With Cormac McCarthy's The Road hitting theaters this week, it made us think back on all our favorite post-apocalyptic films and videogames and consider just how we might survive them. At the 2014 Game Developers Choice Awards, the survival horror video game The Last of Us won top honors including Game of the Year, Best Design and Best Narrative. DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival horror video game in development by Bohemia Interactive. Comparing with other zombie survival FPS games, DayZ is fun to play not only for killing zombies, but also for the competition among players. Last year, Louis Pierre-Farand and Julien Cury, both veterans of Ubisoft Montreal formed Pixyul Studios and announced their ambitious first project ReRoll. In order to accurately represent those locations, Pixyul wants to photograph and 3D map thousands of real-world places using civilian drones equipped with digital cameras. In recent years, many post-apocalyptic video games came out showing human's fear, perplexity, and selfish. Money in the Bank Figure out what the most valuable commodity of this new world is going to become and stock up on it.
With that in mind, we here at IGN whipped up our own "Post-Apocalyptic Survival Guide" to give you a fighting chance when the bombs fall or the sun dies out or the Earth stops spinning on its axis. Post-apocalyptic survival games are getting popular in the market and games of this genre comes forth with different qualities. Players must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies and other players to live as far as possible in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus.
Though the graphics is not as good as currently popular games and it has many bugs, players are still addicted to it.
Nether will feature persistent online worlds where players are left to live their own stories, create alliances and secure safe houses to survive.
ReRoll is an action survival game which will use real world locations as players attempt to survive the gradual collapse of human civilization. This game is still in development and you can expect to see the first playable prototype of part of the world in mid 2015. Different from zombie survival FPS MMOs, post-apocalyptic survival MMOs are more inclined to actual survival aspects like adventures and skills. Players need to pay attention to the harsh climate conditions and other aspects of survival environment as well as eat, sleep, learn, combat and try every method to survive. No matter they are multiplayer online or not, simple shooting games can't meet the needs of players while diversified gameplay brings changes to post-apocalyptic games.
But here are a few tips and tricks to try and survive what will no doubt be the worst thing to ever happen to you in your life.

Here are three post-apocalyptic survival MMOs you can't miss which are not just about shooting zombies. A decade after an unknown cataclysm destroys humanity, the survivors in the world of Nether work just to get by.
On the other hand, the introduction of multiplayer online gives players more confidence to face the enemy in the post-apocalyptic world as well as tell them to beware of their own kind. From here, you can either distribute it as a means of making friends and allies, or you can horde it and make yourself the invaluable and merciless leader of a township that depends solely on you to survive. Wandering the shattered bones of once-great cities, those left behind scavenge, make alliances, fight bandits and live in fear of the mutated creatures that hunt them. He gave up EVERYTHING for these ungrateful people and survived only because he went temporarily crazy and had to save a hallucinated baby under the direction of his ghost son. You know that guy who helped you fight your way through the hungry hordes and aided you in getting that resource you desperately needed to survive? Well, he desperately needs it too, and that awkward pressure you feel is the barrel of his weapon against the back of your skull. Turns out, this is also the key to surviving any kind of man-made or environmental world-ending holocaust.
Let's face it, whatever way this breaks -- Mad Max-style wasteland, nuclear aftermath, etc. If the deserts have risen up and covered the planet, you're gonna need a good set of lightweight boots. If the sun has died and the ice has reclaimed the earth, you'll need a warmer, heavier pair. Or at least know your size should you come across any freshly-dead, as-of-yet-unpilfered corpses.
I hope the City of Lights is real and Jaha saves the day, again, by finding it with Murphy and his band of merry men. Mostly, however, the steeds have been made up like armored warhorses and the cars have been stripped and caged and modified to look like razor-covered death machines that go from zero-to-decapitation in 3.6 seconds. People don't generally survive long enough in the deep freeze of another ice age to start up a fashion trend, but in the event of a cold-weather apocalypse, we'd suggest something Nordic inspired. So if you're looking to get somewhere fast, you're probably going to have to kill a few bitches and steal their ride. It'll keep you warm, but allow you enough maneuverability to combat marauders or climb to the next highest peak.
Strange that we don't see more highly weathered Old Navy after "The Rapture." You'd figure that with all the looting, it'd be everywhere… See?

Apparently, there is no possible post-apocalyptic future in which anything that isn't brown, green or gray survives.
So if you're a fan of bright, shiny, colorful things, you're gonna be outta luck if you don't bring it with you. If it's a Matrix-esque, futuristic environment, you might want to get comfortable with both, but chances are good that the world will gravitate toward one or the other. The guns will probably be something you had with you at home, or stole from an empty Wal-Mart.
And that if you can just make it alive, there's a chance at having a full life surrounded by community and law and order. And for some reason, the roving bands of baddies will seemingly have raided a military base for all the firepower they're packin', but load up on ammo and snag yourself both a long-range rifle and a side-arm. So we hope that you enjoy walking and eating horses and fighting bandits and praying that your feet don't rot right off your body, cuz that's what you're in for until you're either caught by the crazies or the irradiated ash finally fills your lungs.
But if you do what we've told you here, you should survive in this miserable new world a little longer than previously expected. She didn’t bond with the Arkers because she had to stay hidden from her birth onward. Secondly, you could face a more organized band of intelligently savage and punkish marauders. These guys aren't former blue-collar workers driven to madness; these are crazy people looking to build their own lawless kingdom. It's also possible that you could encounter a morally grey and kingly despot, intent on rebuilding society at any awful cost, but that's a much bigger battle. He and Bellamy hatched a plan, Lincoln was supposed to create a diversion so Bellamy could sneak in… But instead, he took a hit of the red drug and let Bellamy get taken in chains.
Her favorite shows of all-time are Battlestar Galactica and Lost, and she's always happy to talk about her cats. In post-apocalyptic society, the last vestige of your humanity is defined by your avoidance of cannibalism.

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