Here at The Bear Grylls Survival Academy we offer a variety of courses at different extremity levels and for all audiences from kids to outdoor enthusiasts to hardcore adventurers.
Training CourseA Typical Day on this CourseThe course teaches everything from self-protection, stalking and survival techniques to foraging, astro-navigation and river crossings ensuring a thorough knowledge of all that Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) encompasses. All the above speaks for itself but Bear Grylls Survival Academy wanted to ensure that we left successful candidates with more than just a fun, action packed course and memories.
With courses popping up all over the globe we need to recruit freelance instructors to work as a part of the team.

As continued professional development, there will be an introduction to wilderness first aid, maintenance and care of technical climbing equipment and the first step to a professional teaching qualification. We have many success stories of guys and girls coming through the instructors academy who are now working directly with Bear's team on TV shoots, recces and stunts.
Our team of instructors are regularly being sent around the world taking training sessions on Bear's unique survival techniques to new and potential partners and assuring quality control. Candidates will also receive membership to the British Institute for Outdoor Learning and Education, and be eligible to advance to levels two and three within Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses which provide a platform to gain a Mountain Leader qualification, and attaining a professional teaching award.

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