The style draws a lot of inspiration from popular apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction and films. While apocalyptic fashion takes a lot of inspiration from Cyber Goth and Cyber Punk style clothing – in its masses of hoods, layers of black clothing and asymmetrical designs – there is one major difference. On an alternative side of the spectrum, when it comes to boots and accessories the more hardware they have, the better. It's the end of the world as we know it lately at the cinema, with pictures like Daybreakers and The Book of Eli positing a future where most of humanity has been wiped out, but those who remain have a very heightened sense of style.
Well, post apocalyptic is referring to the time after a catastrophic event, usually a nuclear war, technology war on humans or biblical end of the world. It’s about time we stepped into the popular desert sand world of post apocalyptic fashion with our gas masks in one hand out our laptops in the other. One major example is Mad Max’s tribal, alternative and leathery desert looks with a bit of machinery thrown in!

It takes the industrial and DIY look of the Rivethead, the futuristic weapons and Victorian influences of Steampunk, the Mohawks and warrior style of Punk and the futuristic cuts of clothes from Cyberpunk and Cyber Goth. Cyber styles rely on plastic fabrics while apocalyptic fashion prefers durable, natural fabrics like sturdy leathers, cotton and wool. You have been living by your own means in the middle of a desert, diving under piles of ashen machinery whenever a stranger comes into sight! It’s a genre that’s huge what with films like Mad Max and series like The Walking Dead, oh and we can’t forget our own impending doom with global warming!
But you can’t forget other favourites like the Riddick series, The Book of Eli, The Road and The Hunger Games. Not to mention it’s been a huge stylistic inspiration for designers and Cosplayers alike for years. But please, don't let this list end here -- comment at the bottom of the page and let us know what your favorites are from the world of haute holocaust couture.

We're talking, of course, about the Biker Fetish look that has dominated so many post-apocalyptic films. By the second picture, The Road Warrior, other tertiary and supporting characters adopted the look as well, some even choosing to cover their faces in leather. But perhaps even more difficult to accept than this casting was the question of how her character, Aunty Entity, managed to get that fancy chainmail dress and bouffed-out hairstyle of hers in a nuclear-ravaged desert-land.

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