
Thanks to powerful new magnet technology, the much smaller, less-expensive ARC reactor would deliver the same power output as a much larger reactor. The reduction in size, in turn, makes the whole system less expensive and faster to build, and also allows for some ingenious new features in the power plant design.
The paper published in Fusion Engineering and Design started as a design class taught by Whyte and became a student-led project after the class ended. The basic reactor concept and its associated elements are based on well-tested and proven principles developed over decades of research at MIT and around the world, the team said. The hard part has been confining the superhot plasma, a form of electrically charged gas, while heating it to temperatures hotter than the cores of stars. Sorbom and the MIT team estimate that the new design, about half the diameter of ITER (which was designed before the new superconductors became available), would produce about the same power at a fraction of the cost and in a shorter construction time. That makes it especially well-suited for research aimed at further improving the system by using different materials or designs to fine-tune the performance. So far, no fusion reactor has produced as much energy as it consumes, so this kind of net energy production would be a major breakthrough in fusion technology, the team said. Devices of a similar complexity and size have been built within about five years, they say.
ITER has been since its inception another bridge too far program, and remains so to this day, with commitments blanking out any new technological innovation.

The entity that they have conjured battled Dark Mother easily and did its ultimate purpose, which is to imprison the Queen, trapping the former elemental queen for eternity into a prison of rock and turn herself into rock to guard it. Despite her tendency to joke around when faced with a problem, she is a kindhearted person who cares about those she has relationships with. Her shirt gets modified into a tank top that displays her Guardian emblem across the chest and covers her whole stomach area. She can also control and manipulate the liquid water in the clouds to make it rain and control water pressure allowing water under her control to grab objects or even slice through metal, rock, steel, iron, and leather with ease.
She cannot override the effects of the Horn of Hypnos or Nerissa's enthrallment spell, but when the power of those things weaken she is able to break it. Even before the start of the series, in a special; The Year Before, she was shown looking for a boyfriend. This first happened when she used her Guardian form to get into a club and meeting a popular boy from school, called Andrew Hornby.
When Irma's Astral Drop promised Martin to go on a date, the real Irma was forced to go with him despite her wishes. They suggest the era of practical fusion power, which could offer a nearly inexhaustible energy resource, may be coming near. The era of practical fusion power, which could offer a nearly inexhaustible energy resource, may be coming near. This is where the magnetic fields are so important – they effectively trap the heat and particles in the hot center of the device. One expects that even at ? the size, the MIT concept would also be a bridge too far program. Their mission is to protect Kandrakar, the center of the universe, and the other planets from evil. Rudolph's cookies without a care for them possibly being poisoned, unlike the other more cautious Guardians. In the animated series she can create water out of thin air and attacks mostly with blasts of liquid water that she creates from her hands. She goes as far as believing in one episode that a one off character named, Jewel, who has special psychic abilities, will keep his promise that he'll tell her who her boyfriend is going to be.
However he ended up trying to kiss her too soon and accidentally Irma turned him into a toad.
Despite her feelings and her dislike towards Martin, she finds herself enjoying it and finds Martin funny.
Irma also often tries to get Martin jealous with her being with Joel but it does not seem work.
Later on Astral Irma has become so sick of Martin that she calls him a dork and says to leave her alone in front of him. Irma also has a hard time focusing on Joel with Martin nearby implying she herself is starting to like Martin, or always liked him without knowing it and now with him not giving his full attention to her, she is obviously missing it. However, she admits to Joel that she likes him and embraced him in the process, which Joel replied that he also liked her.
When the Astral Drops disappear Irma notices Martin ignoring her and tries to follow him and ask him to help her for homework again. Despite this, they never seem to actually make it clear that their relationship is romantic, implying that the two meant that what they said was just as good friends. Finally, later Irma talks to him and she tells Martin to give up on them ever being more than friends.
Martin understands and does not mind having a friendship with her, and so Martin became one of Irma's best friends.

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