More than 600 million people in the northern and eastern parts of India lost power on Tuesday, putting roughly half of India’s population in the dark. Some analysts said public outrage over the widespread outages may force Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government to tackle reforms in the crisis-riddled power sector. So another point related when looking at power reliability, is energy security in the light of extreme weather events. And it is safest when you spread the energy with a smart grid, when millions of electric car owners batteries become the energy storage points.
If India just forgot about increasing coal while it was deploying it’s solar infrastructure they would be sitting in the dark for THE NEXT 90 YEARS!
Maybe China should ship their spare solar technology to India (for distributed power) and the USA can make our own. So, it wouldn’t have anything to do with India’s decrepit electrical transmission infrastructure?
India plans to add only 88,000 megawatts (from a Reuters report from today) and it will take them 5 years to do it! In the weeks leading up to the failure, extreme heat had caused power use to reach record levels in New Delhi.
A senior director for an Indian power company described the outage as “a fairly large breakdown that exposed major technical faults in India’s grid system. Obviously India needs to cut down all of its forests to make room for clean green solar panels and wind turbines.
The CNN report touched on increased use of electricity for air conditioning and agricultural irrigation, as the monsoon rains have been delayed. Coal power networks are politically corrupt in India, China, and the United States, including the coal producers, utilities, and politicians. Mike that is a nice article loaded with info but it does not indicate serious action by China or India and I don’t believe the US will take a leadership role for many years to come. One difference between solar and fossil fuels is that most home or village solar installations require labor. We can trace the too big to care phenomenon back to 19th century railroads, early 20th century steel mills and 1920s coal mines, none of which cared for worker safety or welfare.
There’s no reason for our electric companies to care if our power works, not until we have enough blackouts again and again and again, which enrages citizens to vote out some pro-business Congresspeople. This Times of India informative article (12 July 2012) predicts power outages and reviews the main causes. The Indian middle class needs the electricity for air-conditioning, computers, plasma TVs etc, while a couple of hundred million Indians, surplus to requirement, would love just a single bulb.
India is a country riven by class inequality, but is so ancient a civilization that they have turn such injustice into an hereditary system of intractable caste differences, and made a religion out of it. Collapse, Environmental Science, Politics, Economics, with a Dash of Sky-is-Falling Paranoia. A blackout that swept across parts of the Southwest and Mexico apparently began with a single utility worker and a minor repair job. How it then rippled from that worker in the Arizona desert, to southern California and across the border, plunging millions of people into darkness, has authorities and experts puzzled, especially since the power grid is built to withstand such mishaps. That same year, Congress required utilities to comply with federal reliability standards for the electricity grid, instead of self-regulation. An increase in the Illinois minimum wage would help working families hardest hit by the recession and provide a boost to the economy. The focus of this article is to explore the vicious and unlawful history of US intervention in Iran's government.
American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. Experience an American Blackout in this immersive interactive site that leads you through a catastrophic blackout over ten days. See the trailer for American Blackout, the story of a national power outage, told by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. City Power has condemned a statement by SAMWU that it will bring a total power blackout to Johannesburg and its suburbs.

