Please Note that you are viewing the non-styled version of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency website. The Ohio EMA Training and Exercise Section coordinates and conducts the Ohio Emergency Management and Homeland Security Training and Exercise programs. From this page, you can find information on current courses being offered through Ohio EMA. The goal of the exercise program is to improve the overall readiness and capabilities of emergency response by validating training, emergency plans, and procedures to identify strengths and areas for improvement, demonstrate operational capabilities, and to prepare personnel to respond to real world incidents, regardless of the threat or hazard. According to the 2016 Presidential Proclamation, Americans are encouraged to observe this week by volunteering in service projects across our country – and in our state – and pledging to make service a part of our daily lives. News in :90 is our weekly compilation of ODPS events and social media comments from the previous week – all in 90 seconds! The Safer Ohio App—Ohio’s multi-function, mobile public safety tool for reporting suspicious activity, requesting emergency or roadside help, and monitoring traffic conditions. Adds emergency contact information to your driving record, for law enforcement purposes only, in the event one of your family members would need to be contacted regarding an emergency situation.
You can now allow your emergency contact person(s) to share your current medical information with medical professionals providing emergency medical treatment, if you are ever involved in an emergency or otherwise unable to communicate. A safer future through effective partnerships committed to saving lives and reducing the impact of disasters.
The Ohio Emergency Management Agency received a special grant of federal funds identified by Senator George Voinovich for renovations to the State EOC. The Data Management Branch (IT) moved from the new executive room area to the operations room across the hall. The former area of the Assessment Room and Annex was modified to break-out rooms which can convert from one to three break-out rooms, using folding partition and glass partition walls. Radio Maintenance Bay: The radio maintenance bay allows Ohio EMA, Highway Patrol and ODNR communications maintenance workers to bring vehicles into a closed environment for radio maintenance and testing.

Executive Room: The governor, Ohio EMA executive director and lead agency staff work in the executive room during an emergency.
Operations Room: The emergency operations center, or operations room, is where agencies congregate to conduct a coordinated response to a disaster situation. Assessment Suite: The assessment suite consists of the assessment room, the assessment annex and the advanced planning room. Joint Information Center: The JIC is the physical (or virtual) operation where public information staff representing all agencies and organizations involved in incident management activities coordinate and disseminate official, accurate and consistent information in a timely manner to the public and media. Our audience includes state and local emergency management professionals, first responders, volunteer organizations, private organizations and other partners that are focused on keeping Ohio safe from all hazards, natural or man-made. If you have a profile please access the Public Safety Training Campus in the left panel and login to view and register for courses.
Class sizes are usually limited and students are encouraged to enroll early to ensure a seat in the class. The exercises focus on the four (4) phases of emergency management, which are mitigation (prevention), preparedness, response, and recovery.
This is accomplished through the implementation of the building block approach for exercises and exercise activities, including seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, drills, functional exercises, and full-scale exercises. The facility’s purpose is to enhance the state’s capabilities to respond to disasters and emergencies, and to improve coordination among state agency partners. The two-story structure is actually two buildings in one, with a steel frame structure built over a concrete structure for maximum disaster protection. In 2010, the agency completed necessary technology upgrades to the operations and assessment rooms.
IT’s move included upgrading the telephone room and moving the computer server room and associated technology. In the event of an actual emergency or training exercise, the room can be converted to a workroom and briefing (conference) area for the media.

The bay also serves as the storage facility for Ohio EMA communications vehicle and ODNR mobile command center. During a typical emergency, approximately 20 agencies are actively involved in emergency operations. This suite provides the tools and resources needed to assess and provide information to the operations and executive rooms. We also coordinate with other federal and state training providers and are the State Administrative Agency (SAA) point of contact.
If you do not have a profile, you must create a new profile to access the course listing and to register for course offerings that interest you. Note that while courses are usually filled on a first come, first served basis, on occasion other criteria are used to select students for courses. And now, in 2013, the EOC and its adjacent rooms were modified and reconfigured, to allow state agency representatives to function more efficiently. This modification will assure efficient coordination between officials in the Executive Room and public information officers.
That area now facilitates the new Assessment Room, the Assessment Annex and the Advance Planning Room. The operations room accommodates 52 workstations, appropriately identified by Emergency Support Functions, and includes the command and control stations.
For more information please see the applicable course announcement or current TRAINING PLAN AND CATALOG.

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