We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Top 10 Most Powerful Nuclear Explosions Oct 29,2012 - by Syed 4 Nuclear war is something for which everyone should be prepared at all times.
This bomb was tested by the Russians using more than 50 megatons of TNT and a number of other materials, thus making this nuclear explosion as the most powerful of them all.
Thanks for your comment, they have been included in the list, as the title of the article is top 10 most powerful nuclear explosions, so in lines with the title, only those atomic and nuclear bombs have been included which have been tested from time to time.
The reactors are located in four different prefectures and are all on the less densely populated west coast, which is also less vulnerable to tsunamis than the east coast. Nuclear power remains the most immediate solution to reduce Japan’s expensive energy imports, and these reactors could offer the country a chance to slowly bring nuclear power back online. However, even these plants will have to deal with new, lengthy safety inspections, and they will likely not restart until 2014 at the earliest — and then only if they do not face major opposition at the local level. Nuclear weapons are the most unethical and the most dangerous mass destruction weapon ever created.
The Non-Proliferation Treaty makes sure that the nuclear weapons don’t spread and five nuclear power countries have promised to restrict their nuclear stockpiles such as US, France, China and England. Let’s imagine for a minute what would happen if the weapons got into the wrong hands? I personally believe that all nuclear weapons should be wiped out because it’s actually no use for them except for provoking and bringing fear.

Kennedy drew a line on the map and stated that if Russia’s fleet crossed the line, it would mean a nuclear war.
What if the nuclear weapons today would get in the hands of terrorists or people without any moral? The advent of nuclear and the most powerful atomic bombs had started right after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. The yield was more than or nearly 50 megatons of TNT, as the Russians did not plan to destroy their own aircraft or to generate a number of ethical questions from the whole world. Despite widespread apprehension in Japan about nuclear power following the Fukushima disaster in 2011 that led to the shutdown of all of the country’s 54 nuclear reactors, the plan to restart the reactors may succeed for a few reasons. Additionally, their type and age will likely make it easier for the reactors to pass newly established safety standards. Israel, India, Pakistan and Cuba are currently outside and haven’t signed the agreement because nuclear countries are not willing to renounce the weapons and the privileges to use them.
I’m sure that large parts of the world would be destroyed in minutes, millions of people dead and even more left behind injured for life, and what would be left for the next generation? They have always been against each other and has come together to stop more countries to get in hold of nuclear weapons while they refuse to get rid of it their own. US and Russia has always been competitors and enemies, but when Russia’s ally Cuba allowed them to place nuclear weapons too close that US felt threatened, President Kennedy sat his foot down. We are living in a century were interests and benefits go before the safety of the citizens and I’m worried about the future.

Finally, unlike much of the rest of the country, the local governments in the prefectures housing the plants that applied for restart are either neutral or pro-nuclear power.
Nuclear weapons have a major place as weapon in the system, but the radioactivity and the enormous explosive makes it unsuitable and inhuman to use in war. Instead they commit each other through an agreement to never use their weapons, so why are they in possession and use time and resources on something that would never be used? These effects do not only annihilate the area where the bomb is dropped, but also comes to effectuate the nearby localities and residences. As the Russian fleet came closer to the line, Kennedy changed his mind about starting a nuclear war and instead called out the US fleets.
In the past a number of nuclear tests have been made, most of which have never been recorded for a number of purposes. May 13, 2015 Are Nagasaki And Hiroshima Still Radioactive? May 6, 2012 HeldervaxAny chance you have a link to a bit more info on the experiment that sent the tardigrades into space, I’m curious about the ones that hatched from the eggs of the ones that were sent into space.
If we could condition them to survive in the vacuum of space unprotected we could learn a lot about how to protect ourselves from radiation, hell, maybe even a way to utilize it or clean it up.

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