I wasn’t expecting that much from Aftermath after looking at the cast list but it turned out to be one of those ?post apocalyptic horror movies that takes you by surprise. Now I don’t want to be cruel here but the reason I did not expect much out of this film is due to the inclusion of Edward Furlong. The problem here is that Hollywood is not so much of a fan – he ends up in pretty shitty movies quite frequently. I can still remember him alongside Arnie in the second helping of the Terminator trilogy and I thought he was great. A lot of the post apocalyptic horror movies I have come across over the last decade have tried very hard to be something they are not.
We do not get to see much of the barren wastelands of Earth in this story – we are stuck in an old farmhouse much like Night of The Living Dead.
Our cast is not really introduced to us at either – they are just all thrown together in a basement and we have to learn about them as the film goes on. As I mentioned above the characters of the film all end up in the basement of a farmhouse where they are attempting to hole up for at least a month to avoid radiation poisoning.
The film evolves through the situation in the basement as we see the characters go through Isolation and mistrust.
Even though the film was not based on zombies it took a great deal of influence from the classic zombie situations. Being locked inside a farmhouse basement gave the film a claustrophobic feel that reminded me of a zombie movie. But lets not kid ourselves here – there are far to many post apocalyptic horror movies out there and not all of them are worthwhile. Thankfully the tight knit scenes in the farmhouse basement made this film much more of a worthwhile experience.
The actors were strong and the cinematography was impressive enough not to look low budget. I’m not saying that this film is going to be the next Book of Eli – far from it in fact!
John Cartwright on How to print out a list of all BBC news headlines with the command line. Infection Z is a gripping new post apocalyptic novel from Ryan Casey, the bestselling author of Dead Days. The hit post apocalypse series, Dead Days -- get all the episodes and all the season box sets right through here. A nail biting conclusion to the Chloe series, A New World is the latest post apocalyptic hit from Ryan Casey, author of Infection Z and Dead Days.? Chloe is finally enjoying her childhood. Sunlight is a gripping post apocalyptic suspense thriller from the author of the hit Dead Days series. Want New Release Updates?Sign up to Ryan Casey's newsletter for new release notifications & exclusive goodies! If you have forgotten your username or password, you can request to have your username emailed to you and to reset your password.
Here are some recent character designs for a couple of personal world-building settings I'm developing for the purpose of expanding my portfolio.

I'm really trying to step up my game so I can find a studio job and would greatly appreciate any crits. These are two IPs that I'm working on that I think lend themselves to a good range of possibilities.
Man most of them are out of balance but the real problem to me is that they are not related to anything, the design isn't strong at all.
No, in general when i do a design, even if i have total freedom of choice, i try to use some real references of a culture or something like that. Good colors but like the others he is completely off of balance, it's not believable like this. I've played with it a little bit since to try to make the issues less noticeable but I think to really fix it, I got to think of something else to do with those arms. Unfortunately since that film things have drastically gone downhill for him and they don’t look like picking up any time soon ( unfortunately! Aftermath managed to stay away from that due to Peter Engert’s ( the director ) simplistic view. Like all decent post apocalyptic horror movies we are also treated to the lingering effects of radiation poisoning. He played a very dark and selfish character that took main stage throughout many scenes in the film. I also thought the premise of the film was done very well – they handled the nuclear attack with good quality CGI and effects. There’s no getting away from the fact it was a reasonably low budget indie film that was made well. Even if you are not a fan of post apocalyptic horror movies this is still very watchable and enjoyable.
This is very cool.Don DeGregori on How to print out a list of all BBC news headlines with the command line. When a devastating attack rocks the gates of New Britain, Hayden must find a way to step out of his comfort zone one final time if he is to save his own life, and the lives of those he loves. Packed with the author's trademark page-turning suspense, complex characters and unpredictable twists and turns, Infection Z is sure to delight fans of all things apocalyptic. When Chloe encounters a brutal group of bandits, she makes a staggering discovery: her long-estranged father might be alive, and in mortal danger. Chloe is doing everything she can to lead a group of survivors through a perilous post apocalyptic world. But when a disastrous revolt plunges the island into chaos, Chloe is forced to flee for her own safety, and has no choice but to rescue a baby girl in the process. Both thrilling and subtle, horrifying and heartwarming, Sunlight is a riveting journey through a dark and dangerous world quite like no other. We have a enormous databse of backgrounds for each computer, all u have to do is to go to the desired category and select the category that describes best the wallpapers u are looking for.
When you fill in your registered email address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password. They works in order to express what they are but that's it, there's no cool factor, no particular influences, nothing intriguing about them.

This is because when we see a human being of any shape we tend to relate to him, the more elements we recognize the more we relate. Therefore I like most of the designs, the only thing that is really needed are some accents or main points.
Pursued by bloodthirsty zombies and horrifying foes, Chloe must find a way to save her father's life and her own skin before her ruthless enemies spread their chilling reign of terror even further. But when she makes a staggering discovery in a mysterious, abandoned town, she is forced to step up and steer the group towards a final beacon of hope: a rumoured safe haven many miles across the country. It takes place in relatively near future where commercial space endeavors are common place but still technologically restricted to our own solar system. I'll make you a very simple example on how it works, let's pretend that we have to do an hunter that needs to catch food for his family. None of them have special gear parts that cause unsymetrical accents or would make the characters silhouette recognizable.
I'm not sure if your painting on one layer, but if you are make a background layer and a character layer. We start off with his character being stuck outside in Texas as the bombs begin to fall and we follow him through the remainder of the story. The title "Primum Mobile" refers to the ninth sphere of heaven or the abode of angels described in Dante's Paradiso. It doesn't matter if it's sci-fi, fantasy, retro futuristic or cultural realistic background, the hunter must have a certain type of gear with him like a water can, some kind of silent weapon, some camouflage dress, some pockets.
I think characters are interesting at the point you remember them, so they need distinctive elements on them. If we see a man with a sun protection tool (an hat) and some clothes or gear that protect the internal legs side we automatically think that he's going to ride something alive, probably out of a city. Those kind of stuff makes your designs believable and easily recognizable, a quick example that i can think out of the bat where the aliens from Stargate, those where extremely good designed and essentially they was a readaptation of Egyptian pyramid culture, of the same theme there where even some squads from Unreal Tournament. The hood-girl with the mask for example - her hood could extent over her whole body in a somehow special and creative way, this would give her this "hood theme" and makes her therefore recognizable through an exaggerated element that shows over the entire design.
Make it kinda triangle formed and you'd have not only a very stable form, but also one of the strongest and most recognizable relatet to the whole figure. Find a few character artists that blow you away and make a file with a few of their pieces.
Once you have your design down and all you have to do is paint keep their work open and try your hardest to match their level of finish. That way you can get some peer feedback on your designs before spending 15 + hours on something that might be tossed.

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