SAMWU stated the intended strike is protected, yet the CCMA has not issued a certificate allowing the strike action, added City Power. South African operators continue to battle criminals who are wrecking mobile networks, and leaving people without communication services. At least six government departments have been red-flagged for underspending or slow spending of money allocated for key programmes. The more urgent issue for Gauteng motorists is a need to resolve the ongoing impasse regarding payment or non-payment of e-tolls, the AA said on Tuesday. To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser.
FILE - A group of men walk down a street without electricity late in the besieged rebel bastion of Douma, northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus on Nov. For the first time since the eruption of civil war in 2011, a nationwide electricity blackout hit Syria in the early hours Thursday.
The country’s official news agency, SANA, reported that the cause of the shutdown is not known and that workers are trying to restore power region-by-region. Government experts said they expect to the power to be resorted in the next 12 hours in the entire country. Another source at the Ministry of Electricity in the Syrian capital told SANA that experts have been able to restore electricity in several areas of the war-torn country. The Syrian government has in the past not acknowledged major infrastructure failures, analysts say. A Syrian man installs a homemade hydroelectric generator, assembled by 43-year-old Abu Saleh, in the Queiq river in the rebel held Bustan al-Qasr district in the east of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, Nov. Despite the ongoing civil war in many parts of the country, the Syrian government has been able to continue providing electricity to residents – even in areas under opposition and Islamic State control.
However, the quantity of electricity has varied from region to another, and that has depended on political and military circumstances of the civil war, locals say. FILE - A man tries to fix electrical wires in the Salaheddin neighborhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, Jan. He said in government-held areas, residents have the privilege of receiving up to 12 hours of electricity intermittently on a daily basis. Since the onset of the war, many Syrians have relied on local electricity providers that offer around six hours of power daily. For nine young female musicians in Ivory Coast, breaking into the male-dominated music industry wasn’t easy.
It is National Volunteer Week in the United States, a time when Americans are donating their time to help make their communities better.
The Panama Papers — documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm — reveal a shady side to the global financial system, in which the world’s elite routinely hide money to remain anonymous or to avoid paying taxes.
War in Syria, now in its fifth year, has adversely affected businesses and local industries. Among the tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Greece are many Afghan nationals -- including some who tell VOA they were forced to flee threats from the Taliban because they had worked with US and coalition forces. Experts say the Islamic State is looting and selling cultural antiquities from Iraq and Syria on an industrial scale. One of the principal barriers to cheap coal production is environmental protection, and for good reason: The IMF estimates that coal pollution kills about 70,000 Indians per year and development of coal in India (and China) is undermining efforts to decrease global carbon emissions. By the end of 2012, the Solar Mission called for 810 megawatts of installed panels, but, according to a recently released report, India passed the 1 gigawatt mark in June of this year, a full 6 months ahead of the plan for 22 gigawatts by 2022. The Solar Mission aims to provide more reliable sources of power to those citizens while reducing energy cost, decreasing reliance on foreign coal, and ameliorating the consequences of India’s economic growth for the environment. Even though the 4-5 million US citizens affected from power outage after the recent Derecho are hardly comparable to 600 million, but it showed that it can hit everybody. He speculated that some states had attempted to draw more power than permitted due to higher consumption.
That’s why the companies and power plants are never charged for killing people with SOx an mercury, not to mention carbon dioxide.
That’s why the plutocrats of the West prefer India to China-it represents an ideal of zero social mobility and hereditary privilege that they deeply admire and are striving to emulate.

The government is intentionally bankrupting coal powered plants from providing a nation with ample amount of electricity.
In 2003, a blackout knocked out power to 50 million people in the Midwest and the Northeast. Layers of safeguards and backups were intended to isolate problems and make sure the power keeps flowing. Organic Gardening and Seed Saving: Skills involving food production will be the most valuable in a post-collapse society.
City Power has been declared a national key point and any individual threatening to switch off the network illegally will be liable for prosecution,” said City Power. But because this is a nationwide blackout, it had to say something to the people,” Hisso told VOA. But their group, Bella Mondo, is now a household name in Abidjan and is booking shows abroad.
This follows revelations about the scale of offshore wealth exposed by a leak from a Panama-based law firm earlier this week. Phnom Penh is rising upward almost overnight, but the rate of construction is raising questions about where all the investment is coming from and what effect it will have on the local market. While some argue there’s nothing illegal about the practice, others say the lack of transparency and controls in many tax haven countries comes with a heavy price tag, especially in countries where development money is needed most.
But in one district of the country, the soap-making industry is trying to get back on its feet and providing much-needed employment opportunities to the local population. The United States has a special visa to help Afghans and Iraqis who worked with the US military to gain asylum -- but the refugees say the system takes far too long, and they had to flee for their lives. But nanotechnology may someday make monitoring blood glucose levels and administering medicine much simpler than it is today.
Further, Indian coal development can create underground fires that cause houses to fall into the earth and fuels the corruption in the Indian energy sector that’s holding back meaningful reform. The report also found that India had only about 506 megawatts of installed capacity as recently as March, meaning that the country doubled its efforts in only two moths.
So it wouldn’t have anything to do with the nearly 50% loss of power between the generating station and the end user due to decrepit electrical transmission and rampant theft?
Spokesperson for Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) and the Northern Regional Load Despatch Centre (NRLDC) stated that Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana were the states responsible for the overdraw. They could close those plants before they reach their lifespan but I doubt that even China would give up on the investment. Shortly after, a section of a major regional power line failed, eventually spreading trouble further down in California and later Mexico, officials said.
But it’s Britain’s wider role in the system of offshore finance that is coming under greater scrutiny - as Henry Ridgwell reports from London. Solar power is actually less expensive than diesel in India and renewables more broadly are becoming increasingly plausible alternatives to expanded coal development. India is an economic basket case always on the edge of their budget for providing power and water so they will stick to their domestic coal supplemented by imports.
So, it wouldn’t have anything to do with increasing demand in the rapidly growing cities while the government struggles to keep up with generating capacity? China may switch from building new coal plants to natural gas, they are interested in domestic fracking, and that seems to be the current trend. With countries like India and China we can expect atmospheric CO2 to continue to rise at and accelerating rate well into the middle of the 21st century. Maddow, last night interviewing Muller on his BEST study, accepted his conclusion that nat.

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