Good books can come from all sorts of places so I thought I’d share some of the ways I find the next books for my to-read list. When I first got back into reading lots only one source of these worked, the classics but I found as I read more and talked to others about what I was reading they started talking to me about similar books they’d read. If Goodreads fails me (which is rare) there’s also a lot of facebook groups that try and connect authors and readers together to help them find each other and help them find books as well as many pages which share ebook links daily of their recommendations. Books other people have read and raved about, old classics I was told about long ago and am only now getting around to reading and finally Amazon’s recommendations themselves. It also helps you find books by the same author as you’ve already read and even get into contact with those authors too.

The books graphic has 3 books stacked on top of each, or you can separate each book to make it look individual book icon.
The books icon is created in Photoshop using shape layers, and you can easily change the size of the graphic without losing quality. Free Printable Books of the Bible List that you can use to teach children or adults about the 66 Bible books. This is a great free printable to help you learn and teach the Books of the Bible List to children at homeschooling or church.
Print this Books of the Bible List free using your laser or inkjet printer, and put it on a visible place at school.

Yo can choose 2 different designs of scroll that includes the Bible Books from Old and New Testament from Genesis to Apocalypse and also Books of the Bible List in Spanish. There’s always a thread somewhere with authors offering free ebooks in exchange for your honest review.

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